Lyric videos have completely transformed the landscape of music and content creation. Gone are the days when they were just about texts scrolling across the screen. Nowadays, lyric videos are all about mesmerizing visuals, fluid animations, and stunning typographic designs that not only grab your attention but also deepen the storytelling woven into the songs. It's this artistic blend that keeps viewers coming back for more, allowing them to experience music on a whole new level.

But here’s the best part: you don’t have to be some kind of video editing wizard or a graphic design guru to craft some really stunning lyric videos. Thanks to the wonders of AI, there are now tools designed to simplify this creative process, making it a breeze for just about anyone. These AI-powered lyric video makers are total game-changers. They come with super user-friendly interfaces and smart features that can bring your lyrical dreams to life with just a few clicks.

In this article, we’ll explore the best 9 AI lyric video makers that are sure to elevate your music experience and content creation game.

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Part 1. What is a Lyric Video?

A lyric video is like a bridge between a song and its story, where the words of the track are the heroes, taking center stage. It's not your average music video - instead, it's a creative canvas that animates, displays, or creatively presents the lyrics of a song alongside engaging visuals. This special genre of video focuses on the words, allowing fans to follow along, dive deeper into the meanings, and fully experience the song's narrative and emotional core.

The beauty of AI lyric video lies in their versatility and inclusivity. They're a hit among artists looking to release their music with a visual component without the hefty price tag of a traditional music video. For up-and-coming musicians, it's a way to connect with their audience visually and audibly, sharing their art in a more intimate, relatable way. Content creators find them invaluable for adding that extra layer of engagement to social media posts, YouTube channels, or even live performances, where the audience can sing along, fully immersed in the moment.

Part 2. Best 9 AI Lyric Video Makers

1. Steve ai

Creating an AI lyric video feels just like singing along when you're using Steve.AI! This innovative AI lyric video maker empowers you to craft both animated and live-action lyric videos that fuse stunning visuals with your favorite songs or soundtracks, transforming them into unforgettable experiences. And here's the best part – thanks to Stev AI, it only takes a few minutes to bring your vision to life, and it's surprisingly affordable, making your wallet happy too!

steve ai lyric video makers


  • Provides a wide range of assets and themes for personalized yet slick videos.
  • Getting started with Steve.AI doesn't require a credit card.
  • It offers over 1000 video templates for easy customization.
  • Features simple text editing, rich graphics, and diverse music options.
  • Starting a project triggers a helpful tutorial, guiding users through the creation process with an intuitive and easy-to-follow approach.


  • There are mentions of bugs within the text engine and difficulties in modifying text over longer video segments.
  • The selection of templates is limited, affecting creative flexibility.


  • Price starts at $15/month

2. Animaker

Animaker makes creating lyric videos easy, offering a wide range of stock media, text animations, and visual effects, along with free music tracks. It's a tool that ensures your videos are both engaging and rhythmically captivating, regardless of the style you're aiming for. With this AI lyric video maker, creativity knows no bounds.

animaker ai lyric video maker


  • You can add depth and dimension to your backgrounds by blending up to five colors, creating a unique backdrop for your lyrics.
  • Animaker streamlines your workflow by offering direct exports to YouTube or downloads, making it simpler than ever to share your masterpiece.
  • Whether using a ready-to-use template or prefer to craft your AI lyric video from scratch, Animaker offers the flexibility to begin your project exactly as you envision.
  • With access to over 40 diverse fonts or the option to upload your own, Animaker ensures your text perfectly complements your video's aesthetic.


  • Initial use can be confusing, with specific issues such as non-functioning video previews.
  • Limited selection of soundtrack options.


  • Price starts at $12.5/month

3. offers a lyric video maker that transforms your music into visually stunning videos. It allows you to upload your audio, then enhance it with animated texts, images, and music visualizers to captivate your audience. It's an ideal AI lyric video maker for artists looking to visually elevate their songs. ai lyric video maker


  • Powered by AI and Dolby Technology, offers quick, accurate lyric transcription, with options to animate your text and translate it into various languages.
  • It offers the ability to automatically clean up audio tracks, removing background noise with advanced AI software for a cleaner sound.
  • Easy optimization for various social media platforms, enhancing shareability and audience engagement.


  • The timeline functionality has been reported to be buggy and lacks consistency
  • It doesn't always provide accurate translations


  • Offers free plan. Basic plan starts at $12/month

4. online lyric video maker is a straightforward and user-friendly platform for creating captivating lyric videos in just minutes, absolutely free of charge. With the ability to add stylish texts and subtitles over your choice of image or video backgrounds, crafting your lyrical masterpiece has never been easier. Whether you're aiming to share your creation on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social platform, this cutting-edge AI lyric video maker  ensures your videos stand out without the inconvenience of watermarks. ai lyric video maker


  • No matter your device—Mac, Windows, Linux, or Chromebook— ensures a smooth, issue-free lyric video creation experience.
  • You can tailor your videos for any social media platform with ease, thanks to customizable aspect ratio presets that guarantee your content stands out.
  • It works seamlessly with a wide range of popular formats, from video (MP4, MKV, WebM, WMV, MOV) to audio (MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC, M4A) and even image files (PNG, JPG), ensuring no creative limit.
  • The online editor's simplicity and intuitive design mean you can start creating lyric videos right away, no prior experience is needed.


  •  Some users complained that you have to pay to be able to get rid of the watermark.


  • It offers a free trial. Plan starts at $95.99 /yr

5. Canva

Canva's AI lyric video maker can help you to effortlessly create captivating sing-along experiences for your favorite songs. Simply go to its user-friendly platform where you can select from a wide array of lyric video templates, each ready to be customized to the beat and vibe of your chosen tunes.

Canva ai lyric video maker


  • Canva's lyric video maker empowers you to freely add subtitles, captions, or descriptions, making your video not just heard but also read, at no extra cost.
  • You can personalize your message with an array of styles, colors, and sizes from Canva's extensive library of free and premium fonts.
  • Seamlessly resize your videos for Instagram Reels, TikTok, or Facebook ads. Plus, the convenience of sharing your creations directly to your social media accounts from within the platform.
  • Its wide selection of customizable templates makes it possible for even beginner to jumpstart their video project with ease.


  • Users report that without subscribing to the paid version, Canva's watermark cannot be removed
  • Canva restrict further customization or refinement of materials outside the platform


  • It offers a free plan. Pro plans start at US$14.99/month

6. Nova.AI 

Nova.AI offers an online video editor designed to craft memorable music videos with lyrics. Whether you're starting with a video that already has music or uploading music and video separately, this innovative lyric video generator AI tool equips you with cutting-edge editing tools for creating beautiful lyric videos efficiently.

Nova AI lyric video maker


  • You can create lyric videos directly in your browser, including Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, eliminating the need for complex software downloads or learning.
  • Deliver your projects with the highest quality, offering HD resolution exports to ensure your videos look crisp on any platform.
  • You can utilize its custom branding options to easily embed logos and watermarks, add thumbnails, and other elements - to enhance your videos’ recognition across the internet.
  • The lyric video generator AI tool makes it possible to easily optimize your videos for any screen or platform with pre-set aspect ratios.


  • The manual editing tool can feel somewhat clunky and may not offer the smoothest user experience.
  • Limited customizable media template


  • Free basic plans. Pro plans start at $10/month

7. Flixier

Flixier offers a user-friendly, intuitive online video maker, ideal for those with minimal video editing experience. It simplifies the creation of professional-looking lyric videos by offering visual effects, text animations, and clip transitions. Being entirely cloud-powered, this lyric video generator AI tool handles all video rendering on its servers, ensuring fast export times of 3 minutes or less and smooth operation across any computer and operating system.

Flixier AI lyric video maker


  • Intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners, with no need for extensive tutorials.
  • Offers static and animated text options, plus an Auto Subtitle feature for automatic lyrics generation.
  • Cloud-powered rendering ensures videos are ready to download in 3 minutes or less.
  • Access to over 1000 fonts, precise positioning, transitions, images, videos, and filters directly in the web browser.
  • Enables users to cut, trim, and crop videos to their preferences.


  • It offers a free plan. Pro plans start at $14/month

8. Kapwing

Kapwing is an easy-to-use lyric video maker that enables anyone to create and share lyric videos online, regardless of their video editing experience. There's no need for downloads or complex software - users can simply upload their song via a link to start creating their lyric video with Kapwing.

Kapwing ai lyric video maker


  • Kapwing can automatically generate subtitles for you, simplifying the lyric video creation process.
  • The lyric video AI generator provides access to a vast library of videos, images, and music from copyright-free sources to enhance your lyric video.
  • You can use Kapwing on any device, including iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows PC, directly from your web browser.
  • You can easily create lyric videos without downloading any apps or songs.


  • Users report intermittent glitches, which causes frustration.
  • Limited mobile functionality.


  • Free plan available. Pro plans start at $16

9. Flexclip

FlexClip's free lyric maker & generator is an online platform for creating high-quality lyric videos for music, podcasts, movies, or interviews. The lyric video AI generator features dynamic texts and fonts, cinematic transitions and overlays, stylish sound waves, and a variety of effects and lyric elements.

FlexClip ai lyric video maker


  • Simple drag-and-drop and control over text show times for easy lyric adjustment.
  • Effortless subtitle addition to videos, making it look professional.
  • Customizable aspect ratios for optimal viewing on any device.
  • Fast rendering of videos for users of any skill level.


  • Slower performance due to cloud-based processing and handling large video files.
  • Difficulties in removing transitions.


  • Basic free plan. Pro plans start at $9.99

Part 3. Bonus Tip: BEST Video Cartoonizer Ever's AI Video Cartoonizer stands out as the ultimate tool for transforming your videos into high-quality cartoons with just a few clicks. This feature is designed to automatically convert your footage into visually captivating cartoons, ensuring your content grabs attention while maintaining HD quality. The process is fully automated and free, making it accessible for anyone looking to add a creative twist to their AI generated lyric video. ai video cartoonizer

Beyond cartoonizing, enhances your video editing experience with its smart video editor, which includes features like automatic subtitle creation. This tool syncs subtitles perfectly with your video or audio clips, removing the hassle of manual syncing. Additionally, the Auto Subtitle feature simplifies the process of adding lyrics or subtitles to your videos. Leveraging advanced AI and AIGC technology, it saves you time and effort in transcribing audio to text or manually adding text, providing fast and highly accurate results.


AI lyric video makers are a game-changer for music enthusiasts and content creators alike. From and Animaker to Canva, Nova AI, Flexclip, Kapwing, and more, these platforms offer a rich blend of user-friendly interfaces, creative flexibility, and efficiency. Whether you're looking for custom branding options, fast rendering times, or the convenience of cloud-based editing, there's a tool out there to meet your needs. Each platform brings its own set of strengths and weaknesses to the table, but together, they provide users with the means to effortlessly turn their lyrical ideas into captivating visuals.

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