When you scan any document, text or an image it is basically stored in a DJVU extension file format. This file requires several applications to open but you can also see the documents by converting a DJVU to JPG format. For this purpose, you can visit several web sites which offer this facility free of cost and let you store the file on your system with efficacy.

Part 1. Best 5 Online Converters

Web file converters provide you a great opportunity to keep your JPG converted file on your system or on a cloud platform. To convert DJVU to JPG you only have to follow a few initial steps and the file will be ready for you to download from the web page.

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URL: https://www.zamzar.com/convert/djvu-to-jpg/

Zamzar has online software which provides you a great deal of aid to convert DJVU to JPG. The site is very easy to navigate as it has excellent UX and UI. You will get a chance to upload a file directly from your computer system or from an online link. This site will also offer you drag and drop opportunity which will save your time during uploading of a file.

Conversion Steps in Zamzar

tep 1: In the initial step, you are required to upload a DJVU file from your PC or through an online link.


Step 2: During the second step you just have to choose JPG extension for file conversion.


Step 3: Now, click on the convert button and the processing will start automatically. The site also provides you an option to get the file straight at your email.

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Online Convert

URL: https://www.onlineconverter.com/djvu-to-jpg

This web software provides you an opportunity for image resizing during the conversion of DJVU to JPG online. You can upload an image up to 200 MB at a single event. This site is also 100% SSL secured and follow strict confidentiality norms, thus you don’t have to fret about a thing.

How to Convert DJVU to JPG in Online Convert

Step 1: Upload a DJVU file either from your personal computer or from any other online URL link.


Step 2: During this step, you can select options for resizing and resolution percent and output format as JPG before you click on the convert button.


Step 3: After conversion, you will be directed to a page from where you can easily download the JPG file on your system.

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URL: https://convertio.co/zh/djvu-jpg/

Convertio.co is the website where you can upload a DJVU file from URL, Google Drive, Personal Computer and Drop Box. During the conversion of DJVU to JPG, you will be allowed to upload an image up to 100 MB in size. This site also offers round the clock assistance through various topics covered in the help center. Thus, you will be able to convert a file without much of a hustle.

Convert DJVU to JPG File in Convertio

Step 1: In the primary step you are supposed to drag and drop various files on this online software. For this purpose, you can use various platforms.


Step 2: During the second step you just have to choose JPG from various formats which are given by the online software. The conversion will then take place automatically.


Step 3: Lastly, you can directly download your file from the web page on to your personal computer.

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Free Convert

URL: https://www.freeconvert.com/djvu-to-jpg

This online file converting web portal is really informative as you can easily get to know about various steps on the home page. One of the best features is to convert DJVU to JPG, you don’t have to either install any software or signup. The process is quick and hassles free. You can initially upload a file around 200 MB for conversion.

Change DJVU to JPG in Free Convert

Step 1: Initially, you just have to paste files’ URL or upload it from your personal computer on the convertor.


Step 2: Right after you upload the file and select the output format, and click on the convert button.


Step 3: After the download is over you get a chance to download all files in a ZIP format.

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Free File Convert

URL: https://www.freefileconvert.com/djvu-jpg

Freefileconvert.com is web software which provides interactive conversion of DJVU to JPG online. This site allows you to upload five different files at a time. You can even upload images up to 300 MB. The converted file has excellent resolution thus you can keep them for future reference.

Turn DJVU to JPG File in Free File Convert

Step 1: Primarily you are supposed to upload a DJVU file straight from your personal computer on this online software.


Step 2: In this step, you are supposed to choose a JPG format.


Step 3: Lastly, you are required to click on the convert button and after conversion save your file on the personal computer.


Part 2. Expand Knowledge Points

a. What is DJVU File?

Basically, the DJVU format is designed to store scanned text and image files in an efficient manner. In comparison to PDF, the files which are stored in a DJVU extension are considered to be more compact. This is the main reason why this file extension is considered as an alternative to PDF format. Compression algorithms which are used in DJVU file extension are highly advance in nature.

b. Where Did the DjVu File Format Come from?

Back in 1998, AT&T Labs developed this file extension. The main intention to create a DJVU file was to provide a PDF format alternative to users which has more advanced features. You can also send DJVU files over the web as it possesses limitation on its maximum file size. DJVU can be used by free as well as paid software without any hassle. Files which are stored in DJVU format sometimes even use .DJV extension.

c. Why are DjVu Files Special?

In comparison to Tiff or JPEG file format, the overall resolution of DJVU files is 10 times better. When you use a DJVU convertor then it is very easy to keep the files in 100 KB which has a total size of 25MB in PDF format. DJVU files also have text-layers thus they can easily be located. DJVU also uses multi-scale algorithms known as ZP-coder.


Around the internet, you can easily find various free of cost software with which you can convert DJVU to JPG file extension in a very small amount of time frame. On these converters, you can upload a file up to 200MB and can even resize it accordingly. These websites are also SSL protected and follow strict confidentiality norms thus your data is safe with them.

DJVU files are more advanced in comparison to PDF file formats. They are easy to compress near about 400 times to a PDF file and are very easy to locate. Even though the compression rate is very high the overall resolution of these files is near about 10 times to that of a PDF file.

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