Do you remember growing up watching beloved cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Disney classics like Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty? Most of us have mused about creating our cartoons, haven’t we? But most of us don’t have budgets of millions of dollars and a studio with hundreds of animators working for us!

And yet, what if we told you that you can create your own animations with just a computer, the internet, and your imagination? Artificial intelligence is breaking barriers and equipping us with unique tools that make all this a reality.

You can now use an AI cartoon video generator to create animations for social media, marketing campaigns, or even just for leisure!

But what is a video generator, and how accessible is it to you? It’s a tool using artificial intelligence to turn simple videos into cartoon animations or create animated videos from the text input you give or pictures you upload.

All video to cartoon AI tools work similarly: they take the data you feed them, process it, and create an appropriate animated video. But do you know you can do all this without paying a dime? Keep reading if you want to know how to use an AI cartoon video generator free!

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Part 1. Best 9 AI Cartoon Video Generators

We know you’re eager to find out what video to cartoon AI creation entails, so we’ll get right into it.

We picked nine of the best AI tools exploring this entertainment, education, and marketing medium. You’ll be creating amazing cartoons by the time you’re through reading our review!

1. Animaker

Are you a content creator or businessperson with little to no experience in making animated videos? Might we introduce you to Animaker, an AI cartoon video generator specifically developed to cater to pros and non-professionals?

Animaker is diverse in its approach to AI cartoon video creation because it was built to cater to budding businesses and established Fortune 500 companies. Plus, you can use it to make an AI cartoon video and live-action video in studio quality!


  • Thousands of video templates to create cartoons in as little as 5 minutes.
  • 25+ video editing tools to use with the AI cartoon video generator.
  • All plans come with premium music credits.


  • No FHD (Full High Definition) unless you pay for the Starter, Pro, or Enterprise plans.
  • Unlimited GIF download is only available in the Enterprise plan.
  • Commercial rights are only available in Pro and Enterprise plans.


  • Basic: $12.5/month, $150/year.
  • Starter: $25/month, $300/year.
  • Most Popular: $39/month, $468/year.
  • Enterprise: Request a Quote


2. Blender

This tool is synonymous with artists and content creators worldwide. It’s incredibly robust, and besides rendering, modeling, sculpting, animating, and rigging, you can also use this AI cartoon video generator free. That’s why it’s one of the most popular animation software: 100% FREE!

Blender, as you might expect, has a lot of add-ons. To generate AI cartoon images, install an add-on called AI Render Stable Diffusion. You just input a text prompt to generate AI images.

However, this is specifically for AI images and not videos; you can use Blender’s other tools to generate cartoon videos, such as its video to cartoon AI feature.


  • Free to use this AI cartoon video generator for any purpose.
  • Free to sell your Blender creations.
  • Study and change or modify how Blender works.


  • Changing how Blender works requires coding knowledge.
  • Some users might be overwhelmed by Blender’s interface.
  • The speed it renders can be slow compared to other software.


Free (GNU General Public License)


3. Powtoon

You can use this AI cartoon video generator free, even though the developers advertise it to brands and teams more than anyone else. Case in point: over 96% of Fortune 500 companies utilize it!

That said, single content creators and small business owners can still find much use for it. You see, Powtoon is marketed as an AI cartoon video tool to make messages more impactful by adding short to long animated videos.

So, even though brands like eBay, Cocoa-Cola, Pfizer, and Starbucks use this AI cartoon video generator for internal communications, marketing, education, and training, nothing’s stopping you from using it to do the same!


  • Takes very little time to generate animated videos for visual communication.
  • Hundreds of templates, characters, and soundtracks to utilize.
  • No design or technical skills are required; anyone can create an AI cartoon video in minutes.


  • The Lite, Professional, and Business plans don’t have private cloud storage.
  • You only get FHD video quality in the Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans.
  • The maximum duration for a video in the Lite Plan is 10 minutes. A longer video means paying for a more expensive plan.


  • Lite: $15/month, $180/year.
  • Professional: $40/month, $480/year.
  • Business: $125/month, $1500/year.
  • Enterprise: Request a Quote


4. Moovly

Moovly is touted as one of the easiest AI-powered video creation tools online; it’s also an award-winning AI tool and one of the best at enhancing video creation.

Many companies, including Amazon, Amadeus, and Shopify, use this AI cartoon video generator because it’s an all-in-one tool. How so?

For one, the text-to-video feature allows for script generation, which Moovly then uses to create a video or animated video proposal. Its AI transcription feature enables you to convert a voice recording to text and AI voice generation, which turns a text into a natural-sounding voice-over for your AI cartoon video.


  • Moovly integrated AI from platforms like ChatGPT, Microsoft, and Google to create videos faster.
  • Takes less than a minute for the text-to-video function to generate cartoons.
  • Over 120 million media objects (sounds, footage, music, etc.) are included in Moovly for you to use in AI cartoon video.


  • Access to more features requires you to pay for a subscription.
  • The video editing tools are a bit limited compared to other similar software.
  • You can’t work on your animated video projects unless you’re online.


Individual Subscriptions

  • Free: $0/month.
  • Pay As You Go: $25/per video.
  • Subscription: $99/month, $419.28/year.

Education Plans

  • Free: $0/month.
  • Edu Free: $0/month.
  • Pay As You Go: $25/per video.
  • Subscription: $49.95/month, $174/year.
  • Enterprise: Request a Quote.


5. Adobe Animate CC

If you’re an animator, game designer, graphic artist, cartoonist, or anyone passionate about creating animations, this AI cartoon video generator is for you!

We’re sure you’re familiar with the term “Adobe,” but this powerful AI tool is called Animate and is native to Adobe.

You can use it to create animated avatars, make eLearning more engaging with animated actors, and even add life to simple doodles!


  • Export AI cartoon video to multiple platforms (Flash/Adobe AIR, HTML5 Canvas, etc.)
  • You can code right with the AI tool.
  • Create interactive animations for multiple mediums (games, ads, etc.).


  • The free plan only lasts for 7 days.
  • Animate can be pretty demanding, so you’ll need powerful hardware to run it.
  • Updates can remove features and add new features you must adapt to.


  • Individuals: Animate $22.99/month or Creative Cloud All Apps: $59.99/month
  • Business (Animate is part of Creative Cloud All Apps): $89.99/month.
  • Students and Teachers (Animate is part of Creative Cloud All Apps): $19.99/month.
  • Schools and Universities (Animate is part of Creative Cloud All Apps): $34.99/month.


6. Runway

Runway does everything from text to video, image to video, and even video to video! Runway is a company known for pushing the boundaries of creativity by conducting deep research into artificial intelligence.

So, it’s fantastic that we can see and explore the results of their research by using their AI cartoon video generator to create something unique!


  • Offer preset video styles to use when generating a cartoon video.
  • Multiple AI tools to aid in AI cartoon video
  • A community of content creators and artists is ready to assist you.


  • Limitations in the types of formats to export videos.
  • Some of the other AI tools are not user-friendly.
  • Paid plans offering all the features and benefits are expensive.


  • Basic: Free.
  • Standard: $12/month, $144/year.
  • Pro: $28/month, $336/year.
  • Unlimited: $76/month, $912/year.
  • Enterprise: Request a Quote.


7. Toon Boom

This AI tool will be very familiar to animators and storyboard artists. To put it in perspective, some of the largest 2D animation studios worldwide use this AI cartoon video generator for their animated shows and feature films!

Both professionals and animation enthusiasts love the freedom Toon Boom gives to create animated videos and tell their stories.


  • A user-friendly interface means you can start animating minutes after launching the AI tool.
  • All-in-one software means it’s cost-effective.
  • Great variety of drawing and animation tools.


  • It can glitch if your system is not powerful enough to run it.
  • The price for premium plans can climb very high.
  • It can shut down unexpectedly.


  • Harmony 22 Essentials: $28.50/month, $230.50/year.
  • Harmony 22 Advanced: $71.00/month, $551.50/year.
  • Harmony 22 Premium: $129/month, $1,051.50/year.


8. Kaiber

Kaiber is all about using art to express yourself; the tool allows you to leverage artificial intelligence to create videos. Turning AI video to cartoon has never been so much fun!

Whether Kaiber does that by transforming your existing videos into new creations, adding new styles and aesthetics, or analyzing music and giving it life, turning it into a video, it’s another unique AI cartoon video generator that deserves to be on this list.


  • Speed and efficiency when generating videos.
  • User-friendly interface means there’s barely any learning curve.
  • Choose from many styles because of the extensive library.


  • There can be some inconsistencies in the AI carton video you generate.
  • The audio editing features aren’t very robust
  • There might be repetitiveness in the AI cartoon video


  • Explorer: $5/month.
  • Pro: $10/month.
  • Pro: $25/month.
  • Enterprise: Request a Quote.


9. Biteable

The last video to cartoon AI tool on our list today is Biteable. This online video maker promotes products, advertisements, team intros, policy rollouts, business and animated explainers, and a lot of other functions.

Biteable aims to help you create videos that drive action, so it’s another video generator that sees significant use in large brands and companies. Still, it’s versatile enough for less formal events like birthdays and weddings. What do you think you’ll use it for?


  • Aimed at beginners and novice markets.
  • Perfect for individuals and teams with a tight budget.
  • An extensive template library means you can generate multiple video types.


  • The website performance can be slow sometimes.
  • Export of a lengthy AI cartoon video can take longer than necessary.
  • Videos can’t be downloaded in mp4 format without paying for a plan.


  • Pro: $49/month, $588/year
  • Premium: $99/month, $1,188/year
  • Business: Request a Quote.


Part 2. Bonus Tip: Best Video to Cartoon AI Tool that You May Need

Okay, we’re done with the nine best AI cartoon video generators, but we saved the best for last!’s AI Video Cartoonizer is a free tool, but more than that, it’s one of the best ways to create striking cartoons you can use for numerous purposes.

You can turn your existing videos into cartoons or use the tool’s power and features to generate an AI cartoon video from scratch!

If you’re looking for reasons you should choose this tool over others, here: it’s free and web-based, so there’s no need to download software; it’s fast, and the video output is high-quality; all you need is a text input to generate videos full of vivid characters!

Below, we’ll show you how to use this free AI cartoon video generator to create something unique for you and your needs!


Step 1 Choose Style

Sign up and click the “Cartoonize Video” button. You’ll be taken to a page where you can choose one of the many unique styles of video you want (they’re classed into “Boy” and “Girl”). Once you select the style, click “Input video to convert.”


Step 2Select Video

Another page will allow you to select the video you want to turn into a cartoon. The maximum file size you can upload for the free plan is 500 MB, so be mindful of that. The video will take a few seconds or minutes to be processed.


Step 3Generate Video

This is where you can trim the video’s duration. Once you’re satisfied with the length, click “Confirm to Convert,” and the AI cartoon video generator will work!

You’ll be asked to enter your email to be notified when the AI video has been processed.



  • Free Trial: Free
  • Monthly Plan: $19.99/month.
  • Yearly Plan: $95.99/month.


Advancements in technology mean you don’t need to enroll in animation school (or even have the talent!) to make animated clips. Making an AI cartoon video now depends more on your creativity and less on your skills.

Though you may need to pay to use them fully, each AI cartoon video generator gives you a platform to grow your business, express yourself, or create content to use however you want. So, what’s the first thing you’ll make?

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Nicola Massimo Mar 19, 24
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