Online video editing tools are becoming popular with time, and many smartphone users are inclining onto the platform rather than downloading special editing tools. These online editors provide access to add audio to video online no download to make things convenient and simultaneously allow users to produce creative content. This article will discuss several online platforms readily available on the Internet that provides the feature for audio to videos. These online editors will be stated with a guide on how to add audio to video online for the convenience of the consumers.

Out of many online video editing tools available to add audio to video, this article shall state five most effective and popular online video tools that provide the features to integrate audio into the video without downloading to allow users create engaging content for their portfolio of work.

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Online Converter


This online video editing tool is a very convenient and easy-to-use platform that provides users to avoid the formalities that are prevalent in downloading video editing tools. Online Converter operates by following few steps to add audio to video online. This video tool adds or replaces the background audio within a video and automatically loops the audio if there are certain discrepancies while adding the audio within the video. Online Converter provides the output format in the form of MP4. To understand how to add audio to video online with Online Converter, users need to follow the following easy steps:

  • Uploading the Video file:After importing the files, both the video and the audio file onto the platform, the converter redirects the web page displaying the results.
  • Adjustments within the audio:sers can either change the Volume or the Position of the audio, which manages the intensity of the audio and the delays within it, respectively. The converter itself automatically operates any further editing.
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A tool developed by the domain FileConverto, this facility is a very easy-to-use and convenient tool for users who want to add audio to their videos with no technical integration to be done. This service is a free online platform where users have to add audio and video to get it done. This online video editor deletes the uploaded file after a few hours and works directly from the web browser without additional downloads. It holds video files up to 500 MB and accepts an audio file of 100 MB at maximum. To fulfill the purpose of adding audio to video through this tool, users have to complete a single easy step which is:

  • Uploading the Necessary files: Users have to add audio to video online by browsing the necessary files and then merging these files to get the results.
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FileConverto is an online SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that imprints a range of features inclusive the one to merge audio into the video with the help of its tools. These tools and services offered by FileConverto are entirely free and easy for beginners. Furthermore, it provides a secure platform of automatically removing the files from the servers after a considerable time. It also follows a simple step-by-step guide on how to add audio to video online as follows:

  • Selecting the Video File: A maximum of 500 MB files must be uploaded from the device's directory.
  • Selecting the Audio File: The audio file that is to be merged within the video needs to be added from the directory.
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Amongst many available add audio to video online editor in the market, Voice2V has the most elaborated list of video editing tools that allow users to add a list of animations and effects, all online with no necessary downloads. Voice2V has an enhanced tool that performs the audio's automatic addition and editing to perfectly merge it with the video. Apart from its elaborated PC version, it still allows users to add audio into video with convenience. To understand the operation for adding audio to the video on Voice2V, users need to follow these easy steps which are as follows:

  • Necessary Imports of Files: Users first have to upload the video, followed by the audio, which is then automatically updated and merged.
  • Export the Merged File: The file can be downloaded onto the device in the MP4 format.
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Online UniConverter


When users require a professional touch along with convenience, Online UniConverter is the best choice to for having your audio merged into the video. It is an all-purpose video editing platform that not only merges files altogether but allows trimming and looping of the videos to make them look perfect for use. Out of many platforms available, it provides a very secure environment for users to save their files from theft. This add audio to video online editor accepts all extensions of video and provides the users with the autonomy to select their file format after the platform completes the function to add audio to video no download. This is a very easy-to-use choice in terms of many online platforms that provide precise results with ease. Users need to follow this three-step easy guide to understand the methods to add music into their respective videos using Online UniConverter:

  • Files Uploading or Sharing: The necessary file from the device's directory needs to be accessed, or the URL of the file needs to be shared on the platform.
  • Audio Editing: Users need to first add the necessary soundtracks, followed by its trimming and looping.
  • Downloading the File in any file format: Users can easily preview or download the video.


This article provides a complete guide on the methods to add audio to video with the help of online platforms. It discusses several platforms that provided the facility to add audio to their video with the essential step-by-step guide to provide users with a comparative study to decide upon the best editor that suits their requirements.

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