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Automatically generate subtitles or captions for any video with an AI-powered generator. Save your time in transcribing audio to text, or adding text manually! Fast and high accuracy with AIGC.

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Automatic Subtitle Generator Online - Video Tips

A subtitle generator is a must-have tool for any professional video editor, movie lover, vlogger, or short video maker. With this tool, you can automatically apply captions and subtitles to your videos to make them more engaging without the hassle of work.

Compare to ChatGPT for generating captions by a brief description, this subtitle generator is more convenient for creating a foreign language video and movie by analyzing the video by itself, it can create subtitles and captions in different languages in one click to reach a wider audience all around the world, instead of writing serval CC captions to match different languages.

Try AI-powered subtitle generator to add auto-subtitle or captions for videos (MP4, MOV, VOB, FLV, WebM, etc.) or convert audio to text in an efficient manner. Just upload an audio file and let the program do all the heavy lifting. Let's try!

Watch Video Tutorial to Learn How to Auto Add Subtitle to Video

How to Auto Subtitle and Caption a Video?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Video Files

    Open the Subtitle Generator tool online, then drag & drop to upload a video file from local storage to generate subtitles from video.

  • auto generate subtitles

    Step 2. Add Subtitles and Caption to the Video Automatically

    To add auto-generated captions and subtitles to a video, choose Auto-subtitle. Or, tap the AI icon above the video preview screen. Either way, choose a target language when prompted and hit Start to load an audio file. will auto-detect and perfectly sync your subtitles to the video.

  • download

    Step 3. Edit the auto-subtitles and download the video

    After loading the subtitle tracks, edit the texts further to correct minor errors or personalize the subtitle font style, size, color, transparency, border, etc. When satisfied, choose a target aspect ratio and click Export to save the caption.

    Extra Tip: Download SRT file for flexible use on most platforms.

upload video files
auto subtitle video
export the video with subtitles

Why Choose Auto Subtitle Generator?

high quality

Create Subtitles with High Accuracy

This free auto subtitle and caption generator use advanced machine learning to recognize audio and place them in the video with AIGC. You don't even need to correct the subtitle tracks manually.

various languages support

Multiple Languages Supported

This speech-to-text converter supports up to 90 subtitle languages. You can transcribe English, German, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, and so on and enables to translate video to almost all languages!

no watermark

No Watermark Auto Caption Generator generates subtitles and captions without a watermark attached. It's totally free to auto adding texts to videos. Real supports non-watermarked outputs.

any video formats accepted

Burn Subtitles to Any Video

No matter what video formats are, you can burn subtitles into a video quickly and easily. It supports MP4, MOV, MTS, 3GP, MKV, FLV, and WebM, among others, perfectly fits a range of format needs.

all-in-one video editor

Beyond Auto Caption Generator

After automatic video captioning, you can customize and edit to optimize the words to look more attractive and close to the content. Furthermore, change the font type, color, size, border, opacity, layout, etc...

online subtitle tool

Cross-Platform Compatibility Auto-Subtitle Generator can work online on any HTML5 web browser. You can create auto subtitles on iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows without a barrier, add subtitles on target device directly.

Why Caption or Subtitle a Video Automatically?

improve comprehension using subtitles
highlight details for training video via subtitles
edit subtitles to make them attractive
auto subtitle movie

Make Your Video More Accessible with Localized Subtitles

Not everyone can understand your native language or accent. In fact, only a quarter of the total world population can read and speak standard English. Thus, it's vital to add localized captions to your video to reach a wider audience. Besides the video scene, the caption helps people to understand the video more accessible, especially some friends who can't hear the sound. If you want people in other regions can know what you are saying or presenting in your video, add subtitles and captions to explain.

Auto Captioning for Long Videos with High Efficiency

Adding captions and subtitles for a long video could be a giant work. To make sure you have described the content precisely, you have to spend more time on this. However, an auto subtitle generator could make things easy. has a powerful AI caption generator that can detect and analyze the content of your video and auto-creating corresponding text. All you need is to wait for a few minutes to get the high-accuracy captions. You can also preview and edit the generated subtitles and make simple decorations.

Edit the Auto-Generated Subtitles to Match the Video Theme

Auto-generating subtitles already saved most of your time, however, in different scenarios, you may need to customize the style to emphasize or highlight the texts to match the video scene. subtitle editor also helps to resize the font, customize the font position, or change the text opacity to make them unobtrusive. You can also beautify the text with a new font style or color to fit your video theme. Try to achieve!

Add Caption in Films to Increased Viewer Engagement

Do you love watching movies and videos with subtitles? You're not alone! Research shows that most people love watching subtitled films. And yes, this also includes native speakers of the movie language. Some lines are meaningful and will leave a huge impression on views. Often, you'll find yourself too immersed in reading the subtitle headlines than even watching the movie characters themselves if the lines are very beautiful. So, use automatic subtitles to make the movie more entertaining to watch.

FAQ about Creating Subtitles for Video

  • Auto-subtitling a video can save you the time and energy that you would spend creating captions for a long video. Therefore, use Auto Subtitle Generator to enjoy a fast and efficient subtitle adding process. With this auto subtitle maker, you can generate subtitles for any video format on iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows. Just load a file and create a subtitle.

  • You can easily convert speech to text online using Auto Subtitle Generator. With it, you can convert all standard audio to subtitle text and lets save as an SRT file. This includes OGG, FLAC, AU, MP3, M4R, M4A, and more. In addition, it supports over 85 speech languages, including English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, etc. Just choose a language and create.

  • When looking for a software to add auto-generated captions, look at features like intuitiveness and format support. Also, the best subtitle adder should support text editing and be accessible on mobile or computer. Most importantly, the video output shouldn't have any watermarks whether you're a free or paid user. Fortunately, Subtitle Generator ticks all these boxes.

  • online video editor allows you to create videos for almost all popular social media platforms with the aspect ratio presets. Adding captioins to video is a piece of cake.
    1. Visit online video editor on your favorite website.
    2. Tap Auto Subtitle, select a subtitle language and click Start to load an audio speech. This auto caption app will automatically recognize and add subtitles to the video.
    3. Edit your subtitle tracks and choose an output aspect ratio for the video. Lastly, tap Export to save the video.

Angelina Russell
star star star star star

This is the best online subtitle maker by far. It lets you perform automatic video captioning in your native language. For someone captioning long videos, this tool is a must-have.

Ann Lee
star star star star star

This online application transcribe speech accurately. It doesn't confuse words with others. Overall, it's excellent for converting audio to text.

Luciano Guardado
star star star star star

I've used this subtitle generator for a month, and it's actually pretty good. The UI is self-explanatory and supports manual and automatic video captioning. I love it!

Scott Johnson
star star star star star

This is the best auto subtitle generator I've ever used. It's free yet full-fledged. It feels more like a desktop video editor.

Stacy K
star star star star star

One of the most accurate subtitling apps (I've tried several, trust me). It's free, easy, and the captioned videos don't have those annoying marketing watermarks. You should try it!


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