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Transform Your Videos in a snap with Auto Video Clipping Magic! Turn long videos into short highlights with customized titles and descriptions. Level up your sharing with holistic Video Rating ! 🚀✨

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Auto Video Clipping Online

Make Your Videos Go Viral with Auto Video Clipping

Short videos, popular for their quick info delivery and low production costs, boost exposure, brand recognition, and ad revenue. Kwicut Auto Clip, powered by ChatGPT, swiftly transforms your long videos into a series of engaging short clips. With AI-crafted titles and descriptions, share your highlights on TikTok in just a few clicks. Manually edit the highlights to further tailor your video clips to your liking. Unlock your best video clipping experience instantly. Free Video clippling has never been easier!

How to Create Video Clips Automatically Online and For Free

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Upload your long video file

Upload your long video file

Tap the "Uplaod Video" button or drag and drop your long video file.
(Most formats supported, including MP4, MOV, and more.)

AI repurpose video clips automatically

AI repurpose video clips automatically

AI autonomously generates multiple highlights with tailored titles and descriptions. No manual intervention is required. AI handles all stages!

Export or share hightlight video clips

Export or share hightlight video clips

Choose to further refine the generated clips or directly distribute them to TikTok with simple clicks.

Make learning fun and digestible
Introduction and Importance of Subtitles
The speaker introduces the video and the channel, encouraging viewers to subscribe. The video is dedicated to creators who want to increase the reach of their videos by adding subtitles. The speaker explains the importance of subtitles, highlighting how they can increase engagement, accessibility, and reach.
Benefits of Subtitles and Closed Captions
The speaker discusses the benefits of subtitles and closed captions, including how they can help those with hearing loss, increase the reach of videos, and improve viewer experience in various environments. The speaker also mentions how subtitles can help non-native English speakers and improve SEO.
How to Add Subtitles on YouTube and Instagram
The speaker provides a step-by-step guide on how to add subtitles to videos on YouTube and Instagram. The speaker explains the process in detail, from selecting the video to editing the captions. The speaker also discusses the pros and cons of using these platforms for adding subtitles.

Video Rating: A Catalyst for Social Presence

Make learning fun and digestible

Discover the distribution potential of each AI-clipped shorts on social media platforms. A higher score equates to a greater chance of your content sparking interest and engagement. Make Every Post Count!🎯

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Where to Harness Auto Video Clipping Tool

Create Spectacular Content, Ignite Social Engagement's Auto Video Clipping effectively simplifies the video editing process for social media enthusiasts, facilitating the creation of engaging 9:16 highlight clips.
It promotes seamless sharing for platforms like TikTok, and fosters increased engagement.

Create Spectacular Content, Ignite Social Engagement
Make learning fun and digestible

Make Learning Fun and Digestible

Auto Video Clipping enhances educational delivery by automatically segmenting substantial videos into digestible clips.
It enables educators to build a collection of concise videos, tailored to optimize student comprehension and retention in both conventional and remote learning environments.

Transform Your Content, Captivate Your Audience

Auto Video Clipping revolutionizes content creation for video bloggers, podcasters, and stand-up comedians. It enables creators to share highlights or craft teaser trailers effortlessly.
With AutoClip, elevate your content to new heights and captivate your audience like never before.

Transform Your Content, Captivate Your Audience
Spread your brand story quickly

Spread Your Brand Story Swiftly

By leveraging the Autoclip feature, effortlessly generate multiple attention-grabbing short promotional videos.
With custized titles and descriptions, effectively communicate your brand story and core values to attract potential customers through social media and advertising platforms.

What Makes An Excellent Auto Video Clipping Tool

AI - auto generated

AI auto-generated

AI generates multiple short videos with one click, no editing experience required.

Easy to share

Easy to share

Supports re-editing, automatically generates titles and introductions, and shares to tiktok with one click.

Free Auto Video Clipping

Free auto video clipping

It is free to use directly after logging in. No need to bind a card. It can be used on any device.

Frequently Asked Questions of Auto Video Clipping

How does Auto Video Clipping work?

Auto Video Clipping uses AI algorithms to analyze long videos, detect key moments, and automatically generate short clips. It leverages intelligent processing to identify high-impact scenes and create engaging content for viral sharing.
Yes! After you've used Auto Video Clipping to generate your social media shorts, you can edit them using the video editor. You can do a lot with it: crop, use cool video templates, add captions, animations, change the background, and more!
Auto Video Clipping in supports a wide range of video formats, allowing you to process and generate short clips from various sources.
Whether it's MP4, AVI, MOV, or other commonly used formats, Auto Video Clipping is designed to work seamlessly with different file types.
Absolutely! One of the key features of our Auto Video Clip Maker is its one-click sharing capability.
Once you have created and edited the clips, you can directly share them on TikTok.
Auto Video Clipping in is designed to handle both short and long videos.
Whether you have a few minutes of footage or hours-long recordings, the Auto Video Clipping feature can effectively identify key moments and create engaging short clips that capture the essence of the original content.

Happy Clients from

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Marketing Consultant|Mark
rating rating rating rating rating

"'s Auto Video Clipping feature has transformed our marketing strategy. We can now convert lengthy product demos into attention-grabbing short videos that resonate with our target audience. The auto-generated titles and descriptions are spot-on, making our job easier. Highly recommend!"

Online Course Creator|Emma
rating rating rating rating rating

"Using Auto Video Clipping in has been a game-changer for my online courses. It allows me to transform long lectures into concise, engaging clips. The autogenerated titles and descriptions are a huge time-saver, and the overall user experience of is fantastic. It enhances my teaching immensely!"

Travel Enthusiast| Lisa
rating rating rating rating rating

"Thanks to Auto Video Clipping in, I can easily transform my travel videos into captivating short films. It automatically selects the best moments and generates beautiful titles and descriptions. has become my go-to platform for preserving and sharing my travel memories!"

Small Business Owner|Rachel
rating rating rating rating rating

"'s Auto Video Clipping feature has transformed our social media marketing. It easily converts our longer promo videos into short, attention-grabbing clips with autogenerated titles and descriptions. Our engagement has skyrocketed since we started using It's a powerful tool for businesses!"

Event Attendee|David
rating rating rating rating rating

" Auto Video Clipping feature has added an extra touch of excitement to the events I attend. It captures the best moments and creates short videos that perfectly reflect the atmosphere. Sharing these clips on social media has become a fun way to relive the event and connect with others. Thank you!"