At present, you have a great number of image formats which you can use to save your image files. If you want to use an image for a detailed presentation then it is very essential to use PNG extension since it gives you an opportunity to save the file in high resolution. Moreover, you can also use GIF extensions as they use low storage space. On the contrary, when you want to keep an image on your hard disc then you should acquire GIF file extensions since they can easily be stored in a low space inside your computer system.

Part 1. PNG vs GIF

a. What are PNG and GIF?

First of all, it is very essential for you to know the difference. ie., PNG VS GIF file extensions. When you use a PNG file extension then there is no loss of data during the compression stage, it uses lossless image format. The image which you store will be of high resolution and you can retain original color shades.

Contrary to PNG, GIF file extension basically uses the LZW algorithm during the time of compression. These images are basically used when you want to showcase animation files during a presentation or if you want to share it with your friends.

b. Good for & Bad for

PNG-Good For:

  • It has better compression rate.
  • You can easily get an opportunity for 2D interlacing.
  • You get to choose from the option of image brightness.

PNG-Bad For:

  • This file format is not supported by many browsers.
  • You cannot animate this file extension.
  • Few times it can even create images as large as JPEG.

PNG-Good For:

  • You can make your audience understand the message in an efficient manner.
  • It also allows you to get a transparent background.
  • You can even store these file extensions in small size.

PNG-Bad For:

  • It doesn’t support 2D interlacing.
  • You can only choose from certain color formats.
  • In most of the cases, it is literally impossible to do any type of editing.

c. Comparison Chart

Parameters PNG GIF
Color Management It supports color management NO
Support for Animation NO YES
Support for Multi-Page NO YES
File Extensions .png .gif, .gfa
MIME Type Image/png Image/gif
Raster/Vector Raster Raster
Stands For Portable Network Graphics Graphics Interchange Format

Part 2. PNG and GIF Extension Knowledge

a. Why Use PNG or GIF?

Before you set to use any of these file extensions, it is very essential to know the proper difference between a PNG VS GIF file extensions. You can use either of the two file extensions for several corporate projects and personal use since they allow you to store them in an effective manner on your computer’s hard disc. Both of these extensions are based on raster file format thus they are very effective if you want to publish them over the internet.

b. When to Use PNG or GIF?

You should use PNG file over the web since it possesses various features viz. variable transparency, progressive display with which you will be able to get high-resolution images. Moreover, you also get an opportunity for color and gamma correction, thus the colors of the image can look brighter and sharp.

One can use the GIF file extension for several projects like Artificial Intelligence, topographical representation since this file extension is not glossy enough. Furthermore, these file extensions are also used in creating imageries which possess rough transparencies.


While you are working on a project or want to send files to your loved ones over the internet, it is very essential to have proper knowledge about a PNG VS GIF file. You will be able to store low-resolution GIF file format on your computer system which basically possesses a low level of transparency. Through these files, you can also make your audience understand things which you are conveying in an efficient manner.

On the other side, you also get an opportunity to work on PNG file format which offers you a great deal of editing options and you can even get a 2D interlacing option. This file extension possesses a better compression rate and maintains original color composition.

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