There are several APPs to add music to videos available on online stores for our smartphones. They are the epitome of impressive features and excellent qualities that allow users to create and introduce cinematic creativity within their videos. Video production and specific features to add music to video through APPs are readily available in the market. This article presents the best APP to add music to video for Android and iPhone to help people decide over their favorite.

Part 1. The Android APP for Adding Music to Video


Smartphones had made editing and developing slideshows simpler and more comfortable with the introduction of APPlications like VivaVideo in the Android Play Store. In a sea of requests to add music to video APP Android, VivaVideo comes users to develop impressive integrations of animations and to add music to video APP free with no extra subscriptions. It provides a good load of features, including quick editing tools, effects, and advanced tools to add music to video APP Android. VivaVideo has a comparatively promising user-interface compared to the other market APPlications to add music to video APP free. Its effective collage maker and reverse motion support make it a classic choice for video editing and selecting APPs to add music to video. With the autonomy of downloading music from the available library on the phone, it makes it easier to add music to video APP free onto the slideshows. VivaVideo is known in the Play Store Android market for its well-customized tools with all the critical elements for editing videos, and add music to video APP Android. There are a few simple steps that are required to be followed for understanding the basics of how to add music to video through APPs.

  • Editing Videos and Making Slideshows

The interface of VivaVideo is so easy and accessible that with opening the APPlication, users can see the options of editing videos or making slideshows in front of them.

  • Making Slideshows

Users will have to select a range of photos to integrate into a slideshow. To add music to video APP Android, it can be downloaded from the library, which can then be added and submerged into the video to execute a successful video editing process. VivaVideo assuredly makes it easy to add music to video APP free.


Part 2. The iPhone APP for Adding Music to Video


Quik is, by far, one of the few APPlications that are interconnected with GoPro. This free APPlication allows users to edit and add transitions to their video clips that can be imported from the smartphone's photo library or GoPro Plus. Quik is an APPlication that allows us to add music to video through APPs without iTunes and frames the video footages to perfection through the detection of colors and faces within the clip.


The feature to add music to video APP furthers its library with the feature of trimming, zooming, rotating and flipping video clips. Its ability to access 26 different themes, fonts, filters, and graphics provide users with profitability in producing the content-based video with meaning. Quik is known for its access to 100+ free songs that allow users to add music to video through APPs without iTunes. What makes Quik an impressive video APPlication is its feature of creating 1080p and 720p cinematic videos with different portrait formatting and excessive addition of saving draft projects up to seven days in its library. Its AI editing assistance and synchronization of the footage to beat the soundtrack shortlists it as an explicit option to add music to video through APPs without iTunes. To understand how to add music to video through APPs without iTunes, there are a few short steps that are to be followed.

  • Finding the icon to change the music

The second icon located under the preview gives users the autonomy to change or delete the music.

  • Choosing the Music

It was choosing music from the three options provided. If the music is on Cloud, it would APPear grey and would be offered to download it on the Music APP to have it used on Quik. DRM protected music cannot be imported onto the APPlication. The movie that is to be made will be limited to the length of the selected music.

Part 3. An Easier Way to Add Music to Video

For keeping ourselves free from downloading APPlications onto our phones, Online UniConverter comes as an absolute solution to add music to video APP free. It is an all-purpose editor that allows any video format to be uploaded onto for editing, making it better than the APP to add music to video. It is an online add music to video APP that has a very easy-to-use interface, allowing beginners to veterans to get their video edited easily. Along with that, Online UniConverter doesn't provide the provisions to import music through iTunes when editing your video on iPhone; it provides the service to add music to video without iTunes. To bring more possibilities into the online market, Online UniConverter ( can be easily operated to add music to video by following three significant steps.

Step 1: Uploading the Video

The video is available on the device's memory, can be imported onto the platform. If, in any case, the video is available on Google Drive or Dropbox or user requires editing an already developed video, its URL is to be pasted on the required box.

Step 2: Adding the Audio

The essential audio track that is to be merged with the video is to be added, which is followed by trimming and looping the video.

Step 3: Download the Video

After necessary actions have been taken, users can easily download or preview their video that has been edited.


This article provides an overview of the best services to add music to video APP Android or iPhone and helps users signify the best application to develop their video content.

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Manuel Gonzalez Oct 31, 23
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