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Remove any unwanted objects from videos or photos with this powerful online object remover. Free, fast, and straightforward to remove objects without breaking a sweat.

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How to Remove Object from Video Online?

To get rid of the useless elements in videos or photos, only needs 3 simple steps to return a clear result for you.

  • Step 1: Upload Your Video

    Launch AniEraser Object Remover, then click Choose Files to upload a video file from local storage or from Dropbox and Google Drive.

  • Step 2: Select the Unwanted Object to Erase

    After uploading the video successfully, click Add Area to lasso the area with the object you want to remove. Then, enter the playback duration for the unwanted object.

  • Step 3: Remove Objects & Save

    Click the Remove Objects Now button to start the erasing process. Preview the object removal effect and save the video. You can click the Add Area again to remove another object.

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Why Choose AniEraser Online Object Eraser?

Sometimes, when taking pictures during your journey, it is usual to get a photo with pedestrians or tourists coming into your scene. Erasing the unwanted parts from a video or photo is not easy to do. However, with this online object remover, you can perfectly erase anything you don't want whether in a video or a photo with simple drawings or selections. also supports bringing you a clear photo by the AI erasing function, you can easily remove people, remove emoji, remove objects or remove text from photos.

remove anything from video

Remove Anything from Video can remove any object from a video. Remove logos, and obstrusive texts without compromising the video quality. Also, remove complex objects like power lines, trash cans, birds, etc.

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Fast Object Remover

Thanks to AI object removal technology, Anieraser is fast and straightforward to use. You'll get the clean video or photo within seconds.

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Absolutely Free & Online Use

AniEraser don't need to pay anything to remove unwanted objects through any web browser. This object removal service is 100% free. No hidden charges!

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Export Clear & High-Quality Video

This video object removal tool will not compromise the video's original quality. All unwanted object, logo, or elements will be removed without blurring the video.

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Various Scenes to Use

Object remover can be widely used for photo editing, creative manufacturing, real estate promotion, e-commerce showcases, developers API making, etc.

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Top-Notch File Security

Anieraser uses SSL encryption to ensure maximum online file security. Edited videos are also auto-deleted from the servers after a few hours.

What do People Say about Anieraser Online Object Remover



"My friend at school recommended this tool to me, and I cannot thank her enough. I use it to remove TikTok logos from my videos which I also share on my blog. It removes objects in record time."



5-star rating

"It's incredible how this video object removal tool erases unwanted objects without affecting the video quality. Anieraser has made my vlog videos look better and more professional. I'd recommend it to anyone at any time!"



5-star rating

"Whenever I want to remove unwanted objects from my iPhone videos, Anieraser is my preferred program. Removing objects from my videos generally takes less than 10 minutes. Recommended!"



5-star rating

"Do online video object removers come any better than AniEraser? I really doubt it! It's absolutely free, and the objects/logos are removed within seconds. Thank you for this, AniEraser!"



5-star rating

"This is the best object remover I've ever used. I collect many fun videos over the internet, but the objects and timestamps can be annoying. AniEraser has really been helpful."

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FAQs about Online Object Remover

What Can AniEraser Object Eraser Do for You?

Using the masks, you can easily remove any unwanted elements from the video in a few clicks. For example, you can erase a person and a pet, stickers or emojis, texts or subtitles or logos on your video. It's all free & with no object!

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