Sora, a cutting-edge AI text-to-video generator, developed by OpenAI, is reshaping the digital content landscape. With its innovative technology, Sora allows users to effortlessly convert written text into captivating videos. It's like magic for anyone looking to spice up their content with some visual flair—be it content creators, marketers, or educators aiming to grab their audience's attention. But, here's the thing: while Sora AI does a fantastic job at bringing stories to life visually, finding the right background music to match your masterpiece can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. And let’s be honest, a video without the perfect BGM is like a cake without icing.

Fear not! We're here to walk you through the ins and outs of quickly creating BGM for your Sora videos, using some smart AI tools. Imagine creating music that hits just the right notes, enhancing your video’s vibe, without having to dive into complicated software or music licensing drama. Sounds cool, right? Stick around, and we'll show you how to blend your visuals with the perfect tunes, making your content not just seen, but felt.

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  3. Hot FAQs about AI BGM and Sora AI Videos

Part 1. Overview of Sora-generated Videos 

Curious about the ins and outs of Sora-generated videos, right? First off, let's talk about the quality and variety of these videos. We are not just talking about your run-of-the-mill visuals here. AI Sora takes things to a whole new level with superior visual quality that brings various scenes and characters to life. Imagine creating a video that doesn't just tell your audience about your idea but shows it, with scenes and characters that pop right off the screen. And the best part? It does all this while staying true to the content of your prompt.

Secondly, the videos generated by Sora text to video generator AI model can be up to a minute long. You may be thinking, “a minute doesn't sound like a lot.” But trust me, when you're packing your message into a visually engaging format, a minute is more than enough to make an impact. It's like the perfect sweet spot to grab attention without overstaying your welcome.


Now, let’s talk about the bad side of Sora-generated videos. While Sora text to video AI tool does an amazing job at turning text into visually stunning videos, there's a bit of a hiccup – the videos come without sound. Imagine watching a movie with all the action, emotion, and drama, but without any sound. Feels a bit off, doesn't it?

This lack of sound can leave users feeling like something's missing, like you're only getting half the experience. Sound, after all, is half the story. It adds depth, emotion, and a whole new layer of engagement to any visual content. Without it, even the most beautifully crafted video might seem a little, well, incomplete.

For many of us, a video without background music or sound effects can feel a bit lifeless. It's like eating a sandwich without the filling – it does the job, but it's not quite satisfying. This can be especially noticeable if you're using these videos for storytelling, marketing, or educational purposes, where sound plays a crucial role in capturing and holding your audience's attention.

Part 2. How to Fast Create BGM for Sora-generated Videos with AI

Creating background music for videos has always been a bit of a challenge, especially if you're aiming for something that perfectly complements your visuals without overshadowing them. And when it comes to videos generated by this advanced AI text to video generator- Sora, with their stunning visuals and dynamic scenes, having the right BGM is crucial for elevating the overall impact. Luckily, the advent of AI music generators has made this task much less daunting. One such tool that stands out is the AI Music Generator from, a game-changer for creating BGM for Sora online videos.’s AI Music Generator is particularly well-suited for adding that missing auditory layer to Sora-generated videos. It is a cutting-edge tool that leverages deep neural networks and vast music datasets to compose original tracks tailored to your particular vibe, mood, or style. Whether you need something upbeat for a game, a chill tune for your Sora AI video background, or even just a new track to jam to, this tool has got you covered. It's super easy to use and the quality is top-notch, so it's perfect for all kinds of projects - films, podcasts, ads, you name it. Honestly, it's like having a personal music composer at your fingertips, making it a breeze to add that perfect sound to whatever you're working on.


How to Use AI Music Generator

The following are four easy steps for customizing your Sora AI-generated video with the perfect background music using AI Music Generator:

Step 1 Click "Customize Music"


Got to AI music generator platform and kick things off by finding that "Customize Music" button and clicking on it.  This step is your first move towards creating a vibe that complements your video perfectly. Think of it as the gateway to turning your video from muted visuals into a full cinematic experience.

Step 2 Upload Sora-Generated Video


Next up, upload your Sora-generated video. This is like bringing your canvas to the studio, ready to be painted with sound. Click the "Upload Video" button and select your video file. Watch as it uploads: this is your visual story waiting for its voice. Imagine the scenes coming alive as you think about the kind of music that would enhance every moment.

Step 3 Set the Tone for Music


Now, for the fun part—setting the tone. You're the director here, and it's time to decide what mood your soundtrack will convey. Do you want it to be uplifting, mysterious, serene, or action-packed? Adjust the sliders, pick your genre, mood, and even tempo. After that, hit the “create music” button. The AI tool will compose the music based on your chosen parameters. Then click on the “apply” button and watch the AI doing its magic, applying the generated BGM to your Sora AI video

Step 4 Preview and Download


This is the final step. It's the moment of truth, where you get to hear your creation come to life. Hit the play button and the music will start playing - your Sora AI video is no longer silent - it's telling its story louder and more vividly than ever. If it feels just right, click "Download" to save your masterpiece. If something's off, no worries—you can tweak the settings and try again.

What Makes AI Music Generator Stands Out?'s AI Music Generator is like that best friend who brings out the best in you, creatively speaking. It's not just a tool - it's a companion on your musical journey, ready to take your ideas and turn them into sonic reality. Here is what makes this sophisticated tool stands out.

1. Instant Music Creation

Ever dreamed of crafting your own tune but felt bogged down by the lack of musical skills? Well, dream no more! makes it super easy to whip up a fresh track in mere seconds. And the best part? It’s absolutely free. Just imagine creating a song while you're sipping your morning coffee. That's the kind of speed we're talking about.

2. Endless AI Songs is like a music wizard - it’s not like you get one shot and that’s it. It's got this massive brain that’s constantly learning from all kinds of music, figuring out what makes a tune catchy or a melody relaxing. So, you can play around with the settings, hit generate, and each time, it’ll surprise you with something fresh for your Sora AI video. It’s like a musical box of chocolates - you never know what you're gonna get.

3. Simple Music Controls

If you’re thinking this AI music generator may have those complicated music controls, it’s not. You won’t find any of those headache-inducing music controls here. It’s all about simplicity – pick your style, mood, and how long you want your track, and let the AI do its thing. It’s like having your own personal music producer who doesn’t mind if you don’t know your bass from your treble.

4. High-Quality Audio

Quality? It’s top-notch. doesn’t play around – it delivers tunes that are crisp, clear, and full of depth. You even get to pick between MP3 and WAV formats, so whether you’re looking to keep things light or you’re after that studio-quality sound, you’re covered.

5. No Copyright Strikes

Ever been scared of those scary copyright claims? Say goodbye to those worries. With, you get to use all the audio materials you create, free from the fear of copyright issues. It’s like finding a treasure trove of music that you can use for your projects without looking over your shoulder for the copyright police.

6. Far Beyond an AI Song Creator isn’t just about making music. After you’ve created your masterpiece, you can dive into designing AI song covers, trimming and cutting tracks, adding music to videos, and even playing with music visualizers. It’s like the Swiss Army knife for anyone looking to add a touch of music to their projects. And if you need to tweak your track further, you can compress and convert your AI music into a variety of formats.

Part 3. Hot FAQs about AI BGM and Sora AI Videos

1. Where to Find Copyright-Free Music for Generating Sora Video BGM?

Finding copyright-free music for your Sora AI video background music (BGM) is simpler than you might think. A top choice is the AI Music Generator. This platform is a goldmine for creating unique, copyright-free music tailored to your video's mood and theme. It's an all-in-one solution that ensures your Sora videos are paired with original music, eliminating the worry about copyright infringement.

2. Will there be Copyright Issues if I Use AI Tool to Create BGM for Sora Videos?

When you use an AI tool like to create BGM for your Sora AI videos, you're in the clear from copyright issues. The music generated by is original and created on-the-spot based on your preferences for mood, style, and duration. This means you're getting a unique piece of music that doesn't infringe on existing copyrights, making it safe to use for your videos without the fear of legal troubles.

3. How to Fast Create Music for AI Videos?

To quickly create music for videos generated by text to video AI tool, including those made with Sora AI model, head over to AI Music Generator. It's designed for ease of use: simply upload your video, choose your desired mood and music characteristics, and let the AI do its magic. In moments, you'll have a custom piece of music ready to elevate your video. stands out for its ability to generate music fast and hassle-free, ensuring your videos are not just seen but felt, with the perfect soundtrack to match your visual content.


Creating background music for your Sora AI video doesn't have to be a headache or a time drain. With AI tools like AI Music Generator, you're just a few clicks away from custom, copyright-free tunes that elevate your videos to a whole new level. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or just playing around, adding that perfect soundtrack is now accessible, fast, and hassle-free. So, give your Sora videos the musical backdrop they deserve and watch how they stand out, captivate, and engage your audience like never before. It's all about making your creative process smoother and letting AI handle the heavy lifting in the music department.


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