Photos have to be perfect in every way because it is the firm of your digital memory. However, several factors can haunt and impact the engagement of your images. The most common among them are noise and grain issues. We decided to give careful thought to this issue and dig deeper to find a solution for this.

To remove noise and grain problems from the photos, you can get assistance from the photo noise reduction app. Getting confused while selecting the best apps in the considerable number of apps present on the web is likely to happen. To save you from this hassle, we have tried several apps and will discuss them here. Thus, scroll to get the piece of information you want.

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  3. Bonus Tip: The Best Online App to Remove Grain/Noise from Photos

Part 1: What to Look for In a Grain/Noise Removal App

With an optimized gain removal app, you can enhance the quality of images and make them more visually appealing. Other than this, these apps can also enhance high-ISO photos and preserve the quality of the picture. Selecting the right app is a primary yet significant step to good photo quality. The understated points will help you to know the factors to look into while choosing the Denoise photo app:

· Effectiveness and Customization

The foremost goal of a noise photo app is to eliminate all the noise and lagging factors from the photos. You can use it to preserve the quality and natural details of the photo without complications. Above all, always select a noise remover that lets you choose the type of noise and desired aesthetics. You should also be able to personalize the strength and contrast of other visuals of an image.

· Features and Speed

Reliable apps should offer you modernized and intuitive features to work smoothly. If the app offers ultra-fast noise-reducing speed, it is a plus point. The features of a good app are not just limited to noise reduction. You will also be able to manage and modify other image metrics. This includes dimensions, visuals, and more.

· Batch Processing and Compatibility

The premium-grade noise reduction application will let you simultaneously reduce noise from multiple photos. It is one of the critical factors because by this you can save your time and effort. Moreover, it should also show higher compatibility with both images and devices. By this, you can save yourself from irritable limitations and restrictions.

· Reviews and Feedback

It is essential to read reviews of the apps before using them. The reviews are from the users, so you can analyze the app from the user’s perspective before downloading it. You can get an idea about the reputation and performance of the app without downloading it. In addition to this, don’t forget to see the displayed images of the app interface to know if it has a well-oriented interface.

Part 2: 8 Best and Tried Apps to Remove Grain/Noise from Photos

In this busy world, no one has time to download and try every app individually. Users love to use a well-tried and reputable app. Thus, to ensure your streamlined workflow efficiency, here are the 8 best apps to remove noise from photos:

1. Denoise it - AI Photo Enhancer (Android)

As the name indicates, you can remove all the noise from your images with the help of this intuitive application. This denoise photo app can also modify the quality of images and enhance every detail in images. You are also free to customize the strength of applied filters. The tech-savvy algorithms of Denoise it - AI Photo Enhancer denoise photos in seconds without impacting the image layouts.

denoise it ai photo enhancer

Key Features of Denoise it - AI Photo Enhancer

  • It supports the Denoise Brush, through which you can select the personalized areas in the photos to remove noise.
  • This app can also remove grains from images without adding blurriness in any part of the photo.
  • Some specialized AI neural networks help you remove grains and noise, even without any manual adjustment.

Compatibility of Denoise it - AI Photo Enhancer

Android 7.0 and above

2. PhotoAI - AI Photo Enhancer (iOS)

With over 4.5 ratings, this amazing application never fails to surprise iOS users with its higher functionality. This can remove the undesired grain and noise from the images and lets you save them in HD quality. The built-in AI HDR of this app lets you modify both contrast and colors of images. You can even turn simple-looking images into studio-quality shots with its surprising capabilities.

photoai ai photo enhancer

Key Features of PhotoAI - AI Photo Enhancer

  • The AI Photo Enhancer lets you enhance the quality of any photo. It can also resize photos in 3000*3000 dimensions.
  • With its AI Cartoonizer, you can see yourself as a cartoon character in photos. You can also draw multiple cartoon images from single images.
  • It also lets you remove the boring background from images with a few taps. This app enables you to customize the background as per your wish.

Compatibility of PhotoAI - AI Photo Enhancer

iOS 11.0 and above

3. Enhance it - AI Photo Editor (Android | iOS)

This revolutionary app offers a great variety of AI-powered tools to make your work easier. It can even make extremely blurred photos unblur. You can also use this denoise photo app to remove noise from your images. If you capture an important photo with unattractive colors, this app can add vibrant and modernized colors to your images. Improving the quality of an image to 4K is also possible with this app.

enhance it ai photo editor

Key Features of Enhance it - AI Photo Editor

  • There are 50+ high-quality photo filters in this app. You can use them to increase the engagement of your images.
  • It can add virtual light effects to your images to make them more noticeable. It is perfect for images captured in low light.
  • With its motion deblur feature, you can make any image sharper and more polished. This can also be used if your photo got the camera shake effect.

Compatibility of Enhance it - AI Photo Editor

Android 11.0 and above; iOS 15.0 and above

4. Luminate: AI Photo Enhancer (Android | iOS)

Do you want to enhance the quality of simple-looking images without complication? Worry no more because this premium grade application can assist you with this. It can not only enhance the images but can also remove unwanted noise and grains from images. It is not wrong to say that it has the capability to make your images crystal clear. Moreover, adding virtual beauty to your photos is also its specialty.

luminate ai photo enhancer

Key Features of Luminate: AI Photo Enhancer

  • You can use its built-in photo restore feature to restore your precious photos. It can even add colors in black and white photos.
  • Portrait lovers don't have to worry about the blurriness in their model-looking portraits because it also supports portrait deblurring.
  • You are allowed to save images in [premium quality after editing them. Sharing them to social media platforms without saving them into a device is also possible with this.

Compatibility of Luminate: AI Photo Enhancer

Android 7.0 and above; iOS 14.0 and above

5. AI Photo Editor, Collage-Fotor (Android | iOS)

It has 10 million plus downloads for relatable reasons. The outcome of photos edited with this app is outstanding, and the procedure is uncomplicated. This app to remove grain from photos is also known as an all-in-one photo editor because you can modify images in diversified ways. You can allow customizing the pictures by removing unwanted objects without messing up the pixels.

fotor ai photo editor collage

Key Features of AI Photo Editor, Collage-Fotor

  • It offers intuitive artificial algorithms; you can create an unmatchable picture by adding a text description.
  • Don't worry if the background of your photo is not eye-catching because it can also change the background without impacting the humans in photos.
  • AI retouch can make your photos more aesthetic and pleasurably beautiful. You can also use its built-in filters and effects along with templates.

Compatibility of AI Photo Editor, Collage-Fotor

Android 6.0 and above; iOS 11.0 and above

6. PixelAI: AI Photo Enhancer (iOS)

Whether your photos are blurred or out of color, this app can bring life to lifeless photos. You can use this denoise photo app to eliminate noise and grains from images to boost clarity. Along with this, deblurring the blurred images is also possible with this. If you are a cartoon photo lover, you can also turn any pictures into cartoon photos.

pixelai ai photo enhancer

Key Features of PixelAI: AI Photo Enhancer

  • You can sketch your captured images and introduce illustrative colors in black and white photos.
  • Removing background from the pictures and sharing it on the social media platform to attract more users is also a valuable feature of this app.
  • To make photos more aesthetic, you can blur the backgrounds and add comic effects.

Compatibility of PixelAI: AI Photo Enhancer

iOS 15.2 and above

7. Pixelup - AI Photo Enhancer (Android)

Along with improving the facial details, you can also boost the overall quality of the photos without any issues. It can also colorize the black and white photos and can also add animation effects to them. You are also free to animate the photos along with real-time movement. If your physical images got scratched, you could capture them with a real camera and restore them in the newest way.

pixelup ai photo enhancer

Key Features of Pixelup - AI Photo Enhancer

  • It supports the built-in AI Avatar feature. Through this, you can turn simple-looking images into avatars in an automated manner.
  • This app offers you two methods of adding images to its interface. You can scan the image directly or select the image from the library.
  • There is also a revolutionary feature in this app named Smart Edit. You can edit your picture just by tapping on it in a few moments.

Compatibility of Pixelup - AI Photo Enhancer

Android 5.1 and above

8. Photo Refiner: AI Fix (iOS)

The interface of this premium-grade application is very modernized and well-established. You can also modify the pictures without waiting for hours. With this noise photo app, you can bring natural visuals to your photos uniquely. It also lets you customize the color contrast, and you can also fix color problems with ease. Above all, you can also experience layer-based editing in this.

AI Fix

Key Features of Photo Refiner: AI Fix

  • You can repair the blur pictures with this exclusive app and can also enhance the clarity to make it persuading to the eyes.
  • It supports high-definition algorithms through which you can restore old photos and repair scratches.
  • If you capture the dense fog in the images, use its Dehaze Photo feature.

Compatibility of Photo Refiner: AI Fix

iOS 11.0 and above

Bonus Tip: The Best Online App to Remove Grain/Noise from Photos

To have greater efficiency and accessibility, people prefer to use an online tool rather than an application. With an online app to remove noise from photos, you can exceed the captivating metrics of your image without compromising your device's storage. The best online tool for this purpose is – AI Image Enlarger. With this, you can upgrade images' clarity and increase resolution.

This tool also can upscale the image into 2X, 4X, and 8X resolutions. If you are a portrait lover but somehow get a blurred portrait, you can also make it clearer and sharper with this. One of the best things is removing undesired noise without making all the manual adjustments. Restoring old and damaged photos to refresh your cherished memories is also one of the best features of this tool.

media io ai image enlarger

You can learn about the best in class and most powerful photo noise reduction apps in the written discourse. You must analyze several factors before using the app; a few of them are discussed above. You can use them to avoid the mistake of selecting the wrong apps.

After trying several applications, we have gathered 8 reliable apps for you. Along with their descriptions, you can also discover their key features and compatibility from the above discussion.

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