Prices of headshots vary according to your industry and requirements. Furthermore, it also depends upon the services you are attaining with a headshot. This discussion is for you if you wish to make headshots but don't know how much a headshot costs.

In this article, we will give you the average professional headshot cost. Moreover, the bonus part will provide you with a cutting-edge tool. By using this AI tool, you can make headshots without hiring photographers.

In this article
  1. How Much Do Professional Headshots Cost?
  2. Why Professional Headshots Cost Too Much
  3. How to Select the Best Photographer For capturing Professional Headshots
  4. Bonus Tip: The Best AI Tool to Get Cost-Friendly and Professional Headshots

Part 1: How Much Do Professional Headshots Cost?

The professional headshot price changes as per your demands and niche. The headshots are responsible for giving valuable insight into your professional life. Do you wish to get a rough idea about different headshots? You can fulfill this requirement by getting into the understated points:


1. Corporate Headshot Pricing

Corporate headshots are targeted for business and marketing use. Its price depends on several factors, such as experience as a photographer or location. The professional headshot cost for this domain ranges from $100 to $500. This price can increase if you add additional services.

2. LinkedIn Headshot Pricing

These headshots are the type of business portraits that showcase your professionalism. The purpose of these headshots is to picture you as more confident and competent. It is also very beneficial for client engagement. A well-framed LinkedIn headshot can cost from $90 to $1500. Moreover, you can also customize it in several ways. However, it will cost you some more dollars.

3. Modeling Headshots Pricing

As the name indicates, the modeling headshots depict the facial expressions and features of a model. These headshots are widely used for submission to modeling agencies. Models can get more invitations and offers if their headshots are well professional. The beginner price of modeling headshots ranges from $65 to $125. On the other hand, professional headshot costs can range between $400 to $750.

4. Author Headshot Pricing

The pricing range of the  author's headshot ranges between $150 to $400. You can also go for headshot packages, as they're somehow effective. The author headshots must be for all the authors and writers out there. This can add a face to your name and can also attract more users. Now that you know how much a headshot should cost, if it’s for the author, you can go for creating one.

5. Group Headshot Pricing

If you are a member of a company, you can go for this category of headshot. With this, you can represent the professionalism of your team members. It is quite a cost-effective yet beneficial step for the companies. However, the pricing varies as per the group members. For instance, professional headshot price ranges from $800 to $2000 for large groups but $400 to $800 for small groups.

Part 2: Why Professional Headshots Cost Too Much

Undoubtedly professional headshots can be pretty expensive for startups. However, several factors play an essential role in making the cost of headshots high. The below-given points will help you to understand why professional headshots are not pocket friendly:

1. Skills and Experience

If you hire a professional photographer, it will cost you a fortune. Professional photographers craft their skills and help you to capture unmatchable headshots. So, you have to fulfill their demands for having professional-grade headshots.

2. Efforts and Sessions

The procedure of making a high-quality headshot is not as simple as you think. The photographers have to put in large amounts of effort, and you may have to go to several sessions to get the perfect shot.

3. Post Capture Editing

A photographer is not just capturing your photo from the camera and giving it to you. They have to edit precisely to modify your headshot to put their extent. This can be an arguable reason for the high headshot photography price.

4. Licensing and Copyrights

No one is allowed to copy the style of other industries to create headshots. Thus, you need to hire a professional photographer that can exclude copyright issues. So, when you hire a professional photographer, it will definitely cost you a specific amount.

5. Products and Services

A photographer will never hesitate to provide services. He will also give you wardrobe styling ideas along with high-resolution delivery. This can also be a cause for the high price of professional headshots. He will also provide you with wardrobe styling ideas along with high-resolution delivery. Moreover, it can also be a cause for the high cost of professional headshots.

Part 3: How to Select the Best Photographer For capturing Professional Headshots

No matter how hard you try, you cannot capture the high-resolution headshots. You need to bear a professional headshot price for hiring a professional photographer. In case you have no idea how to select the best photographer for the best headshots, the understated points will help you:

1. Determine Your Goals

Firstly, it is essential to determine the purpose of the headshot. You also have to verify your requirements with a professional photographer. This helps in avoiding any mistakes and mishaps. Before hiring a professional photographer, make sure you discuss everything with them.

2. References and Recommendations

It is essential to get references from your seniors or other people. Find the people who have high-quality headshots and grab the references. This will save you from the complications of finding the best photographer. Getting recommendations will also help you in finding a good photographer.

3. Reviews and Portfolio

Don't forget to visit the official website of the photographer and read reviews. In addition to this, get access to the photographer's portfolio so you can have a clear idea about the quality of the work. A positive and negative comment can help you to influence your decisions.

4. Discuss Packages and Pricing

It is significant for you to contact the photographer and ask him to discuss the packages in a detailed manner with you. You can also discuss your requirements and your budget with him so he can give you a discount if possible. Moreover, you can also use this opportunity to satisfy other questions in no time.

Bonus Tip: The Best AI Tool to Get Cost-Friendly and Professional Headshots

Do you want to know about the best tool for creating the best-in-class headshots of different categories? The most innovative AI tool that can help you create headshots without costing dollars is HeadshotPro. It is an easy-to-use and ultra-fast tool. With this, you can create high-resolution headshots without wasting any extra time.

Moreover, it also gives you diversity in selecting your desired headshot. You also have an opportunity to choose multiple backdrops or clothing styles with this. It also makes your headshots indistinguishable from real pictures. You can also showcase your professionalism with headshots created with this tool.



You have now learned how much a headshot costs in this article. We have discussed the price range of different headshots in this article. You can also get the idea of spending dollars on headshots. Some users think that headshots are expensive, but the headshots are totally worth the price you are paying.

You can also use the digitized tool for creating headshots. The powerful AI tool you can use for this purpose is HeadshotPro which is also explained in this article.

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