These days’ webinar is the most popular way to connect with the worldwide teams to work together, for giving lectures and for conducting seminars. In other terms, the webinar is also known as a conference of people using the internet. Sometimes, the webinar content is essential, and people like to save it to watch later and to make notes from the webinars. This is hard to find the best record webinar tools over the internet because there are thousands of tools available, and you may face issue in selecting the right one. Here we are going to introduce some of the best record webinar tools and how to record a webinar using these tools. Therefore, let’s start learning about how to record a live webinar on pc.

Part 1. Top 2 Free Software to Record Webinar on PC

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Wondershare UniConverter


Wondershare UniConverter is the easiest and powerful record webinar program that comes with a very powerful recorder. This program records the webinar in the offline mode without worrying about any issue of connectivity. This application could record the whole screen of the computer, or some part as per your choice. You can easily record the webinar by adjusting the recording window and save any part of your screen. Wondershare UniConverter also supports converting the files in other formats so you can turn the recorded video in your preferred format such as MP3, MP4, or any other form as it comes with the compatibility of over 1000 multimedia formats.

Wondershare UniConverter
  • · It supports recording the webinar in full-screen mode as well as any part of the system screen.
  • · The program is also compatible with download, convert, burn, and transfer the video or audio.
  • · It is mighty and offers you high-quality recording for your webinars.
  • · You can also edit the recorded webinars using the program
  • · It is an all-in-one solution for all your multimedia files needs.

How Do I Record a Live Webinar using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1. Download, Install, and Open UniConverter for Record Webinar

Firstly, visit the official Wondershare UniConverter URL and then download it on your computer. Start the software, and then you will on the Convert tab, which is the welcome screen of the software. Now click on the Toolbox and then click the Screen Recorder option.


Step 2. Use Screen Recorder Feature to Record a Webinar

Now, a screen recorder popup will open on the screen, and you can set the target capture area of the live webinar using the orange color bars of the recorder. For example, we are recording a YouTube song here as sample. After adjusting the recording window, click on the Rec button in the right-side settings window. The recording will start the countdown from 1 to 6 before beginning recording now.


Step 3. Finish Webinar Record

After completing the recording, look at the top left side of the recording window. Now click on the Stop button to finish the record.


Step 4. Watch Webinar Offline

Now Wondershare UniConverter will save the recorded videos on the default path of the program, and you can view it offline. This is how to record a webinar using Wondershare UniConverter. This is a straightforward and quick method to record all your essential webinars on the computer and watch them offline.

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Techsmith Snagit


TechSmith Snagit is another solution that helps you to solve your project about how I record a live webinar. Snagit supports mainly all versions of the windows and Mac computer to record the live webinars. It is a compelling software and used hundreds of popular brands to capture their live webinars. It is mainly developed to record the screen so you can easily record any video or screen utilizing this software, and it offers you mostly all the options that you need while recording the live webinars.

Key Features:

  • Supports recording the system screen on the Mac and Windows computers.
  • It allows you to create videos from the images as well.
  • The program is entirely suitable for enterprises, as well.
  • Using Snagit, you can also create the documents, manuals using premade templates.

Part 2. Further Information about the Webinar

a. What is a Webinar?

The Webinar word comes up from the phrase seminar and web. The webinar usually helps online, and it is also called an online meeting with someone or a group of people. Several other terms are used for the webinar, such as a virtual event, webcast, online seminar, we lecture, and so on. Webinars are held by the big companies to connect with their employees for the group meetings when all people are unable to present physically in one place.

b. Benefits of a Record Webinar

Benefit #1: Record Webinar Once, Use It Multiple Times

After you record the webinar and save it on your computer, you can easily access it anytime, anywhere in the future. For example, if you are a student and you have doubts about the live webinar, then you can record it and watch it offline later in slow motion to make notes for your reference.

Benefit #2. Watch Offline

It supports you are at the place where no internet facility available or it is down, and you need to focus on some points of webinar. In that case, this is very easy to watch the webinar and do your work if the video is available offline in your system hard drive. This reason is also a massive benefit of recording any webinar.

Part 3. Tips for Record Webinar without Lag and Issues

1. Close the Applications that You Don’t Need it for Record Webinar

Whenever you record any webinar on the computer, you may face the issue of covering the other applications of your computer in the recording, which is not needed. While recording a webinar, you always need to make sure that all other applications which are not useful while webinar, close them. For example, you are attending a webinar on Skype, and then you must run the Skype and Webinar recorder application only. It will help you to capture the actual webinar instead of other unnecessary things on your system. You won’t face any issue of lag if you use this trick.

2. Consider Lowering the Resolution of Your Computer Screen Temporarily

Mainly the quality of recorded video depends on the video resolution and your system resolutions settings. When you record any webinar on the computer you need to make sure to reduce the resolution of the recording window if your program has the option. You can record the video in the window mode instead of recording in the full screen. It will help you to reduce the video lags and increase FPS in the final recorded video.

Part 4. Online Free Screen Record Tool for Webinar

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Go To Webinar


Go to Webinar is another option that offers you to record webinars. This webinar recorder website is an online recorder that can record the content of your webinars without installing any software on the computer. This website is paid, but you can try the trial version for a few days without paying anything. This website is suitable for professional businesses as well as for personal users. To use the site, you need to sign up and create a free account, and then you can start recording your webinars using the website.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to plan events, webinars and manage your events.
  • You can also use the premade templates of the website.
  • Record the live events and watch them offline any time.


Well, now you can easily record all your essential webinars using the programs and online webinar recording software, which we have discussed in this guide with you. Recording the webinar is always useful and very important to keep the content with you for a lifetime. Another important thing is that you need to use the right program to record your webinar, such as Wondershare UniConverter; otherwise, there are chances that you may lose your essential webinar data.

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