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There are various reasons to get a voice recorder. For instance, you may need to capture your voice and set it as your smartphone ringtone or alarm alert. Or capture a podcast or audiobook before uploading online. Or perhaps, add the recorded audio as the background music of your lip-syncing video or photo slideshow. Whichever reasons you may have to record audio, a quality voice recorder online like Media.io will do you a great help!

Media.io Online Voice Recorder can record high-quality MP3 sounds right on a browser. It's beginner-friendly and allows you to record audio using an internal or external microphone. Then, after audio recording, you can trim, cut, and split, add sound effects and even automatically turn speech into text before exporting the audio to MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, and other formats. Now start by connecting a microphone and try!

How to Record Voice or Sound with Ease?

  • select

    Step 1. Launch Audio Recorder Tool.

    Tap the Record Voice Now button to launch the record window. Now navigate to the Audio Only mode and select your microphone before allowing permission to connect to Media.io.

  • record

    Step 2. Record Voice or Music.

    After connecting your mic successfully, click Record to begin capturing your audio or voices. You'll notice an engaging audio waveform when recording. This can help you test microphone and check the recording scene noisy or silent.

  • download

    Step 3. Playback, Download, and Edit Voice.

    Click Stop once you've recorded enough voice. Then, you can play it to preview before tapping Download to save the MP3 audio to your local folder. Plus, add the recording to timeline to edit and tune further. It's that easy!

select audio record mode
start recording voice
download the sound recording


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Why Choose Media.io Online Voice Recorder?

Online Free Sound Recorder

Online Free Sound Recorder

No need to pay even a dime to record audio on Media.io Voice Recorder. Just talk into a microphone and start capturing audio.

Unlimited Times to Record

Unlimited Times to Record

Unlike other online voice recorders with limits on an amount of times, Media.io allows you to grab any audio as many times as you'd like. The same goes for recording screen, webcam or both with audio.

100% Safe to Record Your Voice

100% Safe to Record Your Voice

Media.io isn't a data-selling online voice recorder. It auto-deletes all edited and recorded files after 24 hours. Also, the site uses advanced SSL encryption. All the recordings will only be accessible to you.

Auto-convert voice to text

Auto-convert Voice to Text

With Media.io Auto Subtitle Editor, you can convert the recorded voice to text in high quality. Excitingly, it supports multiple subtitle languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Hindi, etc.

Export Audio in MP3

Add Sound Effects to Recording

You can customize the recorded sound with hundreds of royalty-free sound effects on Media.io. The available sound effects include bells, cheers, instrumental, and more.

Export Audio in MP3, etc.

Export Audio in MP3, etc.

After recording the audio, download it to high-quality MP3. Alternatively, use the Audio Converter to convert the recorded voice to WAV, OGG, FLAC, MP2, AAC, etc.

5 Situations & Tips When Recording Sound

Create Audio Podcasts

A podcast is basically digital audio uploaded on the internet to inspire and advise potential listeners. If you're a podcaster, you may need more than just a high-quality microphone and voice recorder. For your listeners to have the best experience, invest in a handy Noise Reduction tool. It reduces the audio background noise such as wind, whistles, keyboard sound, and so on.

Create Audio Podcasts

Record Music Vocals

If you're an upcoming or aspiring musician, you may need to record vocals for practicing in your free time. Also, you can record songs and use them as your smartphone ringtone or share them with your online friends. It also goes without saying that you can add the recorded audio to a lip-syncing video on TikTok or Instagram Stories.  

Record Music Vocals

Record Lectures for Students

Did you know you can teach your students even without setting foot in the class? Simple, choose a online free voice recorder to record and share lectures with your students. This is a more convenient way of reaching all students in the lecture room. On the other hand, students can save the recorded lecture for future reference. And don't forget to use Media.io Auto Subtitle Generator to convert the recorded speech to a captioned video without manual efforts.

Record Lectures

Create a Fun Voice

You may also want to create a comic video/audio with a fun voice of yourself. In that case, record the video online and then use an interesting Online Voice Changer to apply a sound filter on your choice. You can convert your voice into female, male, child, robot, etc. If you have enough time, you can add the edited audio to your video and share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  

Create a Fun Voice

Record Awesome Audiobooks

Are you a good storyteller? Then get a microphone and a voice recorder before reciting stories. After reciting the story, you can sell it on platforms like Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. But always remember to choose the right books if you want more following. Also, get an audio editor to enhance your audio before uploading online.

Record Audiobooks

FAQs Regarding Voice Recorder Online

  • You can easily record audio on Media.io using your device's inbuilt mic or a connected microphone. Connect your mic and select it on the Recording inputs drop-down menu.

  • Recording high-quality vocals while singing Karaoke is super simple with Media.io Voice Recorder. Launch the Voice Recorder tool and plug in your microphone. This can even be your earphones. Once the connection is successful, start recording your karaoke session.

  • There are 2 fast ways to record high-quality MP3 audio online.
    First, use Media.io Voice Recorder to record MP3 using a mic and download it to your device.
    Alternatively, record audio from apps such as video games and media players using the Screen Recorder. Then, turn the video recordings into to MP3, MP2, M4A, OGG, etc.

  • Yes. Media.io Sound Recorder can quickly record voice to text. After recording audio, open the Editor, add the audio file, and launch the Auto-Subtitle Editor tool. Next, choose the language and convert. That's it!

  • Yes, you can add a sound filter to your recorded voice via the Voice Changer. With this tool, you can change your voice into man, woman, robot, child, etc.

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This voice recorder records all my voices with excellent quality. When listening to the audio playback, it's very clear. I highly recommend it!

Star Brawl
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It's excellent! I use Media.io several times a week to record my podcasts. To be honest, I've never experienced issues with this app.

Nick Verna
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Thank you, Media.io, for introducing this voice recording feature. It perfectly complements the screen and webcam recording features. The audio files are clear and without any background noise. I love it!

Jack Walker
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I love everything about this speech recorder. I use it to capture high-quality podcasts and share them with my fitness students. I also appreciate the audio and video editing features.

Jeremie M
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I enjoy using this voice recorder to record audible audiobooks online. I like that I can also join all audio eposides into one. Please keep up the great work.

Jackie Kate
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