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How to Remove Background Noise from Video Online - 3 Steps

Finding a quiet place to take videos or record your life without other noise interference is hard. To clean these unwanted sounds in videos, you need a perfect noise reducer to help you remove those sounds. only requires 3 easy steps to reduce different kinds of noise from your video, whether in the form of wind noise, ticking clock sound, or even traffic beep. You can use a perfect video noise reduction online tool - to achieve this. See how it works!

  • 1. Upload Video File

    Upload your video files that need to erase noise to from any browser by clicking the 'Upload' button, or drag & drop the file to the area.

  • add music visualizer

    2. Select the Type of Noise to Remove

    Choose the type of noise you want to remove from your audio file, and click 'Reduce Noise Now' to start the process!

  • edit and export music visualizer file

    3. Download and Save the Noise Removal File

    You can preview the result file first, then save the noise reduction video files to your computer or cloud storage.

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Why Choose Video Background Noise Remover?

Rerecording a video or purchasing an expensive mic for better sound effects is unnecessary. use its AI noise removal technology to reduce and clean the useless background audio in your video. No matter what video formats are, can extract and delete noise without breaking the video.

Reduce Different Types of Noise

No matter what kind of background noise - wind, rain, traffic - is always there for you to wipe clean your background sound in no time.

Powered by AI Noise Remover uses advanced AI technology to mute noise and unwanted sound in a video. It saves your time and helps you get rid of dull work.

Can Customize the db of Noise provides more options for you to adjust the db of the background noise. You can easily customize the volume of the audio as you like.

Support All Video File Types

No need to worry about the video file types because supports MP3, M4A, OGG, MP4, MOV, VOB, MTS, and More. You can export videos to various formats as well.

Easy and Fast to Use

Mute and clean the background noise of your video in 3 steps. Before exporting, you can preview the video before the noise removal process.

Safe and Secure

All the uploaded video files will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. This website is also SSL encrypted to prevent unauthorized data access.

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Reduce Noise in Video to Make High-Quality Videos video noise reduction is what you need to achieve a clean video free of wind noise, hiss noise, or anything that makes your video quality look not so good. Posting a video with clear background sound and music can get more views and likes on your social media. Now, level up your video quality with!

Edit for Video Speech, Online Courses, or Zoom Recording is the top online tool to remove background noise from your video. In a Zoom recording, online courses, product explainer videos, or a business video speech, background noise interference gives an unprofessional look. Worse, it may also lead to your views or business partners losing interest.

So, with noise blocker, it becomes easy to reduce noise in video effectively. You can edit and clean the video sound by uploading the file or directly from YouTube. will help to clean your video free from all background noise forms.

Remove Noise for Travel Vlogs, ASMR Videos, and More helps reduce noise in your travel Vlogs or ASMR videos. Travel Vlogs are affected mainly by wind noise and traffic, while the background noise in ASMR will hamper the video's aim and distract the concentration.

All the disturbing background sounds can't let your viewers focus on your videos. It would help if you used to clean your video of every form of background noise, bringing you a better video and viewing experience.

FAQ about Video Noise Reduction

  • To remove background noise from your video, you need to do this.
    Step 1. Firstly, upload your video file.
    Step 2. Then, select the type of background noise you want to remove, either wind, hiss, or hum. Wait for a while for it to process.
    Step 3. Thirdly, download and save the video.

  • You can remove wind noise from video or any other kind of background noise from your video for free using our online tool, It is one of the most versatile video editing tools to remove background noise from video for free.

  • You can reduce noise in a video on your computer using the online tool. is an online tool that allows you to clean your video of background noises. It can work on your computer or mobile. The process is to launch the tool online first. Upload the video file and select what kind of noise you want to remove, download, and save. That's it!

  • This is a seamless activity. is a mobile responsive site, and it works well on all mobile browsers such as chrome, firefox, etc. You can reduce noise in a video on your mobile as quickly as on your laptop.
    Step 1. Launch noise remover and tap Choose Files to load your video.
    Step 2. Select the type of noise, either wind noise, hiss noise, traffic, or more. Then remove it.

  • There are applications and software that you can use to do this, but the benefit of using an online tool such as cannot be overemphasized. video noise reduction feature cuts any noise, including wind noise, and gives you a clean video with no background interference.

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I love using because it has all I need for my video content production! I could do auto transcriptions for my videos, I could also select custom fonts for consistency in my brand visuals. More so, I haven't experienced any issues since I started using as a background noise blocker for all my videos. My vlogs turn out clean and clear!

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