All of us at one time or the other must have come across a situation when the transfer of large-sized video becomes a problem. Since the majority of the email accounts have a limitation to the file size that can be sent like Gmail and Yahoo- 25 MB and Outlook 34MB, they cannot be even shared over emails. So if you too are stuck in this situation and looking for solutions on how to transfer large video files, we are there to rescue. In the following parts of the article, we have picked the best ways of transferring videos that are large in size and how to send big files using them.

Part 1. Method 1 - Uploading The File to a Cloud Storage Service

One of the most popular and commonly used methods to transfer video is by using a cloud storage service. Presently there are providers for the service available like Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, and others. These services are associated with the email providers and depending on the same, you can use the corresponding services. You need to open your account on one of these services provides to avail their service. Once the account is created, you can simply upload your content and it will be saved on cloud storage for which you will get a link that can be shared with the person with whom you wanted to share the video. Using the link, the video can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Even these providers have a limit to the free storage that can be used though it is more than what is offered by the mails. Still, if you want more storage, you can buy depending on the service provider’s plan. Limits for the popular cloud storage are as below:

  • Google Drive - 15GB
  • IDrive - 5GB
  • Dropbox - 2GB
  • Apple iCloud Drive - 5GB
  • Microsoft OneDrive - 5GB

Part 2. Method 2 - Using a USB Flash Drive

Using USB flash drives is another option to share large sized videos as well as other data. This method also works in situations when you want to have a backup of your data or wish to create some storage space on your system by moving the videos and other files to a flash drive. This method works great when videos need to be shared among co-workers, students, and other such personnel. USB flash drives in varying capacities are present ranging from 2GB to 1TB and depending on your requirements, you can go for the required size.

Part 3. Method 3 - Using a Compression Software

Compression software like 7-Zip and others also works great when you have multiple videos that add up to the total size of the file. Using these compression tools, you can compress the entire video folder which is generally compressed using lossless technology thus retaining the details of the videos. Compression tools also have an option to protect your files using a password. Almost all OS is capable of extracting the zip file without downloading any additional software and thus it works as a hassle-free and quick solution.

Part 4. Method 4 – Using Online Services

A long list of online sites is available that allows you to send large videos over the internet. Depending on the size and the features offered they may be free or available for a price. You can choose from these video transfer service depending on your requirements. Some of the popular names in this category include Jumpshare, Egyte, Securely Send, and many others.

Egynyte is a popular service that has different pricing plans to suit your file size requirements. These plans range from $24.99 pm to $44.99pm with size capacity ranging from 150GB to 3TB. A combination of cloud and Network-Attached Storage is used by the services for the file transfer. Jumpshare is a free online service using which you can upload and send the videos and other files quickly. Using the free account, files up to 250MB can be uploaded to the site for which a link is provided that can be shared with anyone to whom you wish to send these files.

Part 5. Method 5 - Using VPN

Though not commonly used, VPN is another decent option to transfer large videos and other files. Using the Virtual Private Network services where your internet connection is routed through a server that offers more privacy and protection to your data. Internet service providers like Virgin Media use broadband traffic management for moderating the upload bandwidth. Using VPN further prevents the online ads and also hackers and especially when you are using a public WiFi connection. P2P is another reliable way for transferring of large-sized data. While using this method, the VPN connection will become slow and it is not guaranteed that your videos will be intact after the delivery and thus this method is not among the most preferred ones.


So now you have multiple solutions on how to send large video files. Depending on your file size and other requirements you can choose the best suitable method. Here we would also like to make a mention of a professional tool called Wondershare UniConverter that can assist you with your video transfer requirements. This desktop-based software supports almost all video formats and facilitates compressing their size without any loss in quality. Moreover, you can even convert the videos to a smaller sized format using the tool. Option to transfer the files to a USB flash drive is also supported by the program. Moreover, you can edit the unwanted parts of the video using the built-in editor that will result in reducing the size for easy transfer. Available for Windows and Mac, Wondershare UniConverter supports a host of other useful features as well like video downloads from more than 10,000 sites, video recording, editing, DVD burning, and others.

Wondershare UniConverter
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Manuel Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez Feb 20, 24
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