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With Video BG Remover, you can isolate people from the background of a video for free in a couple of clicks. Say goodbye to green screen!

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remove video background

How to Remove Video Background Online
without Green Screen?

Upload Video

1. Upload Video

Upload a video from your local drive. You may need a video converter or video compressor before uploading your file.

Automatically Remove

2. Automatically Remove

Wait for AI technology to remove the background from your video automatically.

Download Video

3. Download Video

Instantly download the video without losing quality.
*Bonus: Level up your video with AI enhancement.

What Can a Video Background Removal
Do for You?

Your viewer gets a first impression of your video from its background. Even before they hear a word from you or the subject of the video, it's one of the initial things your viewers will notice. It's crucial to make an impression on them. With the help of a video backdrop remover, you can swap out these obtrusive aspects for ones that emphasize your point. You can employ filters and visual effects to give your subject the ideal setting. We would be looking at as a proper video background remover. Now, let's dig in!

remove video background without green screen

Say Goodbye to Green Screen

It used to be complex to create a background-free video using techniques like chroma-keying and green screens. However, some starters may find the green screen technique is not easy as they thought. Thanks to Video BG Remover, a newbie can easily change the video background, while a professional video creator can speed up the editing process.

change video background

Remove and Change Video Background to Create Stunning Videos

You may end up recording the video against a background that looks chaotic. And yes, the first thing that comes to your mind is to open Adobe Premiere Pro and select "Green Screen." Hang on! The latest AI technology is able to remove and change your noisy video background and give it an appealing look in a minute.

Remove Video Background, Recreate, and Get Inspired

remove bg to Gaming Videos
remove bg for education videos
remove bg for travel vlogs
remove bg for Actions Movies

Add Reactions to Gaming Videos

Record your gaming videos and recreate them with better visuals and graphics, an excellent add-on feature for gaming enthusiasts. Change the gaming background for your online gaming videos, record and upload them on social media to garner maximum views. Add reactions, effects, and texts using the one-click option of the change background feature of Video BG Remover.

Make Stunning Presentations for Teachers Video BG Remover can help teachers create in-person presentations for classes, how-to movies, informational webinar videos, remote internet training, and educational videos, among other things. A one-stop shop for teachers and students alike that simultaneously upgrades your videos to the next level by adding striking background visuals and high-quality audio.

Travel Vloggers Say Bye to Green Screen

Remove any video background to a more appealing one with just one click, making it ideal for social networking, graphic designers, sellers, and more. Travel vloggers can have an excellent time sharing better and updated videos with added effects to their travel video backgrounds—no green screen is required to change the environment.

Create Actions Movies Easier Than You Think is the best tool to create action movies quickly and efficiently. Just upload your video and switch to change the background section. The best part is that you need not use a green screen to edit or revise the background. The new and updated technology of can make you a star director.

Why Choose to Remove Video Background?

Browser-Based is an excellent web-based tool, and there is no need to download software or apps.

Stunning Results

Remove video background in just a click without losing quality.

AI-Powered,100% Automatically

Powered by AI technology, all you have to do is wait for the AI to do the work for you.

No Ads, No Spam

Trusted by over 100 million users worldwide, is a 100% safe website.

More Than Just a Video Background Remover Online

Screen Recorder

Online record and capture a screen only, webcam only or both with audio in just one click. Record anything displayed on your screen for FREE and in high quality. No screen recorder downloads are required.

Video Editor

Create and edit videos for free using online video maker. Make a video from video clips, images, and music within a few clicks without a watermark.

Video Intro Maker

The easiest way to create attention-grabbing intro videos for your channels and improve the odds your users will keep watching. Make your intro video online in minutes with's free intro templates and unique elements - No need to download any softwares.

Auto Subtitle Generator

Generate automatic subtitles or captions for any video. Don't waste time in transcribing audio to text manually!

Text-to-Speech Generator

Easily convert text to natural-sounding voices online with AI voice generator. FREE to use.

Auto Transcription Tool

Transcribe all kinds of recordings, such as interviews, phone calls, lectures, speeches, podcasts, or meetings, with accuracy and get the TXT transcription file via in no time!

screen recorder
Video Editor
YouTube Intro Maker
Auto Subtitle Generator
Text to Speech Generator
Auto Transcription Tool

AI music generator

Create Royalty-free Background Music with AI.

Endless music tracks matched your vibe, mood & style.
Turn unique ideas into resonant musical compositions instantly.
Ideal for diverse video themes: sports, dancing, singing, gaming, travel, vlogs, and more.

FAQs about Removing Video Background

  • There are quite a lot of apps suitable for removing the background. Here are a few of them: Video BG Remover

    With the background remover, you can easily remove the unappealing background from your photos and videos. An easy-to-use program called a background eraser gives customers eye-catching and lovely background images for their social media networks.

    PowerDirector – Best Overall

    Our best recommendation for background removal in video editing software is PowerDirector. Chroma key, green screen, masking, mixing, sky replacement, and overlays are just a few effects and tools in this multi-award-winning, AI-powered video editor.

    Hitfilm Express – Best for Amateur Filmmakers

    To remove the background from videos quickly, amateur filmmakers should use Hitfilm Express, a video editing program. The free edition includes:

    A green-screen tool.

    A color difference key.

    A hue/RGB slider for quick backdrop removal.

    VSDC Video Editor

    With special functions, including background removal, video file merging, cut, zoom, effects, audio, and many more, VSDC is a video editing program that can edit movies and presentations. The tool has a multi-color chroma key to make your film look polished.

    Adobe Premiere Pro

    Leading film, television, and online companies frequently use Adobe Premiere Pro, a leading video editing program. Adobe makes it easier to transform ordinary footage into beautifully produced and polished videos and films. Create a new sequence in Premiere Pro, drag the background into the series, and position it beneath the green screen film.

  • Yes, you can change the background of an existing video easily with

  • Follow these step guides:
    Step 1: Go to the Video BG Remover website.
    Step 2: Upload the file you want to have the background removed.
    Step 3: Remove the backdrop using the background removal tool.
    Step 4: Download to your device and export.

  • Of course, there are a lot of free background removal apps, and they include: Video BG Remover

    With’s background remover, you can easily remove the unwelcome background from your photos and videos. An easy-to-use program called a background eraser gives customers eye-catching and lovely background images for their social media networks.

    Apowersoft Background Eraser

    Apowersoft Background Eraser is one of the top-most well-known apps that is simple to use and user-friendly. You only need to upload a photo to receive a rapid, accurate cutout. This app is the best choice if accuracy is essential to you.

    Ultimate Background Eraser

    With the help of the Ultimate Background Eraser, you can easily remove the background from any image you want. You can go as near the environment as you can using a variety of modes. This background remover for Android also allows you to save the image in JPG or PNG format, just like any other photo editing program.

    Picture Cutout

    An approved program from the Tint Guide website is Picture Cutout. You can get rid of the computer's image background using this app. The Windows operating system is compatible with this software.


    With the help of the free software Fotomix, you may quickly and easily remove the background from images. This software is compatible with Windows PC without any problems. The application is entirely free and is accessible to all Windows OS users.

  • You can follow this simple step guide to remove the background from a video.

    Step 1: Upload Video file

    Drag and drop your photo or tap the Upload video option.

    Step 2. Remove automatically

    The background of your video will be automatically removed by AI technology.

    Step 3: Download the modified video

    With just one click, you will instantly obtain a transparent background.

  • Follow these simple steps:

    Step 1: Upload Video file

    Step 2: Change the background of the video

    Step 3: Download the edited video file

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