To hassle-free and professionally transfer your 8mm files to a DVD, there are several transfer service providers available. You just need to ship your tapes to these providers and mention your requirements and the converted DVDs will be delivered right to your doorstep. So if you too have the tapes and looking for the best company to transfer 8mm film to DVD, read below.

Part 1. Top Companies to Convert 8mm Film to DVD

There are several companies that help you to transfer 8mm film to DVD. Each of these providers has their own rates for the conversion depending on the number of tapes, hours of footage to be converted, DVDs to be made, customization requirements, and other factors. So you can check out the pricing and the facilities offered by these providers and apt for the one that best matches your requirements at the most economical prices. Some of the popular names include Wallmart, Costco, Walgreens, LegacyDigital, and others.

Depending on your location and area, you can search for the service providers, check their rates as well as review and then opt for the best one.

Part 2. Alternative to Companies for 8mm Film Conversion - DIY

If you have a huge collection of 8mm tapes, getting them converted using service providers will be quite an expensive affair. So the best alternative here is to convert the 8mm tapes to a DVD or digital format on your own. There are different methods for conversion like using a DVD recorder, a recording combo unit, iMovie on Mac, and others. The choice of the method depends on the availability of the camcorder and the other devices.

Thus when it comes to the best company to transfer 8mm films to DVD, the choice can be different for different users. In case if any of these providers do not suit your requirements or turning out to be heavy on your pockets, try converting the tapes on your own.

Wondershare UniConverter
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  • · Burn videos to DVD to preserve your memories.
  • · Compress videos into smaller size for easier transfer.
  • · Built-in video editors to trim, rotate videos.
Manuel Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez Oct 31, 23
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