Though JPG and JPEG are interchangeable image formats, several situations arise when there is a need to convert JPG to JPEG owing to device compatibility and other issues. To help you convert JPG to JPEG, some programs are available. Few of the popular free online JPG to JPEG converters in the following parts.

Part 1. 5 Best image converters for JPG to JPEG online

Online tools to convert JPG to JPEG are simple browser-based programs that are free to use and supports necessary file conversion in decent quality. The top online JPG to JPEG photo converters are listed below.

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Online Converter Free


Online Converter Free is free-to-use JPG to JPEG converter that supports an array of other formats and file types as well. Using it, multiple files can be added to the interface, but only two can be processed at a time. The process of conversion is quick and straightforward, where you need to browse and add the local JPG images and select JPEG as the target format. The converted images can be downloaded from the interface.

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Online Utility


Your images in JPG and other formats can be converted to JPEG in a quick and hassle-free manner using this online image converter. The process of image conversion is fast, and the converted file is automatically downloaded to your system after the process is complete.

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Using this online JPG converter, up to 5 files with a maximum combined size of 300MB can be added at a time for the conversion process. Files can be added from your system, URL, or cloud storage. The program is free to use and come with a simple and user-friendly interface. In addition to JPEG, several other images and other file formats are also supported by the tool. After the process is completed, you can download the file to your PC. Option to receive the converted file on email is also there.

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Online Convert


Using Online Convert, choose to add JPG files to be converted from your system, URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive storage. File customization options are also available with the program where you can edit the file quality, size, and DPI. Option for image cropping and enhancing is also available. If multiple copies need to be converted with the same parameters, conversion settings can be saved.

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With this browser-based JPG to JPEG conversion program, all popular types of file conversion, including JPG to JPEG can be achieved easily. The files processed are in decent quality and can be downloaded from the interface and can also be saved to your Dropbox or Google Drive account. You will also receive the converted files on your mail so that it can be accessed from anywhere needed.


Part 2. JPG vs. JPEG

1. What are differences between JPG and JPEG?

JPG and JPEG, both are image file formats, and in actual, there is no difference between the form, and they can be used interchangeably as well. The significant difference in both the format lies in the number of characters used in the file extension. The earlier versions of the Windows and DOS system supported three-letter extension, and thus JPEG was reduced to JPG extension. Mac and UNIX, on the other hand, did not have any such limitation and thus continued using the JPEG format. The latest versionS of Windows now allow supporting more characters in their extension, and therefore JPEG is a compatible format.

Several image editing programs like GIMP, Adobe Photoshop and others save their files on JPG format which can be converted to JPEG if needed due to device compatibility or other reasons.

2. Why do I need to use JPG or JPEG?

Standing for Joint Photographic Experts Group, JPG and JPEG are both, most commonly used image file formats. These raster image formats use lossy compression for photographs to reduce their size for easy sharing and to store.

3. When to use JPG or JPEG

In actual, both JPG and JPEG are the same formats that can be interchanged and used. In the early 90s, the Windows and the Mac system had a limitation of a 3-character extension where using JPG was a compulsion. But now it is not the same as more than three characters can be used. So JPG and JPEG both are supported formats on Windows, Mac, and other OS. Depending on what is your convenience, device, and different situations, JPG or JPEG can be used as an image file format.

So if you are stuck in the situation on how to convert JPG to JPEG, above listed 5 online JPG to JPEG converters for free are there to help you. Launch these programs from your browser window and easily convert your image files.

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