Twitter is a great platform to share your views, opinions, or any other information through a picture or a video. If there is a particular video that you want to repeatedly play on your Twitter account, you need to loop the same. Though Twitter supports an option that enables the Twitter auto-loop video which is less than 60 seconds, the larger duration videos can be played repetitively by first looping them on your phone and then uploading it to your Twitter account. For your iPhone, Android, and other smartphones, there are several apps available that allow you to loop videos on Twitter.

Method 1. Online tool to loop a video- Online UniConverter

If you are looking for a simple and quick way to loop your videos in an array of formats, we suggest Online UniConverter (Originally as the best choice. This is desktop-based software that can work on all the latest Windows and Mac systems. The videos on your system can be quickly looped using this program and then can be transferred to your Android or iPhone device for uploading it to your Twitter account. This browser-based program also allows you to trim the video parts, choose the target format, and save the processed files to Dropbox.


Steps to loop videos using Online UniConverter.

Step 1: Clicking on the + sign will let you browse and load the video that you want to loop. You can even use the drag and drop function.

Step 2: The added video can be trimmed either by moving the slider or by choosing the start and the end time of the required video part. Next, under Loop, this clip: option choose the number of times you want to repeat the video. The final duration of the video will be shown by the program.

Step 3: At the bottom-left corner, expand the drop-down menu at Save to: tab and select the desired output format of the video. Finally, hit on the LOOP button to start the file processing. After the video is processed and looped you can download it to your local system or save it to your Dropbox account.

The saved video can be now transferred to your phone using Wondershare UniConverter or any other software and can be then uploaded to your Twitter account.

Method 2. Using Looper app on iPhone to loop videos

Looper is a free to use app that is available for download on your iPhone from the App store. Using this app, any local video or videos present on your iCloud Drive or Rell can be looped without losing the file quality. There is also an option to export the playlist with multiple repetitions using the app. Once the video is looped, you can save it to your phone and then share the same with your Twitter account to Twitter video repeat.

Method 3. Using Video Looper app to loop videos on an Android phone

For your Android phone, Video Looper is a good app to create a looped video. This is a simple to use app that comes with a screensaver style and allows you to repeatedly play a video. Using the app, you can create and save a looped video and then upload and share it with your Twitter account to loop video Twitter.

App link:


So for looping video on Twitter, you can either choose any third party app or loop it on your computer using Online UniConverter that supports additional features as well. If the video is processed on your computer, it can be then transferred to your phone for Twitter upload.

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Manuel Gonzalez Oct 31, 23
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