We often try to optimize the image dimensions before uploading it online. Doing this helps in reducing file loading time so that your web traffic doesn't ward off to peer portals out of boredom. Today we are going to talk about Online UniConverter which can serve you well while trying to compress and resize image files.

Part 1. How to Compress Images Online Without Losing Quality (Size No Change)

If you wish to undertake batch photo compress and resize, then Online UniConverter can serve as your best bet. It can complete all the functions in record time while delivering high definition results along the way. You can compress and resize image using this versatile tool which allows users to save the results directly in Dropbox or local storage. Let us now take a look at the steps which have to be followed while compressing images using Online UniConverter:

Steps to Compress Images with Online UniConverter

Step 1: Open Online UniConverter Image Compressor page in your browser.

Step 2: Click on the + icon to add images for compression.

Step 3: Hit on the COMPRESS button to start compress image size without cropping.


Part 2. Steps to Resize Images Online and Free Easily (Size Changed)

Steps to Resize Images in Batch without Size Changed

Step 1: Open Wondershare UniConverter Image Resize page and click on the + button to add images.

Step 2: Resize your images by Percentage or Pixels as your needs.

Step 3: Finally, click on the RESIZE button to start resizing images in batch.


Part 3. What Is The Difference Between Photo Compress And Resize

Resizing brings down the image resolution by interpolating adjoining pixels to deliver an average value. Suppose you have a 1000*1000 pixels image. You can resize the same into a 300*300 pixels file if you have been suffering from space shortage.

Image compression, on the other hand, brings down the file size without making any compromise in terms of its resolution. Although lowering the file size adversely affects the image quality, you can opt for a variety of compression algorithms to reduce file size without any quality degradation.

While compressing files, all the information is retained efficiently without changing the picture resolution. The details omitted cannot be perceived by the human eye. JPEG is a popular example of file compression whereas TIFF and Raw files fall under the uncompressed variety.

Online UniConverter helps users in reducing the image size by more than 65% without hampering its quality. Such attributes make it a top choice if you wish to resize and compress images. This versatile platform can be availed absolutely for free and that too without having to download any bulky software in your system. You just need a stable internet connection for undertaking a variety of image, audio, video and PDF conversion, compression, and resizing activities.

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