If your childhood and other family memories are stored on tape then get them converted to a DVD quickly as VHS tapes deteriorate with time. If you are not very good with technology and not even keen, then Walmart service will be great for you. Walmart offers video transfer service where you can get your videotapes digitalized professionally. Read below to know more about how to convert VHS to DVD Walmart.

Part 1. Walmart Video Transfer – Types of Services and Pricing

Using the Walmart Video Transfer services, you can convert your VHS as well as S-VHS tapes into a digital format and DVD. Other types of tapes like BetaMax, VHS-C, S-VHS-C, Hi-8, Digital8, 8mm, DV, DVCAM, MiniDV, and DVC are also supported.

Pricing: Walmart charges $15.96 for the first 30 minutes of video and then $7.46 for every additional 30 minutes of the video converted. At the time of the original transfer, a DVD can be obtained by paying an additional amount of $3.96 per DVD while if you order the DVD within 60 days of the transfer, the price per disc will be $9.96.

Storage Capacity and DVD customization: Each of the DVD created is capable of storing up to 2 hours of video. There are several themes available for the disc that you can choose from. Additionally, the DVDs come with automatic smart chapters, options for customized title and theme, personalized music, and highlight videos.

How it works: the process to transfer VHS to DVD Walmart is quick and hassle-free.

Step 1: First of all, you need to collect all the tapes to be converted and then personalize the DVD with titles, theme and online music. You can even do the same at the local Walmart Photo. Once it is ready, there are two delivery options available - Mail My Order and Pick up at Walmart where you can mail your order on your own or drop it to a Walmart Photo respectively.

Step 2: Walmart will process your order as per your specifications and you can either pick it up from a Walmart (you will be notified when the order is ready) or if it is mailed to the Walmart, it will be sent back to you directly.

Walmart safety procedure: Walmart ensures that the safety of your precious memories and for the same, measures as below are taken:

  • The original media is tagged with a barcode as soon as it is received and then tracked throughout the process using the same
  • Every step from arriving and to the shipping back of the media is thoroughly monitored.
  • The order status look-up tool lets you check the status and progress of your order.
  • Even after the order is complete and dispatched, the video is securely backed-up for next 60 days.

More about Walmart Video Transfer service can be checked from their official site.

Part 2. Best Alternative to Walmart for VHS to DVD Transfer using Software – Wondershare UniConverter

If you are keen on converting the VHS tapes to DVD on your own, you can do that by first converting your VHS tape content into a digital format and then convert the digital format into a DVD using professional software like Wondershare UniConverter. You can even get the digital files for your VHS tapes using retail services like Walmart and then using Wondershare UniConverter you can create multiple DVDs or Blu-ray discs.

The software can be downloaded on Windows and Mac and allows burning videos in all popular formats like MO4, MOV, FLV, M4V, and others to a disc. There are pre-defined DVD themes and templates available to make your disc look interesting. Background music or a music file can also be added. Additionally, the software also supports video editing with features like cropping, cutting, adding effects, and others.

Steps to convert digital files (VHS tapes converted) to DVD using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1. Run Wondershare UniConverter and add the video files

Open the installed software on your system and from the DVD Burner tab, click on the + Add Files to browse and load the video files.


Step 2. Choose the DVD template

The DVD templates can be checked from the right-side panel by moving the arrows. To check more designs or to add the background music or image click on the edit icon and make changes from the pop-up window.


Step 3. Select DVD Settings

Enter the name of the DVD you want at the DVD Label tab. Other DVD settings from their drop-down menu need to be selected.


Step 4. Choose the location and convert videos to a DVD

Insert a blank DVD into your system and then choose the same by expanding options at Burn video to: at the top-right corner. Finally, hit on the Burn button to start the process.



Walmart is an easy way to get your VHS tapes converted to a digital format and a DVD. But in case if feel nervous to part your ways with your precious tapes and have the devices and comfortable working with the software, Wondershare UniConverter can help you to get the task done in no time. Moreover, Walmart is an expensive service, so if you have multiple tapes it is preferred to invest the amount in buying your own software and use it for DVD making as well as other video-related tasks.

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Manuel Gonzalez Oct 31, 23
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