If you have captured a photo in a public place, there will be some people in the background of your image. Due to privacy concerns, you won't be able to upload such pictures on online platforms. Moreover, there can be a distraction in your captured photo. The reason is that the focus of your subject would be deviated due to the presence of strangers in the background.

Furthermore, to enhance the aesthetic sense of your photo, you may need to remove unwanted people from a photo. In this article, we will shed light on the top 10 tools through which you can remove people from photos without facing any difficulty.

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Part 1: Top 10 Apps To Remove People From Photos

To remove a person from a photo, you would need an efficient tool. In this following section, you will learn about the top 10 tools through which you can eradicate unnecessary people from your captured picture.

1. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch is a powerful mobile app that can help you in removing selected people from your image. Using this app, you can make your photos flawless by eliminating unwanted elements. If you have scars, blemishes, or wrinkles on your face, you can get away with them through this tool. It uses AI technology through which you can eradicate desired objects and people within a few taps.

touchretouch app features
Key Features
  • It offers a pixel-to-pixel cloning feature through which you can duplicate specific picture areas. Moreover, you can also remove any sort of distortion in the background through this feature.
  • This tool consists of automatic photo healing tools through which you can automatically get away with the blemishes from a picture.
Supported OS
  • Yearly: $14.99

2. YouCam

YouCam is a popular photo editing tool through which you can edit your images in a professional manner. Along with its various distinct features, you can use its object removal tool to delete people from photos. Moreover, you can also cut out the subject of your image efficiently to change its background. Thus, you can easily remove people from your photos through this advanced tool.

youcam features
Key Features
  • This tool contains a body toner through which you can make your waist slim in the pictures.
  • You can create collages of your favorite photos on this app. Moreover, you can also apply different frames and effects to make your collage look captivating.
  • It also uses airbrush color brushes on this app to make your skin tone look even brighter.
Supported OS
  • Best Selfie & Photo Editor: $5.99 - $31.99
  • YouCam Perfect Premium (Monthly): $5.99 - $7.99

3. AniEraser

AniEraser is an easy-to-use tool that is ideal for beginners to erase people from photos. It uses artificial technology through which you can remove any specific element or individual from an image. With a few taps, you can choose the elements from your photo that you want to erase. Afterward, it also makes your image flawless within a few seconds by eliminating unnecessary objects.

anieraser object removal online tool
Key Features
  • Besides removing people from the image, AniEraser can eliminate various other elements. Using this tool, you can also eradicate text from the photos efficiently.
  • On the desktop version of this tool, you can remove multiple objects from a picture simultaneously. Moreover, you can upload 5 files simultaneously on this tool for the removal process.
  • This tool gives customizable options that enable you to adjust the brush size easily. With some modifications, you can accomplish the best results instantly.
Supported OS
  • Windows, Mac, iOS, Online
  • Monthly: $39.99
  • Yearly: $59.99

4. PhotoDirector

Have you ever tried the PhotoDirector tool? This tool uses advanced algorithms to edit photos with great precision. To delete people from photos, you can access its AI object removal feature. With the help of this feature, you can select any preferred object from your image and remove it instantly. Moreover, it also allows you to retouch your photos to enhance the vibrant colors of your photo.

photodirector interface
Key Features
  • If you have old pictures that you want to restore, PhotoDirector is the best option. With the help of its restoring features, you can add life to your old photographs.
  • This tool includes a sky replacement feature for professional users. With this option, you can completely replace the sky in your images quickly.
  • To make your pictures look artistic, you can illuminate them with the help of dreamy effects. You can add light hits and sparkles to your photos for a dynamic effect.
Supported OS
  • PhotoDirector for Windows/Mac: $14.99/monthly, $54.99/yearly
  • PhotoDirector for Mobile: $2.99 - $29.99

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is an all-in-one mobile app for high-quality photo editing. It has a friendly user interface through which you can select your preferred feature quickly. Among its advanced options, you can select its "Healing" option, which can erase people from photos with high accuracy. This option functions effortlessly as just by tapping on the particular area, you can get rid of the unwanted element from your picture.

snapseed features
Key Features
  • From this app, you can adjust the aspect ratio of your photo through the crop option. Moreover, you can also flip and rotate the picture with a single tap.
  • You can add stylized text to your photos by choosing a preferred font. Furthermore, you can also add curves to your image to manage the brightness level.
  • This app contains a variety of effects for your photos. You can add grainy Film, Noir, Vintage, and other distinct effects to your photos to improve the visual appearance of your image.
Supported OS
  • Free

6. Photo Retouch-Object Removal

This tool is a special object removal mobile app that can help you eliminate uninvited objects from an image. By choosing the option of "Object Remove," you can paint the person you want to remove. Once done, you can save your image in the original quality. Moreover, you can also utilize the face options to correct your skin color and shape of facial features.

photo retouch object removal tool
Key Features
  • By utilizing its mouth options, you can make your smile prettier and more attractive. You can whiten your teeth and adjust the shape of your mouth accordingly.
  • On this app, you can blur the faces in your image or video instantly. Moreover, you can also track the blur effect in your photo and remove it at any time.
  • With the help of its face options, you can make your face slim and highlight your cheekbones. Also, you can sharpen your jawline for a more attractive appearance.
Supported OS
  • Weekly: $4.99
  • Monthly: $7.99
  • Yearly: $49.99

7. Lightleap

Do you want a professional photo editing app? Lightleap consists of tons of options that can edit and modify your photos without any hassle. To erase someone from a photo, you can locate its Healing tool. This tool can eliminate a person, object, or background instantly. After the removal procedure, you can adjust the colors and pixels professionally. Doing so can naturally eliminate unwanted objects from the image quickly.

lightleap features
Key Features
  • You can use the predefined look as a filter for your image on this app. By doing so, you can drastically transform the look of your photo.
  • It contains several adjustment tools that enable you to manage brightness, saturation, contrast, shadows, and other elements.
  • You can also change the weather effects in your images. By doing so, you can add seasonal themes to your photos effortlessly.
Supported OS
  • Unlimited Access: $3.99 - $59.99

8. Picsart

Picsart is a popular mobile app that many people use for image editing. To remove a person, face, clothes, head, or background, you can use its "Remove" feature. Moreover, you can also utilize the brush tool to paint the desired areas. For customization, you can determine the size of the brush. You can also navigate to the "Cutout" option for eradicating face, person, background, or other elements professionally.

picsart mobile app features
Key Features
  • By utilizing its Retouch features, you can improve the appearance of your face and skin. You can remove eye bags, scars, pimples, and eye color through the given options.
  • To make your photos look funny, you can add different stickers through this app. You can either discover stickers on your own or explore the collection of stickers on this tool.
  • You can also add multiple photos to your particular image to make a collage. After adding the pictures, you can adjust their position accordingly.
Supported OS
  • Picsart Gold Monthly: $11.99
  • Picsart Gold Yearly: $55.99

9. Photoshop

Photoshop is a professional tool that offers different ways to erase people from photos. On its interface, you can use clone-stamp and content ware tools for removing the desired people or objects. Furthermore, you can also try the Healing Brush tool to eradicate the selected object with a few steps. As a professional tool, Photoshop retains the quality of your image even after eradicating the preferred object.

photoshop interface
Key Features
  • By utilizing the object-selecting tool, you can precisely remove the person from a photo without leaving any lines. By doing so, you would achieve natural results in an efficient way.
  • In Photoshop, you can produce digital animations by using multiple layers. This can help you to create GIFs in an artistic manner.
  • With this tool, you can save your project as a cloud document. Thus, it can give you access to collaborate with your team members effortlessly.
Supported OS
  • Monthly: $20.99
  • Photoshop on iPad: $9.99 - $149.99

10. Airbrush

AirBrush is a high-quality tool that can assist you in editing your photos flawlessly. To use this tool for removing a specific person, select the "Rubber" icon. Afterward, you can choose the Brush size from the displayed options. You can also zoom in to eradicate a person from your picture with high precision. Once done with erasing, you can use the Enhance tools to even out the pixels in your photo.

airbrush key features
Key Features
  • This tool includes more than 50 makeup looks you can apply to your photos. Within a few seconds, you can make your ordinary image look appealing.
  • You can try and explore more than 300 filters on this powerful app. Moreover, after applying the filters, the quality of your image won't get affected.
  • After editing your photos on this app, you can directly share them on your social media platforms.
Supported OS
  • 1 Month of Perfect Photos: $5.49 - $7.99
  • 1 Year of Perfect Photos: $28.99 - $31.99

Part 2: How To Choose a Suitable Tool To Erase People From Photos

If you want to select a reliable tool to delete people from photos, this section will help you. In this part of the article, we will list some factors that should be present in your preferred photo remover app.

  • Precise Results: The app should be able to create precise results by removing the desired person from a photo. It should not display an artificial look in your pictures after removing the selected person or object from a photograph.
  • Clean Interface: The tool should have a delightful interface that should be easy to use for beginners. With a complicated interface, you won't enjoy the user experience.
  • High-Quality Result: The final result should be of high quality. Many times photo remover apps affect the original quality of your photo. Thus, you should select a tool that preserves the original quality of your image.
  • Cost-Efficient: One of the most important factors of the app is its affordability. Thus, make sure to select a cost-efficient app that won't bring a financial burden to you.

Part 3: How To Remove People From Photos With the Best App

As we have discussed many apps, there is one tool that produces high-end results in a cost-efficient way. AniEraser is a compatible app you can access on your mobile devices and desktop platforms. It's an AI-supported app that functions automatically in removing people from photos.

Moreover, it has a friendly interface so that you can modify your image without any difficulty. Therefore, you must explore AniEraser to remove people from photos flawlessly.

Steps To Remove People From Photos Using AniEraser Online

Here are the simple instructions that you can utilize to remove unwanted people from photos. Thus, follow the steps and make your image attractive by eliminating the flaws.

Step 1 Upload your photo

First, access the official website of the AniEraser object removal tool. Next, click on the "Upload Video or Photo" button and tap on the "Upload" button to import the desired photo.

hit the upload button
Step 2 Choose the brush size

Once the photo gets uploaded successfully, adjust the brush size and then paint on the person that you want to remove. You can also undo or redo the changes anytime you want.

adjust the brush size
Step 3 Start the object removal process

After painting the person, tap on the "Remove Object Now" button. Wait for the process to get finished, and then hit the "Download" button.

tap on remove objects now

If you have captured unwanted people in your photo, it can ruin the whole impression. To eliminate this issue in the post-production phase, you can utilize efficient photo-removing tools. In this article, we have highlighted the top 10 photo-removing apps that can help remove a desired person from your image.

However, to use the best yet most reliable tool, you can try AniEraser. You can explore this guide to learn how to remove people from pictures using AniEraser.

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