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Create killer AI song covers online readily. Enable the latest AI to transform your beloved music into various lifelike singing voices with exceptional quality.

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Create AI Covers with Your Favorite Voices

Ever dreamed of recording yourself singing a popular song but worry you don't have the voice of an artist, singer, kpop idol, politician or cartoon character? Worry no more! That's where AI song cover generator steps in.
With cutting-edge AI technology, it can clone voices from your favorite music and create a flawless AI cover song. You've treasure trove of celebrity voices to choose from, including Adele, Taylor Swift, The Weekend, Drake, Bieber, Blackpink, BTS, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Spongebob, Plankton and many more. Just pick your preferred voice model, and let the AI covers work its magic.
Sing your heart out and sound amazing!

How to Make AI Cover Songs Online Easily?

pick ai vocal model
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Choose an AI Voice Model.
Click on Create AI Covers Now button on your mobile or desktop browser, and select a cover song voice model based on categories like artists, public figures, cartoons, animes, and more.
upload audio
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Upload Your Audio or Video.
Add an audio or video file you want to generate from your device, or drap-n-drop in the specified area. If you wish, you can also include a face photo to create a lip-sync music video.
download and share new cover
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Preview & Download the Song Cover
Once the AI has finished processing the audio, click Play to preview it or change the cover song voice. If impressed, Download the AI cover song audio or video, and easily share it on social media. It's that simple!

Standout Features of Our AI Singing Voice Generator

simple to use
Easy to Navigate

You need zero knowledge to use our AI voice generator. The user interface is self-explanatory. You only need to choose the AI voice model and upload audio to generate a cover song.

Extensive AI Voice Models
Multiple AI Voice Models

Our AI-powered cover song generator presents tens of free voice models to explore. You can generate a cover song with famous voice personalities like Drake, Adele, Justin Bieber, The Weekend, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Ariana, Billie, BTS, Goku, Pikachu, Plankton, and Spongebob.

professional-grade covers ai
Realistic Song Covers is extensively trained with AI and machine learning technologies to perfectly understand musical vocal patterns, melodies, rhythms, and seamlessly transforming your own vocals into professional and impressive cover songs.

Any Musical Styles
Any Musical Styles Accepted

You can create a smashing cover song in almost any genre or style. Whether it's RNB, pop, jazz, hip-hop, country, gospel, or anything else, this tool can analyze and produce music in your favorite vocals within minutes!

HD audio quality download
High Quality Output

Besides creating cover songs in MP3 or FLAC, supports music converts in lossless WAV, making it ideal for musicians or music lovers to experience music in its purest form.

Enhance AI Covers
Enhance AI Covers

Besides creating an AI cover song or animated singing video, lets you fine-tune it further by enhancing voice clearity, adding AI royalty-free music tracks based on moods, styles, genres, and more. You can also isolate the vocals from the cover song, or do some audio trimming and cutting to enhance your creations.

Be the "Superstar" of Your Own AI Song Cover

get inspired by AI generated song
create funny social media contents
perfect for music fans
  • Be the Next-Generation Musical Legend
    Are you inspired by famous music producers like Taylor Swift, The Weekend, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, Mark Ronson and Max Martin? Our AI cover song creator enpowers you to be your own music producer without investing in expensive equipment or studios. With it, you can create an impressive cover song for practicing your favorite song lyrics, composing fresh tracks and more!
  • Wow Your Social Media Followers
    Almost everyone is trying to be a social media superstar, and you shouldn’t miss the fun. One of the best ways to expand your social media profile and get more attentions is by sharing fun and creative content on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and more. With an AI cover song creator, you can prank and entertain your friends with popular music sung by a polar voice like Donald Trump or Plankton. Better still, it enpowers you to generate a matched singing video with dynamic animation. Join millons and carve out your unique identity on social media.
  • Reconnect with Your Music Heroes
    Even the best music can sometimes feel noisy when you listen several times. You can avoid this scenario by creating your own custom music using our AI cover songs. For instance, if you cannot get enough of Adele or Taylor Swift’s voice, use this cover song generator to transform any voice in your music tracks into these two celebrity personalities. This way, you can have more fun singing along to your favorite lyrics while showering, cooking, driving, training, and other everyday activities.
Frequently Asked Questions of
AI Song Generator
  • Use AI Cover Song Generator to create top-quality song covers in varying celebrity voices and other characters. Here's how:
    Step 1. Pick an AI voice model.
    Step 2. Upload the music file you want to transform and start the conversion.
    Step 3. Listen to the generated cover song before downloading it in MP3 or MP4 format.

  • Yes, is the ideal tool to generate AI cover songs for free online. Just visit the website and upload audio to create a cover song in seconds.

  • Try to convert your voice recordings into an AI voice like Adele, Drake, The Weekend, Taylor Swift, Billie, BTS, Blackpink, Donald Trump, Dio, Goku and more. But if you want to enjoy the best AI voice conversion quality, ensure the audio is crisp and clear without background noises. If possible, use an external microphone with noise-cancelling capabilities.

  • In this AI era, you don’t need to sing your song lyrics, especially if you have voice problems. So, let our AI covers generator do the singing work for you. Record yourself singing your favorite tune and let this program do the hard work.

  • In theory, AI cover songs are generally viewed as copyright-free. However, due to the evolving nature of this area, it's wise to exercise caution. Always follow legal regulations and secure necessary permissions.

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