auto generate subtitles
Auto Subtitle Generator
Automatically create subtitles that are synced to your video or audio clips.
Video Editor 🎬✨
Revamp your videos like a pro with Create, edit and share your creativity with the world in just a few clicks!
video recorder
Video Recorder
Capture every moment with the greate quality screen, webcam, and audio recording online!
auto translation
Auto Translator
Translate your video subtitles or transcripts into over 120 languages. Watch your reach soar!
auto transcription
Auto Transcription
Accurately transcribe audio or video to text in a flash, making your content accessible to all.
text to voice
Auto Voice Maker
Transform any text into natural voices that you can listen to - be it PDFs, websites, books or others.

Everything You Need for Videos - Online.

Make Content Accessibility a Breeze
text to speech
Bring your text or scripts to life with 40+ true-to-life voices in multiple languages. It also gives you pitch and speed control options to fine-tune the speech. Add a touch of human-quality vocals to your videos.
Unlock your video's global potential with easy-to-use translator that boasts a 95% accuracy rate! Simply upload your video or audio and let AI translate it into English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Arabic, and beyond.
translate video

AI music generator

Create Royalty-free Background Music with AI.

Endless music tracks matched your vibe, mood & style.
Turn unique ideas into resonant musical compositions instantly.
Ideal for diverse video themes: sports, dancing, singing, gaming, travel, vlogs, and more.

Create Any Video Worth Sharing

create educational video
create commercial video
create personal video

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Honestly, this is the best all-in-one online video editor I've used. Its simplicity is on another level despite the assortment of features. Highly recommended to all novice video creators.

Mariah Prude
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This video editor is absolutely amazing. I love everything about it, literally. It doesn't lag when I want to edit 4K videos and the auto-subtitle generator is also very impressive.

James M
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I occasionally use this beautiful online app to create short videos for my YouTube channel. There are many free features like adding music to video, splitting, trimming and converting. It's just a simple and effective editor without those annoying ads.

Kate Mitchel
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