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There are many reasons to use a subtitle editor. First, you’re a YouTuber or a social media influencer, adding subtitles to video allows you to reach global audiences. Second, you may want to add subtitles or captions to video on a movie or video shot in a foreign language. Another thing, subtitling videos can be a lifesaver for online tutors like lecturers and fitness trainers. Whichever the case, choose Free Subtitle Editor to create subtitles quickly and easily. With it, you can manually add and edit subtitles to videos. It also comes with a powerful AI subtitle generator that uses advanced machine learning to apply subtitles from an imported video/audio file.
So, upload a video and try!

How to Edit Subtitles for Video Online?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload a Video File to Edit Subtitles.

    Run Subtitle Tool and then tap Choose Files to load the video you want to insert subtitles.

  • edit

    Step 2. Edit Subtitles Manually or Automatically.

    After adding a video successfully, click the Text menu, choose desired subtitle style and key in the subtitles in the fields provided. You can also split and trim the video before applying subtitles.

    Alternatively, you can automatically add subtitles by choosing Auto Subtitle tab. Set the subtitle language and hit Start to load an audio file. This subtitle generator will automatically detect and add the subtitles to your video.

    Either way, Subtitle Editor allows you to edit your subtitles and captions to make them look more professional. You can retouch the font type, size, color, opacity, line height, and more.

  • download

    Step 3. Download the Subtitled Video.

    After editing a subtitle to the video, open the aspect ratio menu and choose a preset for your video project. For example, select 16:9 for YouTube videos and 9:16 for Instagram Stories. Finally, tap Export to process and download your video. That's it!

access online sub editor
edit subtitles manually or automatically
export the edited subtitles

Why Choose Online Subtitle Editor?

ease of use

Simple & Fast Subtitle Maker

With this online free subtitle maker, you don't need any prior video editing skills or download anything to add subtitles. It also has AI support to add subtitles automatically from audio.

offer tons of subtitle styles

Multiple Subtitle Properties allows you to customize and beautify the subtitles and captaions for videos. You can change the font type, color, background, transparency, positioning, and so on to fit your needs.

easily edit subtitle timing

Sync Subtitles Automatically

Do you want to attach subtitles to specific video sections? No problem! Its AI subtitle generator lets you trim and split videos before automatically syncing subtitles to the particular clip.

convenient to share subtitled video

Create Subtitles For Almost All Video Platforms Online Subtitle Editor can create captions for all videos. It supports aspect ratios for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and much more.

edit sub for any video and audio

Various Formats Supported

You can edit and add subtitles to any video or audio format, including WMV, MP4, WebM, MTS, 3GP, VOB, and more. Audio formats like OGG, WAV, MP3, AU, FLAC, etc. are accepted as well.

translate subtitles

Translate Subtitles for Free

You can now upload a subtitle file or enter the subtitles manually and then translate them into 100+ languages, including Spanish, English, French, Japanese and Chinese.

Why You Should Creating Subtitles For Videos

Improve Accessiblity with Visual Subtitles

According to research, over 5% (432+ million) of global viewers suffer from hearing loss. So, when creating your content, it's vital to keep this critical group of people in mind. You can even make them your primary target audience.

Improve Accessiblity

Increase Social Media Reach.

According to Instapage, videos with subtitles had a 16% higher reach than videos without Facebook. The report doesn't stop there; these videos registered 17% more reactions and 15% more shares. Now, this is proof enough that social media buffs like watching subtitled videos.  

Increase Social Media Reach

Increase Video Engagement.

Do you find watching subtitled movies enjoyable? You're not alone. Subtitles generally increase viewer engagement by keeping them glued to their screens reading the subtitle texts. Think that's a lie? According to research by PLYMedia, 91% of subtitled videos are watched online compared to 66% without subtitles. So, make your videos even more entertaining by creating captions.

Increase Video Engagement

Improve YouTube Video SEO.

As said before, subtitled videos enjoy more dwell time on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. With a reduced bounce rate, the YouTube search engine will automatically detect that your YouTube video is of higher quality. In return, your videos will rank higher whenever someone searches for a related keyword.  

Improve YouTube Video SEO

FAQs Regarding Video Subtitle Editor

  • Online Subtitle Editor is one of the best tools to create subtitles without in-depth training. Just visit the site, go to Text or Subtitle tab and start creating by yourself or AI technology.

  • With Online Subtitle Maker, you can add auto subtitle for your video and then upload it to YouTube easily. You can also add subtitles to video formats like MP4, MOV, MTS, MKV, 3GP, and more. In addition, it supports auto transcribing YouTube to texts by uploading any video or audio format.

  • As the subtitle edit tutorial involved above, to create subtitles for movies, you need to upload the movie file on subtitle edit app and select either to add subtitles manually or automatically through the inbuilt AI. (The latter auto way is more efficient, actually.) You can also customize the movie subtitles to make them more appealing and engaging.

  • full-featured caption editor is among the best list. It's simple, fast, and has an AI subtitle maker that runs smoothly on a browser. As expected, it can add subtitles to videos by creating subtitle tracks from scratch or uploading local audio subtitles using intelligent machine learning.

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This online subtitle generator is perfect for editing subtitles. I occasionally use it to add subtitles to videos I shoot on my iPhone. No problems so far!

Brandon Richard Willis
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The best online subtitle editor I've ever used, considering I don't have to install anything to create captions. I also like the watermark-free outputs. Thank you, guys!

Kinky Art
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Editing subtitles has never been easier for me with this tool. It's fast and straightforward, even for the greenest video editor out there. And by the way, I like the super-fast AI subtitle editor.

Nitin Sreekesh
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Overall, it's a fantastic online video editor with nothing complex to comprehend. It has features for aligning and styling texts, and you can choose a subtitle language when auto-adding subtitles.

star star star star star

The advanced subtitle generator creates the perfect subtitles for my video projects. Although it has a premium option, the free account allows me to export videos without those annoying watermarks. Simply the best!

Evelyn Nice
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