While watching videos on any platform, what is one of the elements that can heavily disbalance the content if not applied correctly? Yes, you have to focus on the visual aspects of the content well, but adding the right background music is important for adding emotional depth. Thus, videos with glitchy sound effects or too much noise do not have the same impact as videos with proper sound quality.

You should remove background noise when editing video projects- iMovie comes with user-friendly steps for that process. In this post, you will learn how to carry out this process and the best alternative to try out.

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Part 1. Steps for Reducing Background Noise in iMovie

Among the different video editing software options available in the market, iMovie is one of the most user-friendly choices available. Users can access the app on their Mac or iOS device, adjust the video projects with advanced controls, add royalty-free music, and more.

In the case of the latter, users get the option to remove background noise in iMovie or control it. It is possible to reduce the background audio without affecting the volume of the file or remove the unwanted ambient sound immediately.

How to do this?

Step 1: Launch the iMovie software on your device after downloading and installing it.

Step 2: Insert multiple audio clips into the timeline or one video into the device through the File section > Import Media.  

Step 3: To reduce background noise in iMovie, click on the file in the timeline and tap the Equalizer button.

tap the equalizer button

Step 4: Then tap on the "Reduce background noise" checkbox to activate the noise reduction process.

tap on the checkbox

Step 5: Move the slider to the right to 100% if you want to remove the full background sound or to your preferred level (e.g., 70%) to reduce the sound.

Step 6: Play the video file preview to see how well the sound reduction worked. If not, you can reset it and proceed again.

Part 2. Additional Techniques for Reducing Background Noise

Besides using the iMovie remove background noise feature, there are other actions you can take directly to control background noise in videos. Different video editor software types include these features that you can utilize to adjust background sound.

1. Use audio filters to target specific frequencies.

Another tactic you can utilize is using the feature of audio filters. The advanced function is useful for adjusting audio tone and removing frequencies from tracks with better precision. These filters are used for isolating the frequency range in an audio track and then enhancing the level of this frequency.

With this feature, you can increase the low-end frequency response or treble-frequencies in tracks, as you need. However, this process is better suited for more experience editing experts to understand and adjust sound effects using this feature.

2. Adjust audio levels and balance to reduce unwanted sounds.

Users can utilize high-grade video editing software like the iMovie background noise reduction program. With this feature, one can remove unwanted sound effects and fluctuations easily.

Besides that, you can adjust the sound levels to control the quality of the existing audio track and only reduce the extra noise. The best editors include a wide variety of volume range for this balancing process.

3. Record audio in a quiet location with quality equipment.

One of the best techniques you can utilize is during the recording process. Make sure that you are present in a location with zero additional audio effects in the background, like traffic sound, etc. For the best results, going to a well-designed, soundproof studio room is useful if you have the means to get such an area.

Besides that, invest in high-quality audio recording equipment that will record only the music and vocals the microphone captures. Check if the audio recording quality is crisp during the purchasing period.

Bonus Tips - The best alternative to iMovie in removing background noise

While the process of reducing and deleting unwanted sound effects in iMovie is simple to carry out, there are some noticeable drawbacks. Firstly, the app is only available to Apple device users, so it serves only a niche audience. Moreover, high-level video editing experts can utilize the professional-level features available in iMovie to the highest level.

Compared to that, you should use software to remove noise from the recording that is simpler and still has high-quality functionality. In this context, the best choice is Noise Reducer - Media.io.

Introduction about Media.io (Noise Reducer Tool)

The Noise Reducer tool under Media.io is a free online solution allowing users to remove background sound from video or audio files automatically. Users can operate this app in different scenarios, like creating a podcast video or vlog.

If there is another ambient noise in the background, like the distant sound of people talking, wind sound, etc., the algorithm here clears it. Therefore, this online tool is a straightforward sound quality enhancement solution. Moreover, it is easily accessible through any platform.

Key Features

  • The smooth denoise function is available.
  • Remove unwanted sounds like hissing and clicking.
  • Delete reverb noise instantly.
  • Add files up to 2 GB in size for noise removal.

How to use this?

Step 1: Go to your preferred web browser and search for the official website of Noise Reducer - Media.io.

Step 2: Tap on the Get Started icon. Then, press Upload to insert your file from your device.

press upload

Step 3: Tap the Denoise option to remove the background sound and press the Reduce Noise Now button.

tap on the denoise option

Step 4: Play the Preview of the final file and then press the Download button to save it offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I remove background sound from my video with iMovie on all mobile devices?

The iMovie software is mainly available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac device users. So, you cannot remove background sound from all mobile devices, like Android-compatible options. The Noise Reducer - Media.io tool with a multi-platform support guarantee is a better alternative in these conditions.

  1. What are the types of content from which reducing background noise is typically necessary?

Users have different needs when they want to use a tool to remove or remove background noise. Typically, blogs, interview recordings, podcast shows, and online tutorial videos are the types of content users apply these software types more often.



Overall, controlling the background music quality in video content is important, like leveling out loud screams, cracking sounds, etc. You can perform steps on iMovie to remove noise from recording properly. For a simpler method, though, you can also try out Noise Reducer - Media.io to instantly control sound elements in your video. Then, you layer the file with other sound effects as well.

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