In the year 2023, users will love to express themselves with digital images. Cartoonize images are one of the most known and trendy things at this time. If you love to watch the animated photos of your colleagues and friends on social media, you may also want to implement them in your images. Yet, if you don't know any authentic faces in the cartoon converter, it cannot be very pleasant.

With the help of the exclusive cartoon face apps that we will discuss in this article, you can easily cartoonize your pictures. You will also find the applications for online, mobile, and desktop platforms here.

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Part 1: Reasons to Convert Your Face into Cartoon

Youngsters, new to social media, sometimes wonder why people like influencers and TikTokers love to post cartoon face photos. This section will teach you why you should convert your face into a cartoon. Have a look below to find the reasons:

  • Personalized Avatars

When you make a cartoon avatar, it works like a fun way to express yourself on virtual platforms. Creating digitalized avatars allows you to personalize your appearance and express your emotions in multiple ways.

  • Engaging with Privacy

With a cartoon avatar, you can engage with multiple persons while keeping your personality anonymous. Some people also set their cartoon avatar as a profile picture so they don't have to show themselves in photos.

  • Fun Activity

Making a visual representation of yourself on a virtual platform is way more entertaining than you think. You can even dress your cartoon avatar in your favorite outfit from Adidas, even if you can’t afford it in a real one. It is an enjoyable and entertaining way to represent yourself in the virtual world.

  • Education Purposes

All the educational system is switching to digital ways of teaching. If you teach students with cartoon avatars along with slides, they will likely understand better without getting bored. It is indeed a very convenient thing for educational institutes.

Part 2: Overview of the Best 3 Animate Your Face Online Apps

The trend of “cartoonize my face” is not going down from social media for a long time. If you need to participate in the trend by cartoonizing your face, you have to use a face-to-cartoon convert. If you wish to do this without compromising your device's storage, consider using online tools. The face-to-cartoon converters listed below will help you to accomplish this task online:

1. – Cartoonizer

With – Cartoonizer, you can turn your face into a cartoon and use them as a profile picture. This tool also allows you to select the type of cartoon from the options of Disney, Barbie, and more. Above all, it also has a list of emotions from which you can select the emotion you want to express in your cartoonized photo. – Cartoonizer is powered by AI and offers an automated procedure.

By uploading the photo, selecting the type and emotion, and applying it, you can create a piece of artwork. Moreover, you can convert your face into a cartoon in both videos and photos with the help of this innovative tool. ai cartoonizer

Key Features of – Cartoonizer

  • This tool allows you to remove all the unwanted objects from images without messing up their overlays. It also lets you remove the background of the picture.
  • You can also upscale small images for a better viewing experience. It also offers you to sharpen blur images for enhanced image quality.
  • io supports diversified photo formats, and with this, you can convert images from one format to another with ease. You can also convert multiple photos at once with this tool.

2. Colorcinch

Colorcinch allows you to animate your face without any restriction of downloading it to the device. With this cartoon maker, you can create multiple types of characters along with flawless profile pictures. It is a known tool to digitally represent yourself in the virtual world while maintaining your privacy. You can also crop and resize your photographs after cartoonizing them to make them share-friendly.

colorcinch standard photo editor

Key Features of Colorcinch

  • This tool allows you to remove the background from the images precisely. You can also replace any color of the image with it.
  • Colorcinch can sharpen or blur the images as per the user's choice. You can add multiple layers to an image with its intelligent layer panel.
  • It supports several image formats, such as PNG, JPG, etc. You can also export the images in surprising print quality of 400DPI.

3. Picsart

Picsart allows you to make your face a cartoon with full customization. You can also download the cartoon designs from Picsart and share them with your friends. It helps you unleash your inner artist and share your creativity with the world. The portrait images can also be turned into cartoons with it. No matter if you want to cartoonify your pet or a landscape photo, this tool can assist you with all.

picsart online photo editor

Key Features of Picsart

  • With the AI image generator of Picsart, you can turn text into multiple types of image art, such as dark fantasy or fictional characters.
  • It allows you to remove the background from images along with all the unwanted objects. You can also change and replace the background with Picsart.
  • Picsart lets you create intuitive and modernized designs for social media pages, events, and marketing purposes.

Part 3: 3 Best Mobile Apps to Turn Face into Cartoon

You must be wondering if I can cartoon my picture on mobile. The answer is yes. You can convert your pictures into a cartoon with the help of mobile applications. Have a look below to discover the top-notch cartoon maker applications on mobiles:

1. ToonMe

ToonMe is the best option if you want to create your mesmerizing avatars for social media. With its AI-driven algorithms, you can animate yourself in the best possible way. This cartoon face app also offers multiple types of face filters which can convert your simple photos into stunning artwork. Above all, you can also select a filter of your favorite character to turn your picture into it.

toonme app interface

Key Features of ToonMe

  • With its automated procedure, you can create perfect cartoonized profile pictures along with multiple types of filters.
  • You can add a stunning background to your photos to make them more eye-catching and have lens effects to give them a realistic look.
  • It allows you to download cartoonified images in HD quality. You can also directly share them on social media platforms without worrying about the quality.


  • Android, iOS

2. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

If you want to give a pastel yellow or newspaper look to cartoon your image, this app can help you. You can also manage the color and color amount in your cartoon face photo. Moreover, after selecting the cartoon style, you can also choose the filters you wish to apply to your images. Editing images precisely, like cropping and retouching, is also a reliable procedure in it.

clip2comic and caricature maker

Key Features of Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

  • You can customize an image's metrics, like deform, saturation, shadows, crop, brightness, and more.
  • It also allows you to manage details, blackness, softness, outlines, and other parameters of cartoon effects in it.
  • Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker can help you cartoonizing both photos and videos along with its 9 brand new styles.


  • iOS

3. Photic

Photic can help you to animate your face in several entertaining ways. You can create multiple avatars with it, including a magic avatar, your parallel version, an artificial you, and more. You can also create 3D toons and street caricatures with Photic. Moreover, it also offers a wide array of art makers such as comic, watercolor, texture, and more, so the users can create whatever they wish.

photic cartoon yourself app

Key Features of Photic

  • With Photic, you can easily select the aspect ratio of the cartooned image to post it on the desired social media platform.
  • It offers multiple filters which you can apply to images to make them eye-catching. You can also add and remove the filter as per your choice.
  • Photic lets you share images with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It also saves the cartoon images in the gallery.


  • Android, iOS

Part 4: 3 Powerful Desktop Software to Animate Your Face

Working on images on a desktop allows you to edit the details and make desired modifications precisely. The software discussed below will help you to cartoon yourself on the desktops:

1. Adobe Character Animator

It offers the time-intensive aspects of creating animated photos of you in high quality. Moreover, this cartoon yourself app offers two modes that are a starter and a pro mode. You can use the Starter mode if you are not mastered in animating yourself. The ones with high-class editing skills can go for the Pro mode. It can create multiple types of cartoons and offers built-in templates to minimize users' efforts.

adobe character animator interface

Key Features of Adobe Character Animator

  • This tool has a preset collection of scenes, characters, and puppets, which helps you create unique animation in a separate folder.
  • From facial expressions to genre and clothing, you can customize every factor of your character with this.
  • If you are working on a video, it allows you to control the puppet with a mouse or webcam. You can adjust each movement and behavior of your puppet.


  • Windows, Mac

2. Blender

With the help of Blender, you can create studio-level cartoon face photos. It offers real-time previews and multi-resolution dynamic subdivisions, making it a high-quality tool. You can also customize colors and interface layouts and create your tools. Moreover, it helps you to create animated videos of yourself.

blender cartoon yourself software

Key Features of Blender

  • It offers a high-end production path tracer which allows you to create ultra-realistic rendering with sampling.
  • Blender supports a wide array of tools that can optimize your workflow efficiencies, such as grid and bridge fill, edge slides, keyboard shortcuts, and more.
  • You can also create 2D and 3D stories with layers, colors, strokes, and primitives. It also lets you switch modes from edit, sculpt and draw options.


  • Windows, Mac, Linux

3. CrazyTalk

This is one of the most innovative cartoon face photo makers because you can use voice and text to make cartoons. Whether you want to create a video project or a family photo album, this tool can help you with all edits. It also allows brands and businesses digitally represent their products and services to the world. Furthermore, you can also turn static images into real-life characters with CrazyTalk.

crazytalk 8 editor interface

Key Features of CrazyTalk

  • It offers you full timeline editing along with a face puppet profile and auto audio lip sync.
  • You can also manage the content resource, auto motion, and photos in the 2D and 3D head with it.
  • CrazyTalk allows you to create avatars from recorded audio and text. You can also control facial expressions with mouse movements.


  • Windows, Mac

As the article demonstrates, you can cartoon yourself on diversified platforms with the help of intuitive cartoon makers. You can use – Cartoonizer, Picsart, or Colorcinch to convert your face into a cartoon while being online. Moreover, if you want to do this on mobile, consider using ToonMe, Clip2Comic, or Photic. As for desktop users, you can use Adobe Character Animator, Blender, or CrazyTalk. To eliminate confusion among all tools, we recommend you use – Cartoonizer as it can lead to desirable results with minimum effort. From the type of cartoon to emotions, you can personalize everything in it.

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