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Elevate your marketing with seamless AI spokesperson videos effortlessly generated from your text inputs. The built-in 200+ realistic AI avatars can be your engaging spokesperson, talking in 120+ languages with diverse accents for various use cases, including marketing promotion, personalized sales pitches, training and development, explainers, and how-to videos.


3 Steps to Crafting a Captivating AI Spokesperson Video

Select Avatar
Select Avatar

Choose from a diverse collection of 200+ lifelike avatars to find the perfect match for your content.

Type Your Text
Type Your Text

Effortlessly create captivating marketing copy using our integrated AI script generator or paste your content.

Generate AI Video
Generate AI Video

Click to generate your engaging spokesperson talking in 120+ languages with diverse accents for various use cases.

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Revolutionize Your Video Marketing Strategy with AI Video Generator

E-commerce Video
Marketing Video
Promotion Ads
Personalized Sales
Video Voicemails
Explainer & How To
Corporate Training
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Generate AI  E-commerce Video
Generate AI Marketing Video
Generate AI  Promotion Ads
Generate AI  Personalized Sales
Generate AI  Video Voicemails
Generate AI  Explainer & How To
Generate AI  Corporate Training
Generate AI  Employee Handbook
Generate AI  Social Media Video

Transform your online store with compelling E-commerce Videos crafted through AI video generation. Showcase your products from all angles, provide in-depth demonstrations, and enable customers to visualize their purchases effectively.

Engage your audience with visually stunning AI avatar content that aligns perfectly with your brand's messaging. Boost your online presence and conversion rates by producing compelling videos at a lower cost.

Drive sales and conversions with dynamic Promotion Ads powered by AI video generation. Craft attention-grabbing visuals and persuasive voiceovers to highlight your special offers and promotions.

Enhance your sales strategies by leveraging text-to-speech AI video generators to create personalized sales videos. Tailor your messages to each prospect's preferences and needs while incorporating interactive elements for a customized touch.

Make a lasting impression on clients and prospects with Video Voicemails generated using AI technology. Replace traditional text-based emails with engaging video messages that convey sincerity and professionalism. Standing out in crowded inboxes can build stronger connections.

Simplify complex concepts and guide your audience with Explainer & How-To videos using AI video generators. Break down intricate ideas into easily digestible visuals and step-by-step instructions. Improve your sales by offering valuable educational content and positioning your brand as an authoritative source in your industry.

Revolutionize your corporate training programs with AI-generated Corporate Training videos. Deliver consistent and comprehensive training materials to employees across different locations and time zones. These videos ensure standardized training while allowing employees to learn at their own pace, leading to a more knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

Replace lengthy documents with visually appealing AI videos that convey company policies, procedures, and culture. This modern approach encourages better retention of information and ensures employees are well-informed and aligned.

Capture the attention of your social media audience with impactful Social Media Videos created through AI video generation. Craft visually stunning and shareable content that resonates with your followers. Boost your social media engagement, reach, and virality, ultimately driving more traffic to your website and increasing your brand's online visibility.

AI + Video Creation = Outstanding ROI

Enterprise clients save $5000+ on L&D content creation with an AI video generator—Automate video creations by eliminating physical sets, actors, and video shooting production crews.

$5000+ saved on video creation

Create customized videos and boost audience engagement. Personalized videos created with AI outperform regular content by 35%.

35%+ increase in user engagement

Customers save 5 hours on 1 video creation with an AI video generator.

5 hours saved on a single video production

Create engaging multilingual videos for a global audience with localized content.

Enhanced Communication

Once acquired, a single account is versatile, allowing you to access it across multiple devices, including Windows PCs, web online, iOS phones, and Android phones.

Once purchased multiple devices are accessible

Frequently Asked
Questions of AI Video Generator Online
  • For free users, videos are not allowed to be used for commercial use.
    All materials provided in the software are commercially available for subscribed users, and the produced videos containing AI avatars are also available for commercial use. Subscribe now >

  • We provide 200+ AI avatars at present, including different nationalities, skin colors, genders, and occupations, which can meet different video creation scenarios. Moreover, the number of people here will keep updating and growing. Explore Now >

  • We support 120+ languages, covering multiple countries and regions, such as French, German, Russian, English, Spanish, Malay, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Burmese, etc. Moreover, the number of voices here will keep updating and growing. Explore Now >

  • We can provide avatar or voice cloning services. The avatar or voice customization can be completed by giving relevant video and audio. Please inquire for details.

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It is hands down the best AI marketing solution for video editing that I have come across. This software has features that make it easy to create professional-looking videos in just a few clicks. The AI-powered tools are incredibly intuitive and make the editing process a breeze, even for those with little to no experience in video editing. I highly recommend it for an easy-to-use and powerful AI marketing solution.
As a marketing personnel, I am delighted with the diverse range of templates offered by Virbo. It provides templates covering various marketing scenarios, ensuring alignment with the target audience. Additionally, it saves me a significant amount of time and effort.
Rommel Anoba
As you know, advertising copywriters always try to balance creativity and efficiency. Well, Virbo has brought me endless surprises and convenience. With just a few basic pieces of information, such as product features, target audience, and advertising focal points, Virbo can create impressive scripts for me almost instantly. It saves me a lot of time!
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