Are you interested in making a cartoon picture of your selfie or scenery?

Converting a realistic photo into that of a cartoon sounds to be quite fun. Cartoon image has many uses, from making someone smile to attracting more likes and comments on social media. But the problem arises when you need to choose a cartoon converter software.

There are so many options that feeling baffled is quite natural. But with ToonMe online editor, you can make the best cartoon images, apply different filters, and customize them at your convenience.

So, let's learn more about the ToonMe editor for converting your pictures into cartoons.

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Part I. What is the ToonMe app?

ToonMe is an online photo editing platform where you can convert any picture into a cartoon in no time. It has an AI-based engine that takes any picture as input, like your selfie, group photo, pet's candid pic, and many more. The algorithm will then easily convert the picture into a cartoon image through mapping, motion graphics, and many more.

toonme photo to cartoon converter

Its creator, Photo Lab, has included impressive features, making it one of the best image to cartoon converters. On top of everything, it is compatible with iOS and Android, making image conversion a no-brainer.

Part II. What are the features of the ToonMe app?

Before you download and start using the marvelous toon app cartoon photo editor, let's briefly examine its features.

1. AI-powered converter

ToonMe comes with a superfast and outstanding AI engine that converts pictures into cartoons and ensures each generated result is flawless. It only takes about 5 to 10 seconds to create the cartooned version with all the image details highlighted appropriately.

2. Excellent 2D and 3D cartoon effects

One of the best features of the cartoon me app free is the availability of a plethora of 2D and 3D cartoon effects. You can choose from Disney's faces to a child cartoon effect per your convenience and purpose. So, getting the desired cartoon version won't be a problem anymore. You can also find beautiful graphics in some cartoon effects, such as an inverted black triangle with color drips from the edges and a white background.

3. Multiple background options

Once the cartooned version is generated, you can add a background effect. These will automatically change the initial cartoon image and add a different look to heighten its beauty. There are over 20 such background effects that you can leverage to draw more attention to your social media profile or make the perfect invitation.

4. Customizable image position

You will be able to customize the image position concerning the background. For instance, if you want to shift the image, you can do so quickly and ensure the result meets your expectations.

5. Fundamental editing options

When you choose the image you want to convert, this cartoon me free software will allow you to edit it with fundamental tools. For instance, you can flip, rotate, and crop the image to get the desired picture alignment to convert it to a cartoon.

6. HD cartoon image generator

ToonMe generates the cartoon image's HD version without compromising its quality and facial features. For instance, if a dimple is on your cheek and you want to make a cartoon version of your selfie, ToonMe will highlight the same in the resultant photo.

7. Text addition on image

Another essential feature to acknowledge in ToonMe software is that it allows you to add text to the image. So, from changing the font size and style to the alignment, you can make the perfect cartoon image with a quote.

Part III. How to use the ToonMe app as a photo to cartoon converter?

Below we have described the steps to use the ToonMe photo editing software to convert your picture into a cartoon.

  1. Open the application on your phone and choose the cartoon effect you want to apply to the image.
choose the cartoon effect
  1. Now, you must select an image you want to convert to a cartoon. To generate a cartoon image of your favorite public figure, click on the Celebrity tab. But if you want to add a cartoon effect to an image from your gallery, choose the Faces tab. Select the image and click on it.
select the image to be converted
  1. You can flip, rotate, and crop the image with the essential editing tools at the bottom bar. Otherwise, click on the arrow sign in the screen's bottom left corner.
edit the image
  1. Wait until the image is processed, then you can see the cartoon picture. You can easily see how the original picture has been converted into a cartoonish version.
cartoon image
  1. Now, you can customize the areas where you want the cartoon effect to be present. For this, click on the human sign at the top left corner. The original human figure will be marked as red with a slider present at the bottom.
mark the area
  1. You can change the marker's size here and mark the areas where the cartoon effect will be present. Once done, click on the tick sign above and preview the result. If satisfied, click on the tick sign at the bottom left corner to save the change.
save and preview results
  1. Now, click on the Plus sign to expand the editing menu. You will see three options: Animate, Art & Effects, and Add Your Text. Choose any feature to get the desired effect on the cartoon picture.
add desired filters
  1. After you finish the final edits, click on the three bars in the top left corner to save the image to your device.
save to the device
  1. If you want to share it with other Toon users or on the social media platform, click the Share sign and get it done.
share with others

Part IV. Pros and cons of the ToonMe app


  1. With ToonMe free software, you can make the perfect cartoon image with HD features.
  2. There are multiple editing options, from background GIF to text on picture.
  3. You can save the picture to the device or share it on social media.
  4. The AI algorithm converts a realistic photo to a cartoon image within seconds.
  5. It is easy to use and ideal for beginners and professionals.
  6. There are multiple cartoon effects that you can choose from.


  1. Some cartoon effects and background GIFs are reserved for the Pro version only.
  2. There will be ads intervening in the software's operations.

Bonus Tips - Cartoonizer- the best alternative for the ToonMe app

If you want a cartoon me website app to convert different pictures into cartoon versions, Cartoonizer seems to be the best option. It has an AI engine that makes conversion easy and fast in a few clicks. cartoonizer

Steps to use Cartoonizer

  1. Launch the photo editor on a web browser.
launch the editor
  1. Upload an image from your files or drag and drop one.
upload image
  1. Now, click from any of the three cartoon effects, 3D Doll, Disney, and Barbie, and wait until the AI algorithm processes it.
choose a filter and apply
  1. Once the result is generated, you can select from any emoji filter below to see the changes in facial expressions.
apply emoji filter
  1. After you are done with editing, share the image on any social media platform or download it to the device.

The ToonMe online editor is one of the best platforms to convert any photo to a cartoon in a few steps. It comes with a myriad of cartoon effects and even allows you to customize the results further using different filters. From adding text to the image to a background animation, you can do many things with ToonMe. So, download the software on your phone and get started!

FAQs about ToonMe App

  1. Is the ToonMe photo editor compatible with mobile?
  2. Yes, the ToonMe software is compatible with mobiles, both Android and iOS. You can download it from Google Play Store or Apple Store for free and start converting the photos to cartoon versions.
  3. Is ToonMe a reliable cartoon editor?
  4. The ToonMe cartoon yourself software allows you to convert any normal image to a cartoon picture in a few steps. It has an AI engine that generates HD cartoon images with the highest quality. In addition, you can apply different filters like a background GIF, different artistic effects, and even text to get the desired result.
  5. How much is the pricing model for the Pro version of ToonMe software?
  6. If you want to access the Pro package of ToonMe software, you can avail of two pricing plans. You can pay $9.57 per week or $35.74 for a year subscription to access the premium features, remove watermarks, and stop advertisements.
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