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One touch to record your webcam video with voice in high quality. With free camera recorder online, you can easily create engaging screencasts for sharing. Get started to capture webcam videos now!

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Video Recorder with Webcam

Recording a webcam has become popular these days. You may need a webcam recorder to capture an online course, vlog, TikTok video, and so on. Although Mac and Windows come with their own inbuilt camera apps, the output quality is wanting. So, use a top video recorder with a camera like Webcam Recorder. It's a Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone program to capture HD webcam videos online and losslessly. With it, you can capture webcam videos in any format and apply a voice narration using a microphone. As expected, you can add the recorded video to the editing timeline and trim, split, add texts, apply background audio, etc.
Plus, you can easily capture the computer screen or record voice over only.

How to Record a Webcam Video?

  • select cam recorder mode

    Step 1. Choose Webcam Recording Mode.

    Directly click the Record Webcam Now button above. Then, choose the recording mode as Camera Recording before specifying whether to record the entire screen or a specific window.

  • start hd video recording with webcam

    Step 2. Start Your Webcam Recording.

    Choose a video recorder camera. You can use the internal webcam or connect one and choose it. Also, select a microphone for adding voice narrations, then press the Start Recording button to begin capturing the video.
    Reminder: plz allow access to your camera and microphone if needed.

  • download or edit the recorded video with webcam

    Step 3. Record Video with Your Webcam.

    If you're satisfied, tap Stop. You can now download the video or Edit it further on the timeline.

pick webcam recorder mode
start camera recording
edit and download the recorded video with your face

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Why Choose Free Online Webcam Recorder?

online fast cam recorder

Intuitive User Interface doesn't feature those annoying pop-up adverts. Also, using the online camera recorder is so straightforward. No prior skills are needed!

cross-platform cam recorder without lag

Web-based Webcam Capture Tool

The free cam recorder is for all users. It records HD videos without lagging on iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux using any updated HTML5 browser.

record high-quality video

Record High-Quality HD Videos is a great camera for video recording HD clips with lossless quality. It supports HD video recording in 480P, 720P, or 1080P.

safest webcam recorder

Privacy and Security Guaranteed uses advanced SSL (Security Socket Layer) encryption to protect user data. Nobody can access your recordings unless you post them. You own complete privacy.

full video recordings editor

More than Webcam Recorder allows you to breathe some life into your dull-looking webcam video. You can trim, split, rotate, flip, crop, add text, apply background music, and much more.

support video conversions

Convert Recordings to Any Format

Want to convert your recorded video to any format? Good news here, supports converting to MP4, MOV, WebM, MTS, 3GP, MKV, VOB, and many others. Easy to share on social media platforms.

Why Record a Video with Your Webcam?

record webcam for distance working/learning
record yourself to get more views
keep relationship with a warm recorded video
record fitness video

Make Distance Working/Learning Easier

Online learning has become commonplace these days. Due to the digitalization and coronavirus outbreak, most learning institutions are embracing online education. So, use Online Webcam Recorder to capture high-quality lecture videos and share them with your online students. You can even use the program to trim, crop, apply subtitles, add texts, and so on.

Create an Impressive Video of Yourself

Do you have a YouTube channel or a Vlog? This program supports in recording 1080P videos. You can record yourself performing unique facial expressions like smiling, frowning, and more to attract more audiences. If you're a TikToker, you can record a webcam performing makeups, singing along to your favorite tune, and more. So, use an online cam recorder to capture a viral video that will shoot your TikTok account into stardom.

Maintain Personal Relationships with a Cam Video

Long-distance relationships can be very stressful. You'll have to contact your loved ones often to assure them of your commitment and safety. Although WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook support live chats, the video quality might not be that good if the internet speed is slow. But you can consider using a camera recorder for mobile or PC to capture HD videos in advance and share with family for playback. Recording a video of yourself can also clearly pass the intended message than making a voice call. Your kids will definitely love this! With Webcam Recorder, you can also easily do more edits on your recordings, like inserting fascinating music, converting your recording to funny GIF, etc.

Record a Fitness Video to Motivate People

Everybody knows how important fitness is for health. It has something to do with every achievement in our lives. You may capture a workout video to record your step-by-step progress, or for posting on social medias to get more viewers inspired. online cam recorder helps in shooting a fitness video with your voice at home. Just click "Start Recording" to grab a simple yet meaningful footage. It's Free!

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FAQ about Webcam Recording

  • Recording a video on a webcam is quick and easy whether you're doing it on a computer or mobile phone. You can choose to use the inbuilt camera app or third-party software like Free Online Webcam Recorder. With it, you can smoothly record up to 1080P HD videos with voice narrations using an internal or external microphone. Give it a try!

  • If you want to record a webcam or facecam without paying a dime, use your device's inbuilt camera app, but the video quality can be low. So, I think it'd better employ to record 1080P and 720P HD videos without paying anything. Just launch the online webcam video recorder and capture videos.

  • Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't allow directly recording and uploading a webcam video on the platform. So, opt for a simple screen recorder like With this video recorder, you can record your computer screen or webcam in HD 1080P, 720P, or 480P. As expected, you can capture the video alongside microphone narrations or system audio. Best of all, you can edit the YouTube video by trimming, compressing, applying watermarks, adding subtitles, and more.

  • There are numerous camcorders that a sports enthusiast should get, and here are the main ones you can pick:
    • GoPro Hero10; • DJI Osmo Action; • Fujifilm X-T4; • Sony A6600.
    If you can't get one of these cameras, you can still shoot a sports video online for free using With it, you can create fitness and news reporting videos in up to 1080P. What's more, it houses an intuitive video editor to retouch your sports video before sharing.

  • Big YES! allows you to capture HD-quality camera videos with voice.
    First, launch the webcam recorder, choose Camera Recording as the recording mode, and select a camera. You can use your computer's internal webcam or connect an external webcam.
    After that, plug in a microphone and set it under the Microphone menu. Of course, you can still use your device's internal mic.

Melissa Ann
star star star star star

This professional video recorder makes screen recording fun and easy. I occasionally use it to capture TikTok and Instagram videos, and the output is always impressive. This is definitely the best!

Ricky Towle
star star star star star

This is one of the best online screen recorders I've ever come across. It doesn't bombard me with unnecessary ads and pop-ups. It's also straightforward to use.

David Dean
star star star star star

I'd rate it 5/5 if given a chance. The loading speed is super-fast, and the webcam video doesn't look blurry. I also love the multi-screen recording mode.

Roronoa Uzumaki
star star star star star

I've used this screen recorder for weeks now, and it doesn't act up. Everything is smooth, and the video quality is good. Excellent!

Mary Mary
star star star star star

I run an online class about makeup and beauty, and this webcam recorder has been a revelation. No complaints so far!


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