Audible is the largest producer of digital audiobooks around the globe. The AAX files downloaded or purchased from Audible are compatible with a variety of devices like iOS and Android devices, Kindle Oasis (9th Gen), SanDisk MP3 player, etc. But instances are not rare where MP3 players experience difficulty in playing the Audible books encoded in AAX/AA formats. Popular MP3 players like Sony Walkman is compatible with MP3 format. Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with a guide that is going to help you convert audible AAX to MP3 online and offline.

Part 1. What is AAX and How to Open an AAX File

AAX refers to a data file format that is associated with Audio Enhanced Audiobook. You can think of these files to be multimedia digital audiobooks comprising of links, images, timeline, and videos. Listening to such a file seems more like listening directly to the narrator stationed at a recording booth. These enhanced form of AA files are increasingly used in the field of interactive learning as supplemental material.

For playing an enhanced audiobook, you need to have an Audible account and pay a minimum subscription fee. For opening an AAX file, you need to launch the same by double-clicking. The file will open automatically if you have correctly set up the file associations. Alternatively, you need to manually select an application that can launch the file.

Part 2. How can I Convert Audible AAX to MP3 Online

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This online aax to mp3 converter can convert files saved locally in your device, Dropbox, Google Drive or from an online URL. Its compatibility with a plethora of file types opens up newer options ahead of its users. You can thus convert the audio files to MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, AU, FLAC, M4A, MKA, AIFF, RA, OPUS and AMR formats. The audio bitrate can also be changed amongst the 9 different levels or customized as per preference. Ample customization can also be done to sample bitrate for delivering professional-grade results.

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Audio Converter Online


You can now convert aax to mp3 online for free using this intuitive tool. It can process files in a super-quick manner and also renders support to 300 different formats. You can even extract a particular audio track from a video for saving a specific file. This easy to use online utility allows users to configure the bitrate, quality, the number of channels, frequency, remove the voice from an audio track and apply fade-in or reverse playback. The files uploaded get deleted automatically from the server within a few hours to keep you completely guaranteed about data security. Users can even undertake batch processing to convert multiple aax files to mp3 online.


The biggest lacuna of online converters is that they are dependent whole-heartedly on a stable internet connection for their functioning. They might even impose restrictions on the size of the file uploaded. In such a scenario, you can opt for an audio converter aax to mp3 freeware such as Wondershare UniConverter to proceed with the conversion task seamlessly. This versatile tool can serve as the best choice for both Windows and Mac users around the globe. Its modern looking interface offers five different tools that can help them download, convert, transfer, burn and even access the toolbox for further editing work. Let us now take a look at the steps which need to be followed to convert aax file to mp3 using this software:

  • Launch the software & add the file

Primarily, you need to launch Wondershare UniConverter and Click on the Video Converter button from the main interface. Next, you will have to add the AAX audio file you wish to convert. This can be done by following simple drag and drop operation or manually selecting the files by clicking on the +Add Files option at the top left corner or the + button in the center of the interface.

  • Initiate conversion

Once the file is added to the interface, you need to determine the target format which shall be MP3 in our case. This can be done by clicking on the downward arrow button appearing next to the Output Format button. Users can also crop, trim and add effects to the audio file in this step. Ultimately, you need to click on Start All.

Final Words has provided its fans around the globe with tons of digital audiobooks. And now, you can listen to these audiobooks in your favorite MP3 player by simply following the tips we have mentioned above. While all of these utilities come in with their own set of brownie points, Wondershare UniConverter wins the numero-uno spot coupled with its APEXTRANS technology which can guarantee you 30 times faster results in a lossless manner.

Manuel Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez Nov 17, 23
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