Photo enhancement and upscaling are performed under the notion of improving image quality. For posting the image on social media or any other important platform, you may seek to resolve the issues in the photo that may have been caused by unconventional reasons. From photographers to social media influencers, everyone requires the need to upscale the image to promote image quality and attract more people.

In this article, we shall be addressing the best photo enhancer app available in the market that will provide the accessibility of upscaling the image and improving its quality for the viewers with ease.

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Part 1: What's a photo enhancer?

Before coming into discussing photo enhancer applications, we will first understand the concept of a photo enhancer. What does it mean in the digital world? A photo enhancer is observed as a tool that enhances and upscales the resolution of an image with the help of neural networks. As the use of AI is common in photo enhancers, it assesses the database of the images available and sets the parameters according to it.

There are some prominent features of the best photo enhancer apps which helps in defining the properties of this utility. We have set up these features as follows for a better understanding of the photo enhancement facility:

  • You can enhance the resolution of the image with the help of a photo enhancer, which comes by increasing the resolution of the image itself.
  • It prevents the image from being pixelated by increasing the resolution and avoids dismantling the pixels of the picture.
  • If the images are blurry, it makes them clear by sharpening the image and its pixels properly.

Part 2: Information table of photo enhancer tool

There are many photo enhancer tools present in the market providing exceptional features to present a better quality picture. With the list in front, this section offers insight into some of the leading comparative parameters, which are highlighted through a table to help you out in deciding over the best option in the market.

Product OS Cost Interface Main Function Online Monthly Plan - $0.050/imagePay As You Go - $0.070/image Excellent Image Upscaler
ImagenAI Windows/Mac $0.050/image + $0.010/image (Cropping) + $0.010 (Straightening) Good Photo Enhancer
Lightroom Windows/Mac/
$9.99/month Complex Super Resolution
Let's Enhance Online $0.068/image Good Image Upscaler
and Enhancer
Remini Online/Android/iOS Weekly: $9.99Monthly: $24.99Yearly: $249.99 Basic Photo Enhancer
Fotor Windows/Mac/
Fotor Pro - $8.99/monthFotor Pro+ - $19.99/month Complex Photo Enhancer
BeFunky Online/Android/iOS Monthly plan - $9.99/monthAnnual plan - $4.99/month Good Photo Enhancer
Canva Windows/Mac/
Canva pro - $54.99/yearCanva for teams (2+ people) - $84.90/year Basic Image Enhancer
Upscaler Online/Android/iOS Day plan - $9Monthly plan - $19Yearly plan - $69 Simple Image Upscaler
Icon8 Online Monthly plan - $9/month (100 images); $99/month (Unlimited)Yearly plan - $90/year (100 images/month); $990/year (Unlimited) Simple Smart Upscaler
Zyro Online Free Simple AI Image Upscaler
PicWish Windows/Mac/
500 images (Lifetime): $23.991000 images (Lifetime): $29.99500 Images (Subscription): $15.99/month1000 images (Subscription): $24.99/month Good Photo Enhancer

Part 3: Top 12 photo enhancers in 2024

If you are still confused about the best photo enhancer for your images, we have set up a descriptive section to highlight the prominent, essential features of the 12 photo enhancer tool. This will help you understand more about every tool and discover more points related to its prominence in the market. Look ahead and learn about every photo enhancer tool providing services for improving image quality.

1. Image Enhancer

AI image upscaling has been a dream that was not believed to provide the absolute services expected from image upscalers. is a renowned online image and video editing service known for many functions. With its image upscaling tool, you can now enlarge, enhance, and upscale your images in no time. Rather than downloading tools for this purpose, it provides the option of improving the image quality up to 4K resolution without making it lose the original quality.

Key features
  • It can enlarge images with the option of 2X, 4X, and 8X, allowing you to cover the process automatically.
  • It can be used to increase the size of images, improve their sharpness, and boost their resolution.
  • You can repair the damaged screens and restore the image quality with the help of this best AI photo enhancer.
  • The picture's color can be automatically modified to enhance its sharpness and clarity.

2. ImagenAI

ImagenAI introduces the use of artificial intelligence for enhancing and editing photos according to the precedence set by the user. With a personal profile created by importing pre-edited photos or through the profiles imported by talented individuals on the platform, ImagenAI assesses them and edits your images according to the parameters adjusted because of these profile images.

imagenai interface
Key features
  • It helps cut up the workflow of the user by 95%, influencing artificial intelligence in every significant procedure.
  • The tool assesses the editing style adopted in the Lightroom Library within 0.5 seconds/photo.

3. Lightroom

Individuals who seek a professional tool can come across Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to enhance the quality of the image and edit it proficiently without complicating the process. Use the simple adjustment parameters to control the exposure, color, etc., and let the image match the environment so that it looks perfect in all cases. This best photo enhancer tool uses the linear resolution of the image and recreates the result with better resolution.

Key features
  • You can easily set up an image for larger prints by upscaling the image resolution.
  • Tightly cropped images are not usable as they make the image low-resolution. With this function, you can get the quality of the image even after cropping it.

4. Let's Enhance

This best AI photo enhancer is another image enhancement solution available in the market for upscaling the images up to 16X without putting a tamper with their quality. With an automatic enhancement facility for personal and professional needs, its fixes all pixelation issues and blur problems with the pictures. Let's Enhance helps you create the best outlook of the photo with the least effort.

Key features
  • It provides a dedicated API for businesses with integrated AI image processing.
  • You can easily remove all the JPEG artifacts from the image automatically with this tool.

5. Remini

Remini is a simple image enhancement tool available for beginners who are not sure about the operability of an image enhancer. You can improve the quality of the image by setting up its resolution with the easy-to-use toolkit. Remini only increases the resolution of an image up to 2X and prevents them from pixelating. The use of AI in enhancing the quality of the image resolution is one of the prominent highlights of the tool.

Key features
  • This image upscaler removes the blur, cleans out the grain, and sharpens the details of the picture with different operations.
  • You can use this this tool for enhancing your videos quality.

6. Fotor

Fotor is highly focused on providing image enhancement facilities to its users with an automated structure. The photo enhancer tool offers unique enhancement algorithms that give the perfect result. By managing different parameters, including brightness, contrast, saturation, and other options, the output image becomes a sharpened picture. Do not worry, as you will not have any issues clearing out blur images with Fotor.

Key features
  • Add different frames to the image while enhancing its quality.
  • Features a one-tap enhancement tool that performs some basic operations to make the process quick.

7. BeFunky

Those who want to control the color, blur effect, and sharpness of the image through online tools can also consider using BeFunky. This best photo enhancer tool provides the feature of photo enhancement for correcting the balance in the picture. Known for some of the most potent effects, get the best out of your video in no time. It also makes use of AI algorithms to make the user experience better.

Key features
  • Use the Touch-Up tools to extend the use of the photo enhancer as a portrait enhancer.
  • Provides three different DLX effects in three different stages to enhance the image.

8. Canva

You might find Canva in a lot of places, as it is a photo enhancement tool used for managing photos and improving their quality. Along with that, Canva is also used to create proper posters, which makes it a diverse tool to use. As you utilize the filters and effects offered in the platform, the ability to add finishing touches helps you set a perfect environment to enhance the photo.

Key features
  • You can have access to a specific number of filters and effects for free to enhance the photo.
  • Instantly beautify the photo in Canva with the help of the Auto Enhance feature.

9. Upscaler

This upscaling platform uses image enhancement technology to improve the quality and outlook of the image. Using the latest AI technology, you can easily process numerous pictures simultaneously. While this process is associated with batch processing, it gets swift for you to add touch-ups in the photos. Any photo uploaded on the platform is cleared within 24 hours for privacy purposes.

Key features
  • It allows you to extend the image upscaling up to 400% of the size of the original photo.
  • It focuses on providing a bulk image processing system so that more images can be enhanced simultaneously.

10. Icon8

Icon8 came up with the image upscaling facility for facial images, in specific. As it uses artificial intelligence technology, it consumes the algorithm for assessing the facial elements in the image and upscales it by 8x. Although you are restricted from adding an image of a maximum size of 5MB, you can add multiple images within the online platform.

Key features
  • You do not lose the quality of the image after upscaling it with the tool.
  • You can add the API of the tool in your apps to automatically upscale the images without wasting time.

11. Zyro

When you upload the image on this online platform, it will automatically upscale it for you in high quality. Zyro provides a simple upscaling facility that can help you use low-resolution images in positions where you require proper high-profile images. Being a handy tool, you can find it to be quite adequate, which is also free to use.

Key features
  • It features a dedicated API to help you integrate the upscaling image tool with your work.
  • Add JPG and PNG images to the platform for upscaling it accordingly.

12. PicWish

This counts among the best photo enhancer app in the market for its free service in enhancing the quality of the tool. Known for its features, the tool is available on almost all platforms, which makes it highly proficient. While you can enlarge the photos by 400%, its professional AI photo enhancer makes it easier to bring the best out of your photos.

Key features
  • You can batch-enhance 100 images with the tool's offline versions.
  • This best image upscaler provides multiple lifetime packages that can help you save money.

This article has provided some of the best options in photo enhancer applications that you can consider for improving the quality of your pictures. It is evident that provides the perfect option as the best photo enhancer tool. The tool gives in such impressive features with decisive options that it makes it an excellent choice for improving the quality of the image.

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