Creating stunning videos is an art, and just like a painting needs the right colors, your videos need the perfect soundtrack. Music adds emotion, sets the mood, and makes videos come alive. But let's be real – finding the right music, especially when you're looking for free options, can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. That's where this article comes in.

Today, we'll explore the world of free soundtracks for video editing. But before we jump into the exciting part, there's something super important to talk about  - licensing. You might be wondering, "Why is licensing important?" Think of it like permission – using music in your videos without the right permission is like stepping on a stage without an invite. It's not only about doing things right but also respecting the musicians who create the tunes you love.

This article is here to help you navigate all of that! We'll explore the best 10 websites where you can find awesome free music that's totally legal to use. This isn't just a list of sites - it's your guide to understanding how to find the right tunes while making sure you're doing it the right way.

So, whether you're a video-making newbie or a seasoned creator, this article will help you find the perfect free background music for video editing download, while ensuring you're on the right side of the copyright stage.

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  3. Hot FAQs about Free Music

Part 1. Tips you should Know for Licensing Music

When you use music in your videos, it's like borrowing someone else's creativity to add magic to your own work. But just like borrowing anything, there are rules to follow. It's like permission—making sure you're allowed to use someone else's music in your videos.

One way artists share their work legally is through Creative Commons licenses. These licenses give creators a way to share their music with clear rules on how others can use it. Here are five types you should know:

1. CC BY: This license allows you to use the music in your videos as long as you give credit to the artist. It's like saying, "Hey, this awesome music is by [Artist's Name]!"

2. CC BY-NC: With this license, you're allowed to use the music, but only for non-commercial purposes. So, if you're making a video just for fun or to share with friends, this could work for you.

3. CC BY-ND: This license means you can use the music as it is without changing it or making something new from it. It's like saying, "Enjoy the music, but don't remix or tweak it."

4. CC BY-SA: Imagine this license as a sharing game. If you use the music and then share your video, you've got to use the same license for your video that the music has. It's like passing on the sharing spirit.

5. CC0:This one's like a gift—music with no restrictions at all. You can use it for anything; no need for credits or following specific rules.

Each of these licenses has its own rules, but they all aim to make sharing and using music easier and fairer for everyone involved. 

If you want to play safe with using music in your videos, two types of Creative Commons licenses are your best choices: CC0 or CC-BY.

If you're considering using a license other than CC0 or CC-BY, it's best to double-check the rules and requirements. Different licenses have different terms, and you want to be sure you're following them correctly.

And here's a great tip: If you're ever unsure about what a license allows or requires, reach out to the artist directly. It's better to ask upfront rather than deal with trouble later, especially if you've already used the music as background music for video editing free download.

Part 2. 10 Best Sites to Find Free Background Music for Video Editing

The following are 10 best sites to find top-quality, royalty-free background music for videos.

1.YouTube Audio Library

Type of license: Royalty Free and CC BY


The YouTube Audio Library is a fantastic resource that lets you sift through a wide array of free music clips, enabling you to easily add background music to video online. You can filter these clips based on genre, instrument, mood, duration, and even license type. It's like having a music store right at your fingertips!

But that's not all—alongside free music clips, the YouTube Audio Library also boasts a vast collection of free sound effects to jazz up your videos. 

Suppose you're gearing up to start a YouTube channel and perhaps plan to share your videos on your website and other social platforms. In that case, you can effortlessly grab your free video music straight from YouTube itself, making things easier. 

Type of license: Royalty Free


This innovative Music Generator uses advanced deep neural networks and extensive music datasets to produce original compositions across a wide range of genres and styles. The best part? The music it creates is completely royalty-free.

From uplifting tunes to calming melodies, this AI Music Generator allows you to instantly generate background music for editing videos in high fidelity. It's not just about making music—these tracks are perfect for enhancing film and game soundtracks, providing background music for videos, podcasts, advertisements, presentations, or simply for your own listening pleasure.

To  generate unique free music with this cutting-edge tool, follow the steps below:

Step 1 Click "Create Music"


Visit the AI Music Generator website and locate the "Create Music" button. Click on it to initiate the music creation process. This action will take you to the platform's intuitive interface, where the magic begins.

Step 2Customize AI Music Filters


Start by selecting the mood, genre, theme, and desired length. These customizable options empower you to tailor the music to fit precisely what you envision for your project. 

Step 3Initiate the AI Creation Process


Once you've set your preferred filters, it's time to start the magic! Click on the "Create Music" button to kickstart's AI technology. Within moments, the AI begins its creative process, weaving together musical elements based on your chosen parameters to generate a stunning, original song that resonates with your selected mood and style.

After the AI has done its work, it presents you with the result. Click the "Play" button to preview the music track. If it's exactly what you're looking for, you can proceed to download it hassle-free. 

3.Free Music Archive

Type of license: All CC types and Public Domain


Free Music Archive, commonly known as FMA, collaborates with radio stations, artists, and enthusiasts to provide one of the largest selections of free music(over 100,000 free songs) for videos. Users can search by song title, clip duration, or license type and explore diverse genres and subgenres to add background music to a video online.

Most music on FMA is under Creative Commons licenses, but some have an FMA license allowing personal downloading and listening only. Therefore, it's advisable to double-check the license type and usage permissions of each song before incorporating it into your project.


Type of license: All CC types


Jamendo's website comprises two main sections: a listening section and a licensing section. All tracks in the listening section hold a Creative Commons license, making them suitable for video use. Unfortunately, there's no option to filter tracks by their specific CC license type, requiring users to inspect each individually by clicking the down arrow for license details. While Jamendo primarily focuses on listening, offering features like radio stations and playlists, it's a helpful way to explore free stock music for video editing if you're uncertain. You can browse genres or use the search bar for specific tracks, but always ensure to check the type of Creative Commons license before downloading any music.


Type of license: CC BY and CC BY-NC


ccMixter is a hub for creating music mixes, where singers upload vocals, musicians share samples, and DJs mix them into captivating songs. Its dig.ccMixter subdomain focuses solely on music, making it an excellent resource for video music. The music available here falls under an attribution license, granting freedom for various uses as long as proper credit is given to the artist. Navigation might be challenging initially, but you can try using the tag search to find the right kind of BGM for video editing. Plus, there's a specific "music_for_video" tag available for easier discovery of tracks suitable for video projects.


Type of license: CC BY-ND


Bensound provides thousands of royalty-free tracks ideal for videos, websites, and animations. You can explore their collection by genre, popularity, upload date, or tags. Originally featuring only Benjamin Tissot's compositions, the site now showcases other musicians' works. Most clips on the platform come with an attribution no-derivatives CC license, allowing free use as background music for videos. Just ensure you credit Bensound and refrain from remixing the tracks or creating new songs using their music.


Type of license: Royalty Free


With Invideo, you can add background music download for video editing at no cost using their easy tool online.  Simply upload your video, pick your preferred audio track, and create a personalized video with added music. No need for downloads or complex software—just a few clicks and your video gets the perfect musical touch. Plus, all of Invideo's music is royalty-free, so you can use it for personal or business needs without worries about licensing fees. They source most of their royalty-free music from Storyblocks, along with a selection of copyright-free tracks from YouTube. 


Type of license: Royalty Free


Storyblocks has a big music library with lots of best songs for video editing download, suitable for different creative projects. You can find sad tunes for a serious feel or happy pop songs to give energy and inspiration. They work with pros to pick the best royalty-free music. You can search by mood, type of music, or instrument, and check out the "new" tag for the latest tracks. This music serves multiple purposes, fitting YouTube videos, podcasts, production mixes, and more. Storyblocks simplifies licensing with two options: Individual and Business. The Individual License suits content creators and freelancers, while the Business License caters to teams and companies needing coverage for their organization.


Type of license: Royalty Free


AudioJungle offers a huge collection of tracks for all sorts of projects, covering different vibes like upbeat, cinematic, dramatic, and World Music. If you're looking to add background music to audio online free, AudioJungle has over two hundred thousand professionally-made stock music tracks, suitable for every project. They carefully check every new entry to ensure it meets their quality standards, providing top-notch music options from motivational tracks to unique music kits. Their Music Standard License gives purchasers ongoing permission to use the selected music for commercial projects worldwide, with certain terms to follow.

10.Epidemic Sound

Type of license: Royalty Free


Epidemic Sound is a great place for creators looking for the right free background music for video editing, ideal for their particular creative projects. They have lots of songs and sound effects that you can use without worrying about royalties on different platforms like YouTube, apps, films, and more. The site is easy to use and has over 40,000 songs and 90,000 sound effects made by pros in various music styles, from pop and electronic to rock, classical, and more. Whatever project you're working on, they've got the perfect music for it.

Part 3. Hot FAQs about Free Music

1.Can I use the free music I find on these sites for my YouTube videos?

Yes, you can! Most of the music on these sites is free to use, and they often have licenses that allow you to use it in your YouTube videos without any worries.

2.Can I use this free music for my business videos, like advertisements or presentations?

Absolutely! Many of the sites offer music that can be used for both personal and business purposes. Just check the specific license details for each track to be sure.

3.Are there any restrictions on how I can use the free music for video editing?

Generally, the free music is quite flexible, but it's crucial to check the licensing terms for each track. Some may have specific restrictions, like not allowing remixing or use in certain commercial contexts.


So, those are the top 10 sites where you can get free background music for video editing. Whether you're working on a YouTube video, a presentation, or any creative project, you can find the perfect soundtrack without spending a dime. Remember to check the licensing details for each track and give credit where it's due. With genres ranging from upbeat tunes to cinematic scores, these sites make it easy for anyone to enhance their videos with high-quality, royalty-free music. So, dive in, explore, and add that extra touch to your creations without breaking the bank.


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