Do you love to watch Disney cartoons, princess Ariel, Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Moana, and Pinocchio?

If yes, why don't you make a Disney character from your picture or someone else's?

Although it sounds weird, specific software programs allow you to disneyfy yourself in just a few clicks. You can easily see a Disney version of a picture and use it as a profile picture to attract hundreds of likes and comments on social media platforms. These posts will also help you show your creative skills and gain more followers. The Disney cartoonish avatars are ideal if you want to make birthday invitations or make someone smile.

So, keeping that in mind, we have listed the six most popular photo editors to convert your image to a Disney cartoon.

In this article
  1. Reviewing the picture to Disney cartoon converter apps
    1. Cartoonizer
    2. SocialBook
    3. Voilà AI Artist
    4. Photo Cartoon
    5. Toonify
    6. Wondershare AILab
  2. How to choose the best photo to Disney cartoon converter app?
  3. FAQs about Disney cartoon converter

Part I. Reviewing the picture to Disney cartoon converter apps

We have gathered six best editors to help you convert photo to Disney characters in no time. So, go through these brief details before studying them further for an overview.

Software name Compatibility Pricing Cartoonizer Web browser Free
SocialBook Web browser, iOS and Android $3.99 billed monthly and $40 billed annually
Voilà AI Artist Android. iOS Free
Photo Cartoon Windows 8/10/11 $24.95 billed annually
Toonify Web browser Free
Wondershare AILab Web browser Free

Part II. Top photo to Disney cartoon converters in 2024

Read below to understand more about the top six software programs to be used as Disney cartoon converters.

1. Cartoonizer

One of the easiest online editors to be used to convert pictures to Disney cartoon is Cartoonizer. You only need to launch the web app, upload a picture, and select Disney from the cartoon effects. You can even choose from facial expressions like anger, surprise, sadness, and many more. cartoonizer

Compatibility: Web browser

Pricing: Free


  1. Perfect facial structure mapping to generate high-quality Disney avatars
  2. Share the picture on social media platforms
  3. Convert your selfie, candid, or DSLR shot to a Disney cartoon easily
  • Based on AI technology
  • Easy to use
  • Best suited for beginners
  • Doesn't come with many options for customization

Check out more "Photo to Disney Character" Features:

2. SocialBook

If you want sophisticated software to turn photos into Disney cartoon, SocialBook is the best one. It allows you to generate a 3D Disney avatar of any picture and even edit the same to create a flawless output. Then, save the picture to your device instantly or share the same with others on social media platforms.

Compatibility: Web browser, iOS and Android


  • Monthly pack: $3.99
  • Annual pack: $40
socialbook cartoonize


  1. 3D Disney image generated with all facial features highlighted
  2. Easy-to-use software program
  3. You can edit brightness, contrast, and even the filter effects
  4. Can generate the Disney effects for pets
  • Vibrant and sophisticated UI
  • Different editing tools are available
  • Save the image to your device
  • Processing speed is a bit slow in free mode

3. Voilà AI Artist

Based on artificial intelligence, this Disney cartoon maker lets you easily convert different images into Disney avatars. Since the images will be generated in 3D, you can see each facial feature highlighted properly, bringing a stark contrast to the cartoon. Furthermore, you can create family Disney pictures or that of a royal princess at your convenience.

Voilà AI Artist

Compatibility: Android, iOS

Pricing: Free


  1. Combines AI's smartness with creativity to generate perfect Disney avatars
  2. 3D Disney effect of highlighting different facial features
  3. Perfect for people who want to generate Disney cartoons from live pictures
  4. Allows you to share the images on social media platforms
  • Less memory consumption
  • Vibrant and colorful U
  • Multiple filter options
  • Not ideal for professional Disney cartoon images

4. Photo Cartoon

PhotoCartoon is another fantastic online editor you can use to convert your picture into a Disney avatar. It lets you easily convert any picture, like a selfie, a candid image, or a portrait, into a Disney cartoon, thanks to the AI engine present here. So you won't have to be worried about the overall image quality.

Photo Cartoon

Compatibility: Windows 8/10/11

Pricing: $24.95 for an annual subscription to PhotoCartoon Pro


  1. Multiple customizable filters to make the Disney image perfect
  2. Generates HD cartoons with all the features highlighted
  3. Proper color saturation with excellent sharpness
  4. Lets you save the image to your device
  • Saves images in standard quality
  • Doesn't cause any image distortion
  • Highlights all facial features in Disney avatar
  • No printing is allowed

5. Toonify

If you are looking forward to converting multiple images into Disney cartoons at affordable pricing plans, Toonify is the best one to go with. Once you upload the license key, you can adjust the image with different controls, like masculinity, glasses, big eyes, age, smile, and more. Therefore, using this software program to convert a normal photo to Disney cartoon sounds more feasible.


Compatibility: Web browser

Pricing: Free


  1. Sliders available on the editor page to adjust the facial filters
  2. Quick transformation of a regular image into Disney cartoon
  3. AI-powered engine to make Disney avatars look flawless
  4. Converts the background into Disney cartoon also
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Best for professionals and amateurs
  • Supports bulk picture editing into Disney cartoon
  • HD image downloads are limited

6. Wondershare AILab

Wondershare AILab is one of the best software programs to convert a normal facial picture into a 3D Disney avatar. You can select from different facial expression filters to get the desired look on the avatar and save it to the device. It is integrated with an AI engine that ensures a flawless Disney avatar of any image.

Wondershare AILab

Compatibility: Web browser

Pricing: Free


  1. Allows you to select a sample picture or upload it from the drive
  2. A perfect Disney image with heightened facial features
  3. Comes with different facial expression filters
  4. Can be saved to the device easily
  • Generates image in a few second
  • Secured and easy process
  • Perfect Disney cartoon avatar
  • Doesn't come with too many filters

Part III. How to choose the best photo to Disney cartoon converter app?

With so many options, choosing the best software to generate a Disney cartoon yourself won't be easy. Owing to that, we have shared subtle hints to ensure your choice won't go wrong.

  1. First, you must decide where to use the online photo editor to generate the Disney cartoon. If you want to use it on your phone, the software should be compatible with iOS or Android. On the other hand, you can choose a desktop app or web browser software for a laptop or desktop.
  2. Next, you should make a choice based on the software's usability. In other words, your choice should be a platform that is easy to use, suitable for both beginners and experts, and doesn't need intense technical knowledge.
  3. Most software programs to generate Disney cartoons are free. But some of them will have a Pro version for which you must pay a subscription fee. So, check the pricing plans and features available and proceed further.

With this detailed discussion, you can now turn photo into Disney characters in the easiest way. Most of these software programs will help you develop your creative skills and enhance the beauty of the picture with Disney avatar effects. Choose the best software at your convenience to have a perfect Disney cartoon image to surprise someone or upload the same on social media.

FAQs about Disney cartoon converter

  • Can I use the Disney cartoon avatars to surprise someone with photo gift?
    You can certainly use the Disney cartoon avatars to make an excellent photo gift for anyone. For instance, you can use the picture on a cake or have it framed as a gift.
  • Which is the best free software to convert photos to Disney cartoon?
    If you want to convert photos to Disney cartoon in the easiest manner, no other software program is as hassle-free as the Wondershare AILab. It has an AI-powered engine that superimposes the Disney effects on the original images and allows you to adjust the filters till you get the desired results.
  • How to use the Disney Cartoon converter?
    You need to upload the image of which you want to create a Disney version and wait for the online photo editor to generate the results. Once you get the Disney avatar, you can apply more filters for a flawless cartoon.
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