The AI trend has grown rapidly over recent years, and it continues to serve job seekers, businesspeople, artists, content creators, and various industries in different aspects, including headshot generators for photography purposes. The ease of use of AI headshot generators, their efficiency and friendly budgets have increased their mass appeal to content creators in the digital space.

This blog centers on the best AI headshot generators, including both free and paid options. We've thoroughly re-evaluated the top picks considering the key features, limitations, workflows, pricing, and popular user reviews. Dive into our comprehensive review of the best AI headshot generator tools to make a smart choice.

In this article
  1. What Can An AI Headshot Generator Do?
  2. Top 11 AI Professional Headshot Generators Online [+Free]
  3. Are AI Headshots Reliable?

Part 1. What Can an AI Headshot Generator Do?

AI headshot generators can help in create photorealistic pictures from your regular selfies and can be useful in various ways. With such an AI photoshoot, you can design a digital business card in simple steps without stress. Compared with professional photographers, you do not have to spend resources and time as these AI-powered tools produce great results in shorter time frames. You must not visit a traditional photo studio to create splendid AI headshots for your logo designs, CVs, corporate profile photos, business cards, freelance profiles, etc. You can create professional-looking headshots for LinkedIn or other business platforms' profile photo.

In addition, you can use AI headshot generators to batch-generate more than one image simultaneously within a short period.

Part 2. Top 11 AI Professional Headshot Generators Online [+Free]

There are many AI free tools for generating headshots with high quality online. Check out our handpicked favorites in the quick list below:

No. Program Key Features Pricing User Reviews
1 Fotor Generate realistic headshots from images or text prompts.
Best for crafting stylish art images.
Commences at $8.99. "Thanks to Fotor's AI headshot generator, I have a standout avatar that reflects my personality and stands out from the crowd."
Upload Your Selfie Now ↗️✨
Transform everyday photos into studio-quality headshots in less than 25 minutes.
Provide 50+ trending styles for professional and creative portraits.
Focused on privacy with an automatic photo deletion feature.
Begins at $6.99 for numerous headshots. "Most photos looked like me, diverse backgrounds, and tons of pose and clothing options—outshines competitors."
3 PFPMaker Diverse headshot backdrops for business scenes.
Optimal solution for large corporations.
Create LinkedIn headshots in 60 minutes.
Starts at $15. "This saved me so much time creating employee maps for the companies I work at!"
4 Aragon Convert 12 face images into AI avatars at 60 minutes.
30-day money-back guarantee.
Starts at $29. "Photos look fantastic. Upload was smooth, but instructions could be simplified for a more user-friendly experience."
5 HeadShotPro Ideal for team headshots generation.
Customize headshot backgrounds or clothing.
Starts at $29 for 40 headshots. "It captured the essence of my personality without making me look overly polished."
6 Employs deep facial analysis for realistic AI headshots.
Customize headshot backgrounds or clothing.
Starts at $25. "I'm not a photographer, but with this AI headshot generator, I felt like a pro!"
7 Headshots by AI Backed by Stable Diffusion and Dreambooth technology. Starts at $21. "It was a very easy process. I found two pictures that looks very close to me that I will definitely be using."
8 Headshot AI Professional touch-ups by trained artists for impactful first impressions. Starts at $21. "It was easy to use and the final curated images were top-quality."
9 HotPot.AI Create professional headshots or stylish glamour shots from selfies.
Turn imagination into AI art.
Starts at $10. "I paid $10 to create an image. And to use it commercially I needed to pay them monthly."
10 Enables the creation of AI images for your pets.
Generate headshots in diverse outfits, scenes, and hairstyles.
Starts at $39 for 40 headshots. "Impressed by the accuracy and quality of the AI-generated headshots. It's like having a personal photographer at your fingertips. "
11 StudioShot Diverse headshot effects tailored for corporate executives, LinkedIn, real estate, and more. Starts at $29.25. "The software is easy to use and doesn't require any prior photo editing experience."

1. Fotor

Fotor is an AI headshot generator that digital art creators popularly use for its ability to use powerful algorithms to generate headshots using both uploaded images and text prompts. This tool is a recent addition to the editing features provided by the Fotor company. However, you should note that Fotor is ideal for artists interested in stylish art creations for social media profiles rather than professional headshots. All the same, you may need to edit the headshots to suit your corporate needs better.

fotor ai headshot generator
  • It allows free use for beginners.
  • You can use AI-generated headshots for commercial purposes.
  • It only provides five free credits, which you can use to generate AI headshots.
  • It requires a sign-up to start using this online tool.

• Pro: $3.33 per month.
• Pro+: $7.49 per month.

2. AI Headshot Generator 🔥 AI Headshot Generator is an online tool that helps you quickly generate realistic headshots for your business cards and profile pictures on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media handles. It provides various customization features with which you can edit the images to suit your unique personality and style. helps you create masterpiece images in a few clicks to leave a lasting impression on your page visitors and friends online. With this powerful AI image generator, you do not need photography skills or even hire a photographer or use a photo studio to create attractive profile photos. ai headshot generator
  • It provides various photos styles with AI scenes.
  • It lets you change ordinary photos into polished profile photos for your online presence.
  • It works on various devices and platforms without software download and installation.
  • Fast turnround time - headshots delivered in under thirty minutes.
  • Quality might not match that of top-tier traditional headshot photography.

Starts at $6.99/mo for unlimited image generations.

3. PFPMaker AI Headshot

Elevate your professional image with PFPMaker, a free AI headshot creator that delivers impeccable headshots tailored for business profiles, CVs, resumes, and LinkedIn. Its focus is on providing unmatched convenience and speed, allowing you to obtain a polished and professional headshot swiftly. Whether you're enhancing your online presence or preparing application materials, PFPMaker ensures a seamless and efficient process, ensuring you have a standout headshot ready in no time.

pfpmaker ai headshot generator
  • Generate dozens of corporate headshots quickly.
  • Background removal and replacement supported.
  • User resemblance may not be accurate.
  • Some photos may have minor issues.

Starts at $15.

4. Aragon

Create a great first impression on your LinkedIn profile using a headshot generated using Aragon AI headshot creator today. Using this online tool, generating professional headshots from normal images is simple. You need to upload up to twelve photos of yourself to enable the algorithm to fully learn and understand your facial features for a realistic result.

aragon ai headshot generator
  • It helps you generate HD headshot photos that have been professionally retouched.
  • It is a highly secure site with AES256 encryption that protects your online data from invaders.
  • You must sign up to Aragon to gain access to the tool.
  • You cannot access the free version’s advanced features; you must get a paid subscription.

One-time payment, which starts at $29.

5. HeadShotPro

Another AI headshot generator we recommend is the HeadShot Pro software which uses advanced facial recognition tech to create professional headshot images. It allows users access to various customization options to produce images that suit their personality and brand. It is a user-friendly tool but uses cutting-edge AI technology to create natural-looking headshots. It is an affordable alternative to traditional photoshoots in photo studios.

headshot pro ai generator
  • For users without photo editing skills, HeadShotPro is ideal as it is a simple navigation tool.
  • It is not a free AI headshot generator.
  • It could do with more customization features.

• Small: Payment starts at $29 per person.
• Normal: It costs $39 per team for a start.
• Premium: $59


ProPhotos AI headshot generator is a professional tool that helps you generate realistic photo headshots in high quality and within a short time. With this software, you can now say goodbye to hectic traditional photoshoots when creating headshots for your resumes, LinkedIn, and other professional materials. It is ideal for corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs. With five to ten casual photos, you are set to start using this tool.

prophotos ai headshot generator
  • It allows users to convert original ordinary photos to casual professional images using customization features.
  • It uses deep facial analysis to generate photorealistic AI headshots.
  • It is not a free AI headshot generator, i.e., it doesn’t have a free version.
  • To enjoy unlimited use, you need to pay for the premium or professional versions, which are costly.

• Basic: $25 per month.One-time payment, which starts at $29.
• Premium: $55 per month.
• Professional: $155 per month.

7. Headshots by AI

An efficient AI-powered tool you can use to generate professional headshots on various professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn. It uses Dreambooth technology and Stable Diffusion to produce photorealistic headshots. Ensure you upload at least twenty normal photos from different angles to enable the software deeply access your features for a more realistic result.

headshots by ai generator
  • Generating AI headshots with this tool is an easy process.
  • It generates realistic images.
  • It does not allow a free trial.
  • You need to sign-up and log in before you are given access to this tool.

• Standard: $21 one-time payment.
• Flat: $25 one-time payment.
• Priority: $50 one-time payment.

8. Headshot AI

Make a good first impression on your professional networking platform using the Headshot AI generator. With this tool, you can turn an ordinary portrait into a corporate headshot with a simple button click. It can make your clothes look more professional and produce a high-quality result easily. You do not need prior photography training to easily use this tool, as it is intuitive even for beginners.

headshot ai generator
  • It supports image formats such as PNG, JPG, HEIC, and WebP.
  • It has a 14-day refund policy so long as you have yet to train your AI to learn your facial features through image uploads.
  • It does not have a free version.
  • It is pricey, especially for users on a budget.

• Intern: $21 one-time-payment only.
• Professional: $35 one-time-payment.
• Executive: $59 one-time-payment.

9. HotPot.AI

THE Hotpot AI headshot generator is perfect for creating professional headshots and AI selfie pictures in gorgeous styles. You can use the AI-generated images for social media profile photos, LinkedIn, dating apps, marketing, or simply for fun. It is very easy to navigate online.

hotpot ai headshot generator
  • It allows for editing of the AI-generated headshot.
  • It generates high-quality AI photos
  • It is sometimes slow.
  • It does not allow free use if you use AI-generated photos for commercial purposes.

• Fifty images cost $10.
• Ninety images cost $15.
• One hundred fifty images cost $20.

10. is an AI headshot generator that supports photo editing in different outfits, scenes, hairstyles, etc. It uses photo samples from images you upload to generate an AI version in the form of a high-quality headshot image. It also supports the generation of AI images of your pets. With a minimum of ten photos, you can generate realistic AI headshots that are exact replicas of your image but are more advanced.

dreamwave ai headshot generator
  • It contains a user-friendly and intuitive interface that is appealing to beginners and non-experts in photo editing.
  • Additionally, it supports the animation of text and removal of your original photo’s background to elevate the final outlook of your AI headshot.
  • The cost of this tool may be too pricey for small business owners or individuals with a limited budget.
  • You may find AI-generated image versions that do not accurately represent your original photo.

It costs $39 to generate 40 images.

11. StudioShot

The last AI headshot generator on our list is a rather interesting tool you should consider. It is an AI generator that real photographers manage on your behalf, so you can be assured that although you are not going to a physical photo studio for a shoot, you are getting the real-life photography experience, only at a lower cost and faster speed. It provides various effects suitable for corporate executives, LinkedIn, Real Estate, etc.

studioshot ai headshot generator
  • A combination of real photographers and AI technology has crafted the custom-designed styles.
  • It is an ideal software for corporate organizations looking to update their members’ profiles with infinite touches.
  • Its advanced features may discourage first-time users.
  • For occasional users, the team pricing structure may deter them.

• Team of 1-5 members: $29.25 per member.
• Team of 5-20 members: $21.75 per member.

Part 3. Are AI Headshots Reliable?

As you have seen above, AI headshots are exact replicas of your original photos but enhanced and more professional-looking. The popularity of these AI headshots is a testament to the fact that they can be relied upon to produce realistic results for users to apply to their profiles online. The great thing about AI headshot generators is that they provide different AI versions of your image so you can choose which best suits you. Moreso, we have done our research and compiled the list above so you can make a more informed decision about which headshot generator to use. In summary, AI headshots have been cost-effective and reliable for millions of users worldwide; therefore, you can use them for your headshot generation.


In this blog, you have learned about AI headshot generators, their use in the modern-day corporate world, and the best headshot creators recommended for you in 2023. These tools are easy to use, providing photorealistic images that will make a lasting first impression on visitors to your corporate networking pages.

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