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Revolutionize character design with Pixpic AI. Generate incredible characters from your photos with multiple styles with a simple click. It caters to the needs of most content creators.

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Create Your Desired Characters with AI Styles

AI (Artificial Intelligence) model training has become part and parcel of most industries nowadays. For instance, this technology simplifies the character creation workflow when creating images for gaming content, e-books, social media profiles, and blog posts. All you have to do is give the AI character generator a prompt to generate your images instantly.
With Pixpic AI Character Generator, you can quickly generate captivating AI characters with a single click. After uploading your photo, you can transform it into multiple character styles, including fantasy, anime, cartoon, artistic, etc. You don’t need to enter any text prompts to create AI photos that perfectly bring out your personality. Please give it a go!

How to Make AI Characters Online?

Select headshot style
Specify AI Character Style.

Launch Pixpic AI Character Generator and specify your character style from the available options. For example, you can choose outdoor, casual, charming, and more.

Upload 5-10 selfies
Upload Your Photos.

Next, upload the images you want to transform into captivating artwork. This AI character creator works with PNG, JPG, TIFF, and other formats.

Download AI Characters
Download Your AI-generated Characters.

After submitting your photos successfully, wait a few minutes for the AI to scan it and generate your new picture. Once complete, download the image and use it anywhere online or offline. It’s that quick and easy!

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Craft AI Characters with Unlimited Freedom

Turn Photos into Fantasy Characters

Sometimes, you may want to transform your photo into your mythical self. With our AI character generator free, you’ll get a powerful tool to create your own fantasy avatar for social media profiles or gaming accounts like Steam and Discord. The fantasy photo can give your followers and other gamers an idea about yourself and your preferences in the gaming or movie scene. Actually, you have limitless options with the fantasy characters.

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Generate Magical Cartoon Characters

Pixpic AI Face Editor lets you transform any photo into a cartoon avatar with a single click. It offers many cartoon-style options, including Sketch, Boss Baby, Simpsons, Barbie, Disney, and more. These cartoon avatars can display your imagination to your audience as they experience varying arts in a new way. The personalized AI avatars can create different online personas on WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Discord, etc.

Generate AI Cartoon Avatar Now
Generate Realistic ePic Characters

Pixpic AI character generator allows you to create realistic ePic photos with a single click. For example, you may want to look artistic by donning space gear or creating ethnic AI photos looking like a king or princess. All you have to do is confirm your high-tech or ethnic style, and the AI system will do all the heavy lifting.

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Make AI Anime Characters for Free

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as an anime character? Pixpic’s anime AI generator will transform your images into stunning anime characters thanks to cutting-edge AI technology. It achieves this by analyzing your facial characters before applying cool anime filters. As expected, it offers you a variety of fun anime characters to choose from, providing endless possibilities to explore.

Generate AI Anime Characters Now
Transform Yourself into Cyberpunk Style

Do you want to become a cyberpunk exploring the sci-fi future brimming with advanced technology? Our AI character portrait generator will transform your photos and teleport you to the dystopian world of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, cybernetic implants, and robotics. The available cyberpunk options deliver unique styles emphasizing the general atmosphere of decay and dystopia.

Generate Cyberpunk Characters Now
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FAQs of AI Character Generator

  • An AI character is a representation of yourself created using an AI character generator. These programs use deep machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to analyze your photos or text prompts before creating human-like characters. An AI character could be an anime, cartoon, sketch, sci-fi, etc.

  • Most tools create AI generated characters with text prompts. But with Pixpic, you can create characters from any image file. This online AI character generator can transform your photos into AI cartoons, animes, drawings, cyberpunks, and other characters. Just upload your photos and let the program do the rest.

  • With the widespread AI technology nowadays, it’s only logical that you can find several AI anime generators for free. An excellent example is Midjourney, which generates incredible AI images based on text prompts. However, this tool is only based on Discord servers as a bot, meaning you’ll need a Discord account. Also, Midjourney could be complex for a beginner and doesn’t transform photos into anime art. For this reason, use Pixpic, which allows you to create anime images for free.

  • Pixpic is the best tool for creating an AI generated character design. This tool comes with a wealth of advantages over other competing programs. Below are some of the reasons to use the Pixpic AI character generator:
    • It’s simple to use, and users don’t need to enter text prompts to generate AI images.
    • Pixpic has numerous AI character styles, giving you unlimited options to create AI characters.
    • It lets you customize your AI characters with effects like smiles, beards, depression, gender swaps, and more.
    • Pixpic boasts a quick image-rendering process, taking just a few minutes to generate AI images.
    • It has additional AI tools like background remover, text-to-speech converter, auto-color, video compressor, and more.

Hear from Our Valued Testers & Users

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Christine Lynn
So far, I’m loving everything about this AI character generator. I playfully use it to generate AI characters of myself, and it rarely gets anything wrong. I also didn’t come across the annoying ads here. Highly recommended!
Jennifer Aniston
Overall, it’s a fantastic AI character art generator. The image quality is pretty excellent, and I like the countless character styles it provides. I hope the developer will add text prompts to the program in the future.
Ronny Steve
I’ve been using Pixpic since 2020, and the website has greatly improved. From a standard video editor and converter to now a powerful AI-backed tool with impressive features. I am looking forward to more updates!

Pixpic AI Character Generator was created after much demand and consultation with our online community. We are constantly working to make the AI model even more effective and will soon launch more styles to suit your needs. If you have any suggestions on making this feature better, please feel free to share them with us.

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