Facebook has been the most consumed social media platform and counted among the pioneers of the social media industry. It was a simple social interconnection platform in its initial times which followed by several improvements that led to the development of powerful features, including the feature to add music to Facebook post.

Facebook believes in striving to improve user experiences with the platform. Thus it proficiently includes many intuitive features onto the social media platform. This article will discuss the methodologies on how to add music in Fb story or post along with a step-by-step guide.

Part 1. Tips to Add Music to Facebook Post

Facebook included the option of adding music onto our Facebook stories and posts soon after its successful testing in September 2019. With this feature available to every user, they can utilize this feature by importing a photo or video with the Facebook Camera or gallery of their phone. To understand the steps on how do I add music to my Facebook post, there are a few things that should be brought to consider before getting this done.

  • Choosing the Music: After having the video uploaded onto the platform, users need to tap onto the Sticker icon present on the screen, followed by selecting the music sticker present. This would lead the users to a list of songs out of which they can choose upon the perfect soundtrack that would fit onto the video they intend to post.
  • Editing the Soundtrack: As per the discretion of the user, they can move the slider present on the screen to specify the part of the track they intend to use. Many other placements, along with different effects, can be added onto the video in advance to enhance the quality of the video.

In the recently updated features, Facebook provided with the option of the Lip Sync Live. Users who wish to synchronize their videos with the top-notch and most admirable songs need to take hold of this feature. This is one of the second tips on how to add a song to Facebook. If you feel the need to synchronize a viral English pop song with your group, this might be one of the best features you can use to capture the moments. Lip Sync Live comes as a complete Facebook session that needs to be initiated with a range of steps. Users can then sing on their favorite songs with their friends and fans. For using Lip Sync Live, the following steps are to be fulfilled:

  • The Facebook application needs to be started on any Android or iOS device.
  • For Android, users need to go onto the What's on Your Mind? section and then Go Live to initiate a live session on Facebook.
  • For iPhone, users need to tap onto Live to initiate the live session.
  • The Lip Sync Live option is just available at the bottom of the screen. After selecting the song of choice from the list of different songs and genres, users can initiate the live session.
  • The Start Live Video option needs to be selected for execution.
  • There are several icons available while being in the live session. The music tone sign in the live session changes the songs, while the social media platform provides an option to add filters and effects.
  • Tap Finish to conclude the live video.
  • Users can share their video on their timeline or keep it in their story for the next 24 hours by simply selecting the “Share” option.

Part 2. An Easier Way to Add Music to Video - Online UniConverter

This feature presented by Facebook is new and usually difficult to use in places where music integration is a little bit technical as compared to what the platform offers. For users to add songs to Facebook videos, they can approach different online platforms, as per their need. Among such platforms, Online UniConverter stands atop many options where it provides all the essential video editing features by being the all-purpose editor. It gives a very secure platform that solves all the queries of privacy and security. Furthermore, it allows almost all video formats to allow users to add music to Facebook video. It is considered at various places that such platforms are not very easy and convenient to use with their overly complicated features or paid subscriptions. Online UniConverter solves all these issues with its highly user-friendly platform along with no paid subscriptions for designing a perfect video for their Facebook profile. Over the need to download special video editing tools for editing the video according to the demand, Online UniConverter solves all the common issues with its online platform.

To understand the methods of adding music to Facebook, there are a few easy steps that are to be understood, as shown below:

Step 1: Adding the Files

Users need to visit the safe website: https://www.media.io/add-audio-to-video.html to import the video file that is to be updated and edited and then added onto the social media platform.

Step 2: Discover and Integrat the Soundtrack

The soundtrack that is to be merged into the video needs to be uploaded onto the platform, and then the video needs to be trimmed or looped according to the soundtrack and needs of the users.

Step 3: Download the Necessary File

The file that is produced as a result can be previewed or downloaded by the user.


This article has explicitly provided a list of tips to add music in videos on Facebook with its tools and features or with the help of an excellent online platform to develop excellent and creative content for their Facebook videos.

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Manuel Gonzalez Oct 31, 23
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