Not too long ago, the idea of automatically converting text into video seemed like something straight out of science fiction. But thanks to advances in AI and machine learning, what was once a dream is now real. These text to video AI free generators are becoming more intuitive, more creative, and yes, even more accessible to all of us.

Whether you're looking to boost your marketing efforts, spice up educational materials, or just want to create engaging content for your audience, these AI-powered tools are here to make your life easier and your content more dynamic.

In this article, we're going to take a deep dive into the 6 best text to video AI free generators of 2024. We've scoured the web to bring you a curated list of the top tools that won't cost you a dime to use. We'll walk you through what makes each one stand out, helping you choose the perfect fit for your creative needs.

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Part 1. What is AI Text to Video Generator 

An AI text to video generator free is a cutting-edge tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to transform written text into dynamic, engaging video content. This innovative technology is designed to read and understand text inputs, such as scripts or articles, and then automatically generate corresponding videos that include visuals, animations, and sometimes even voiceovers that match the context of the text provided. The essence of these generators lies in their ability to streamline the video production process, making it faster, more efficient, and accessible to a broader audience.

The core functionality of AI text-to-video generators relies on advanced machine learning algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) techniques. These text to video generator free tools analyze the text for key concepts, emotions, and narratives, enabling them to select appropriate images, video clips, and animation styles that best convey the message or story outlined in the text. Some generators also incorporate text-to-speech technology, providing a synthesized voice that can narrate the text content over the generated video.

AI text to video generator free tools can be used for a wide array of purposes across various industries. In marketing and advertising, businesses utilize these tools to create compelling promotional videos, product demos, or explainer videos that can captivate potential customers' attention and convey complex ideas in a digestible format. 

Educational institutions and e-learning platforms find them invaluable for producing educational content that can make learning more interactive and enjoyable for students. 

Furthermore, content creators and social media influencers leverage these generators to produce consistent and visually appealing content for their audiences, which significantly reduces the time and resources traditionally required for video production.

Beyond these uses, news organizations and bloggers can also benefit from text to video AI free tools. 

Part 2. 6 Best Free AI Text to Video Generators


DeepBrain AI's video generator is a cost-effective, user-friendly platform that enables the creation of professional videos with natural voiceovers and customizable visuals. This text to video AI free tool is designed for users without technical skills, offering a quick way to produce high-quality content for various purposes.


Key Features

  • Friendly user interface
  • Customizable templates
  • High resolution video
  • Web and mobile video dimensions
  • 100+ Ultrarealistic AI avatars
  • Text-to-speech in 80+ languages
  • This AI text to video generator free tool is designed for all video editing experience levels
  • Allows the creation of a 3D custom avatar using Unite or Unreal


  • Realistic AI avatars that mimic human actors in movement, speech, and narration.
  • Customizable avatars tailored to fit brand identity and audience engagement.
  • Natural custom gestures which enhance visual interest through personalized movements.
  • It offer the freedom to share the generated videos across platforms without legal concerns.
  • Accessible to users with any level of video editing experience and without coding knowledge.
  • High-resolution video output, ensuring professional-quality content.


  • Some users complained that rendering is very slow
  • The free text to video AI tool does not offer the option to preview the generated video, as highlighted by users Text to Video Generator Text to Video Generator enables users to easily create high-quality videos from text prompts for free without any editing skills or subscriptions. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, this text to video AI free online tool quickly produces engaging videos for various applications like social media, marketing, and training. It offers features such as subtitles, background music, and customizable templates to enhance video creations further.


Key Features

  • Cinematic-quality video
  • Utilizes advanced AI algorithms
  • Create Any Video from Text
  • Includes subtitles and background music options
  • Offers customizable templates
  • Tweak AI Videos with AI Music, Avatar, Voiceover
  • User-friendly interface


  • It allows the creation of a wide variety of video types - marketing videos, product demos educational content and social media ads - using simple text prompts.
  • This free AI text to video generator offers the ability to enhance videos with AI-generated music, avatars, and voiceovers, adding depth and appeal to the final product.
  • Designed to be accessible to users of all skill levels
  • Its free service makes it an accessible option for individuals and businesses looking to create high-quality videos without significant investment
  • The platform saves time and effort in the video production process due to its utilization of the latest AI algorithms.
  • The customization features allow for high levels of customization to meet specific needs or branding requirements.


  • For highly specific or nuanced content, the AI-generated videos might not capture the intricacies or unique aspects as effectively as a human video editor.


Synthesia is a cutting-edge platform that empowers you to produce studio-quality videos featuring AI avatars and voiceovers in over 130 languages. Users can generate videos by simply typing in text, and a free video with an AI avatar is produced within a few clicks, without the need for signup or entering credit card information.


Key Features

  • The AI text to video free tool features voiceovers in 130+ Languages
  • Text-to-Video
  • Studio-Quality Videos
  • Customize your videos to match your needs.
  • Allow easy sharing and exporting of your videos.
  • Over 160 AI Avatars
  • Automatic Closed Captions
  • Clone your own voice for use in videos.


  • With a diverse library of over 160 AI avatars, Synthesia offers a wide range of virtual presenters that can suit different contexts and audiences
  • Synthesia enables users to create videos that rival professional studio productions
  • The AI text to video free tool simplifies the video creation process by allowing users to start creating videos immediately, without the need for signing up or entering credit card information
  • Its automatically generated closed captions make videos more accessible to a wider audience
  • The innovative feature of voice cloning lets users create a unique voice model based on their own voice


  • Lack of diverse facial expressions and inability to show human emotion, making videos seem robotic.
  • Some users complained that some features do not function properly, affecting the overall product quality.


Fliki is an AI video generator that turns text into captivating videos with ease. It features an intuitive Text to Video editor, lifelike voiceovers, dynamic AI video clips, and a suite of AI-powered tools designed to help users effortlessly create stunning visual content.


Key Features

  • The text to video AI generator free tool incorporate natural-sounding voiceovers into your videos.
  • Generate dynamic video clips using advanced AI technology.
  • Easily generate high-quality video from text descriptions for various uses
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Offers a range of realistic voice options for narrations
  • 2,000 human-sounding voices in over 75 languages


  • Fliki's intuitive design makes it accessible for users of all skill levels.
  • It is suitable for various content needs, including educational materials, marketing videos, and personal projects
  • The text to video AI generator free platform speeds up the video production process.
  • With a script-based editor, Fliki simplifies the video creation process, making it as straightforward as writing an email.
  • Fliki enables the creation of high-quality content at scale, offering a more affordable solution compared to traditional video production methods.


  • Users with tight budgets may find Fliki's subscription plans expensive to access the advanced features
  • Fliki does not offer transitions for images, although this feature is promised to be added soon


Invideo is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to simplify video creation. By just entering a topic, Invideo takes over the creative process, automatically generating scripts, creating scenes, and adding voiceovers. The text to video AI free tool further allows users to tweak videos as per their requirements. It requires no credit card to get started.


Key Features

  • Text to video on any topic
  • Automatically creates scenes that match the script
  • It generate scripts based on the input topic
  • It adds professional-quality voiceovers to videos
  • Users can tweak videos according to their preferences
  • You can edit videos with a text prompt
  • The text to video AI free tool allows real-time collaboration


  • Accessible without the need for a credit card, making it easy for users to try out the service. 
  • It allows multiple users to work on a project simultaneously, which is ideal for team projects.
  • Simplifies the video editing process with intuitive text prompts, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.
  • The AI text to video generator free tool can create videos on a wide range of topics.
  • Provides professional-sounding voiceovers, enhancing the video's overall appeal.


  • The video rendering process is slow
  • Compared to other platforms, Invideo offers fewer tools for audio customization


Canva's text to video generator empowers users to generate unique ideas and transform textual content into eye-catching videos with just a single click, making it a perfect fit for various projects.


Key Features

  • Instantly generate AI videos from text
  • This text to video AI free tool edit videos with advanced tools
  • Transform photos or selfies into talking heads without on-camera presence
  • A wide range of AI avatars in over 40 languages
  • Allows voice or audio uploads for personalized narration
  • Create animations for any video element
  • Customizable fonts and color schemes


  • It allows for the quick transformation of ideas into videos without the need for extensive searching, sketching, or rendering.
  • Users can make videos more dynamic with a variety of visuals, effects, pre-made templates, stickers, and graphics from Canva’s media library.
  • The talking heads feature supports over 40 languages, making it suitable for creating videos for a global audience.
  • It’s designed to be accessible for users of all skill levels
  • The text to video AI free tool can transform photos or selfies into talking avatars


  • The avatars may appear unnatural or artificial, detracting from the realism some users may seek in their videos.
  • Limited customization options

Part 3. Hot FAQs about AI Text to Video Generators 

1. Does ChatGPT make videos?

No, ChatGPT does not make videos. It is designed for text generation and conversation.

2. Are the listed all Free?

Yes, the AI text to video generators listed are free to use. However, some offer free versions or trials, but full features may require a subscription.

3. Can a text be a video?

Yes, with AI text to video generators, text prompts can be transformed into videos, making it possible to turn written content into visual narratives.


Our exploration of the 6 best free text to video AI generators of 2024 demonstrates the versatility and accessibility of these tools for users of all skill levels. From DeepBrain to, Fliki, Synthesia and Canva, each platform provides unique features to cater to various needs, whether for educational, marketing, or entertainment purposes. While free versions offer a gateway to explore these technologies, subscriptions unlock their full potential, empowering creators to bring their visions to life with greater flexibility and creative freedom.

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