The ability to make video faster or make video slower is a powerful way to convey emotions, thoughts, actions, etc. Speed up or slow down the video speed, also known as fast-motion / slow-motion effect in video production, it makes the video clip play faster or slower than the original speed. Whether you want to watch YouTube videos in slow motion or you want to speed up and fast-forward your vision on a Windows or Mac computer, you will find that there are many video editing software on Windows or Mac that can slow down or speed up video playback.

Part 1. The Reason Why Change Video Speed

When creating a training/tutorial video, you may encounter a long video scene or an audio section. At that time, this section did not contain much information, so you want to speed up video faster, such as downloading files and waiting for the process to complete. You can increase or decrease the speed of all video/audio or part of it. As a result, this not only saves project time and scale but also provides a better audience experience. Let’s briefly understand how to do this in the following article.


Part 2. How To Speed up Video Online With Online Uniconverter

Usually, while speeding up the video playback speed, it can also make the video lively and interesting, and the slow-motion effect can make us close up in time and give a surreal feeling. You can also speed up the video playing all scenes and shorten the video speed with Online UniConverter.


All the features listed on this page are based on our Online UniConverter ( To make your UniConverter easy to use, there are some features which are listed below :

1. Perfect Privacy and Security - Online UniConverter ensures the security of your information and the uploaded video is deleted from the server after 24 hours.

2. Unimaginably Fast - Having a reliable video converter means you can easily change the speed of your videos. We apply a video uniconverter online, so you don't need to waste time to download and use low tools to change the speed of videos.

3. Easy To Learn - With advanced editing features, you can customize home movies and get professional-looking jobs in minutes. It is extremely easy to learn how to shoot slow-motion video or fast video without complicated steps.

4. Supporting Any Format - The software can handle many video formats such as MP4, MOV, and MPEG.

5. More Functions - Online Uniconverter cannot help you learn how to speed up video playback speed and slow down video playback speed, but you can also mute the audio in the video if needed. More importantly, it can print format.

3 Simple Steps To Use Online UniConverter


Step 1. Add a Video File

Upload videos from any device. If needed, you can add an video URL directly.

Step 2. Set Video Speed

Select the current speed to speed up or slow down the motion in the video.

Step 3. Download the Finished Video

If your video is satisfactory, please preview, you can download and save the completed video to the device.


Q. I can't find my downloaded file, where is it?

You specified the location where you want to download the file to your computer, please check your browser's default download location.

Q. Does this service work on the Mac OS or Linux platforms?

Yes, because this service is provided through a web browser interface. It also supports the browsers running on Mac and Linux.

Q. How can I leave a message for you?

If you want to send a message, you can write directly to


These programs are designed for different target customers, not all applications are free to use. Compared with desktop applications, iPhone or Android mobile applications allow you to edit videos on your phone anytime, anywhere, and upload them to social networking sites on time. But as a result, its functions are getting simpler. These mobile applications will be more suitable for making some simple small videos. If this is exactly what you need, then FilmoraGo can meet your needs.

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Manuel Gonzalez Oct 31, 23
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