A pictogram, smiley, or what's known today as emojis, are a form of emoticons that are pictures rather than typographic approximations. Emojis originated in Japanese phones as early as 1997. It has become popular worldwide since being added to most mobile operating systems. It's entertaining, but emojis can sometimes be annoying, especially when they're on videos.

Due to this, here are 5 of the most effective tools to remove emojis from videos today. You'll learn how to remove emojis from videos on desktop, online, and mobile. Explore the article below to learn more.

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Part I. How To Remove Emojis From Videos on Your Computer

In this part, you'll learn three apps that remove emojis from videos online or offline to eliminate unwanted objects from your videos. This part starts with the best emoji remover from videos in AniEraser.

1. AniEraser

AniEraser is a photo and video object remover available on desktop, mobile, and online. The app is completely AI-supported, which means it can automatically remove unwanted items from your videos. If you don't know how to remove an emoji from a video, this app does it in seconds.

remove emoji on your computer anieraser

Here's how to remove emojis from videos using AniEraser on your computer.

Step 1

Download and install AniEraser for the desktop. Launch the program on your computer. Choose Video Remover > Upload to import the clip where you want to remove emojis from videos.

remove emoji using anieraser 01
Step 2

Once the video is open on the program, use the brush to mark the emojis and instantly remove it.


Step 3

AI will locate the part of the emojis to be removed and automatically complete the background. Then, preview and download the video.


2. Kapwing

Kapwing is an online video editor that empowers everyone to have a free-flowing workflow. The app works entirely online, so you can remove emojis from videos without downloading a dedicated program. Your work automatically saves in the cloud, allowing you to edit and access your content anytime and anywhere.

If your TikTok videos have unwanted emojis, here's how to remove them from TikTok videos using Kapwing online.

Step 1

Go to Kapwing to launch its online studio editor. Choose the Click to upload or use drag-and-drop to select a video saved on your computer.

remove emoji using kapwing 01
Step 2

Click Crop on the right-side panel once the video uploads. Select only the area with an emoji.

remove emoji using kapwing 02
Step 3

From there, you can crop out the emoji, cover it with text, or blur it with a watermark or an overlay. Next, simply click Export Video to save the new emoji-free video.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush for Desktop

Adobe Premiere Rush is a desktop and mobile video editing solution to help you remove emojis from videos. Using the app on a desktop is fun as it's highly intuitive and works fast when needed. Its editing features also make your content stand out from the crowd.

use adobe premiere rush for desktop

If you want to know how to remove an emoji from a video using Adobe Premiere Rush, here's how.

Step 1

Download and install Adobe Premiere Rush for desktop. Launch the app on your computer.

remove emoji on desktop premiere rush 01
Step 2

Click Create a New Project and choose the video with an emoji you wish to remove. Click Edit and choose how you want to remove the emoji from your video. You can choose between cropping the emoji, using refinement tools, or using transform tools to remove the emoji.

remove emoji on desktop premiere rush 02
Step 3

Once you finish removing the emoji, go to Share, and you can save the edited video on your computer or share it on social media.

remove emoji on desktop premiere rush 03

Part II. How To Remove Emojis From Videos on Your Mobile

If you're interested in removing emojis from videos on Android or iOS, here are two apps to help you do just that.

1. YouCut - Video Editor & Maker [Android]

YouCut - Video Editor & Maker for Android is one of the top-rated emoji removers from video tools on Google Play, and you can download it now. YouCut is a free video editor to share unique moments with your friends and loved ones with the necessary features.

Image name: 5-of-the-best-tools-for-removing-emojis-from-videos-11

Image alt: youcut interface

Here are the steps if you're eager to know how to remove an emoji from a video using YouCut - Video Editor & Maker.

Step 1

Download and install YouCut - Video Editor & Maker. Launch the app and tap + to choose the video with an emoji you wish to remove.

Image name: 5-of-the-best-tools-for-removing-emojis-from-videos-12

Image alt: remove emoji on android youcut 01

Step 2

Choose between Trim under Cut & Split or Overlay Video to remove or hide emojis or other targets from your video.

Image name: 5-of-the-best-tools-for-removing-emojis-from-videos-13

Image alt: remove emoji on android youcut 02

Step 3

Once the emoji is removed from your video, save your edited video on your Android device.

2. InShot - Video Editor [iPhone]

InShot - Video Editor is a powerful photo and video editor that can easily remove emojis from videos. It's one of the fastest, most accurate, and most intuitive tools available on iPhone to edit your videos.

Image name: 5-of-the-best-tools-for-removing-emojis-from-videos-14

Image alt: use inshot video editor for iphone

Here are the steps to start using InShot to remove emojis on your clips.

Step 1

Download and install InShot - Video Editor on the app store. Afterward, launch the app.

Image name: 5-of-the-best-tools-for-removing-emojis-from-videos-15

Image alt: remove emoji on iphone inshot 01

Step 2

Tap Video and allow InShot to Access Your Photos to start editing your videos.

Image name: 5-of-the-best-tools-for-removing-emojis-from-videos-16

Image alt: remove emoji on iphone inshot 02

Step 3

Use editing tools under Crop or Skew to remove the emoji on the video.

Image name: 5-of-the-best-tools-for-removing-emojis-from-videos-17

Image alt: remove emoji on iphone inshot 03

Part III. Tips or Resources for Removing Emojis From Videos

If the above methods don't work for you, you can use advanced editing software with emoji remover from video capabilities. Apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple iMovie, or Wondershare Filmora can do that.

You can also consider hiring a professional from freelance marketplaces such as Upwork or Fiverr to connect you with professional editors to help remove emojis from videos online or offline. Lastly, taking advantage of tutorials and guides is highly recommended, as there are loads you can find online to help you during editing.


Emojis are a fun way to personalize your videos from the rest. However, they can be annoying sometimes, especially when placed in an awkward spot or taking too much space on the video. Knowing the tools to remove emojis from videos online or offline is necessary to create quality content.

You can use different tools on desktop or mobile to help you achieve your desired videos. If all else fails, consider hiring professional editors to transform your unique videos into top-notch content.


Here are some of the common FAQs you should know.

How Do You Remove Emojis From TikTok Videos?

Removing emojis from TikTok isn't possible because any stickers or emojis in a TikTok video are hardcoded into it once uploaded. However, you can use a dedicated tool such as AniEraser on desktop, mobile, or online to help you do it. Using a program like AniErase is a great workaround to learning how to remove emojis from TikTok videos in quick and easy steps.

Will Removing an Emoji From a Video Affect the Quality of the video?

Generally speaking, you'll be able to preserve the quality of the video if you know what you're doing. Utilizing dedicated solutions like AniEraser, Kapwing, or Adobe Premiere Rush allow you to remove emojis from videos without affecting the quality of the clip. It's best to try the tools yourself to see which method works for you.

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