Changing the speed of the video is a powerful tool in video editing. This tool is standard even in movies, aiming to either show every detail in the scene or create a sense of illusion amongst the viewers. Creating a perfect slow motion or fast motion scene requires an adequate calculation of all the features that are to be managed beforehand. These slow and fast movie scenes make viewers wonder how the directors of the respective movie pull this off. This article is all about discussing the impact it can be created by managing the specific effects of the scene.

Part 1. How Slow Motion is Used in Movies

In film-making terminologies, slow motion is referred to as a commonly utilized time manipulation technique that adds depth and emotional intensity onto a scene or a sequence. Film-makers usually are not encouraged in using video speed controllers.

  • 1. Slo-mo for Action

Action and War-like movies are highly subjected to the use of the feature of slow motion. Director's image towards creating a sense of chaos, which is explicitly explained by throwing attention to every detail in the scene and creating impactful depth at the moment. With just around keeping a 1000-1200 fps while shooting, these special effects need not be overused and perfectly balanced while shooting. If users don't have a high frame rate, users always have the option of moving towards different video speed controller packages.

  • 2. Slo-mo Deaths

What is better to describe the intensity of a slow motion video than the scene from Bonnie and Clyde, where capturing those last moments in special effects makes it intensifying for users to explore every aspect of their death. A slower playback speed always looks upon gilt-edge lighting, without which an impactful impact cannot be achieved.

  • 3. Slo-mo Emotions

The reason for having a slow motion scene is to majorly reflect heightened emotional and mental statures of the actors and display a significant moment when focusing on the character’s emotional reaction. With the help of the right video speed controller software and appropriate recording equipment, the thoughts and feelings of individuals are embedded in a crystal-clear slow motion video. What better example could we have when we have a living example of an emotional masterpiece, The Titanic?


Part 2. How Fast Motion is Used in Movies

Having the object that you are filming move quick and swift won’t give you the leverage of getting the video faster and depict fast motion. The illusion of speed is among the most strenuous effects that can be integrated with the help of some common yet efficient technique that propagates from camera settings to frame rates. Film directors have used several tricks in achieving slow and fast motion effects, which even includes the use of video speed controllers.

  • 1. Motion Blurring

When there is a need to exaggerate motion and display a video faster than regular frame rates, motion blur is used to create a sense of high speeds with a varying speed difference in an object and the camera filming it. In filming techniques, motion blur is supposedly for background than the subject itself. Technically, it is achievable through a low shutter speed while keeping it within the limitations of reality.

  • 2. Framing

People who are regular users of professional cameras would understand the fact that the way a moving object is framed can explain how fast an object moves. It all comes down to the framing. If we remember the motorcycle shot from Skyfall or the famous Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, it gives all the explanation of how framing can make the video faster. With the optimal lens and distances, a slow and fast recording can be ensured.

  • 3. Camera Movement

Cinematography argues over this factor as being the most crucial for establishing a high-speed contour within a sequence. From shaky cameras to tilting and unsuccessful chasing of the object, this all can be emphasized in demonstrating the purpose and video faster in comparison to standard regular shots. Having movies like Fast and Furious Saga helps us understand these senses of illusion in a better way.


Part 3. A Recommended and Easy-to-use Video Speed Changer

While this article majorly focuses on the cinematography techniques employed in developing slow and fast scenes and sequences, we shouldn’t forget the video speed controllers that are available in the market for carrying out precise and efficient editing.

Online UniConverter ( is among the most unique and contemporary online video speed controller that can develop slow motion videos and fast sequences, with its friendly user interface.

Without a much variant collection of different slow and fast video editing software, users can easily access this unimaginably fast online software for varying the speed of their video.

The no ads and watermark feature makes it practically usable for professional purposes too. Online UniConverter is, by far, a straightforward platform to use. Yet, it never compromises in the quality of producing a slow motion video or making a video faster than its regular ratio.

Its private and secure system keeps users’ data safe from being plagiarized or theft. Efficient customer service provides users to clear out confusion and bugs immediately in comparison to the other video editing software available in the market.

A simple user guide for varying the speed of the video is provided below with proper illustration:


  • Initially, a video file is to be added either from the device, or a URL that can be directly shared with the platform.
  • Then, the video speed is set using the scale provided for slowing or speeding up the video.
  • Finally, the preview of the video can be viewed, and its downloaded file can be easily saved after its successful execution.


This article explains the cinematography effect of creating slow motion and fast motion sequences along with the factors that are necessary while focusing on speed varying scenes in the professional fields. It not only states the techniques but keeps in mind the available video speed controlling software and platforms that are and can be used to develop an impeccable scene or sequence.

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Manuel Gonzalez Oct 31, 23
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