Video editing tool has become common nowadays since the high demand for video content. Indeed, video content on social media has become a favorite type of content compared to other types of content, such as image content. Based on this fact, many people want to learn how to create a stunning video to become famous and earn money from making a video.

Nonetheless, if you are a newbie to video editing, you can learn how to remove a background on your video. Removing background video has several advantages, such as removing an unwanted part of your video or changing the background with a new one. Fortunately, this article will give you some video background eraser apps for Mobile, PC, and online.

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Part 1: Top video background erasers on desktop

1. PowerDirector

One of the best video background eraser you can choose from is PowerDirector. Indeed, PowerDirector easily and quickly erase the background from your video. Additionally, PowerDirector has exceptional features for erasing a background video, such as a chroma key, green screen, blending, masking, overlays, and even sky replacement.

Meanwhile, whether you're an editor, a social media influencer, or a live streamer, PowerDirector has everything you need and more to produce unique and engaging videos. It is the greatest because there are multiple ways to eliminate video background. PowerDirector delivers the speed, power, and functionality necessary to handle even the most complex video editing projects.


Official website: PowerDirector


  • Import 2K* and 4K* Ultra HD footage and audio and video with up to 7.1 channels.
  • Unleash your PC's speed with TrueVelocity.
  • Create and burn DVDs with DTS 5.1ch audio quality.
  • Use editable transition effects.

2. Lightworks

Lightworks is another excellent video bg eraser for desktops. Because of its user-friendly chroma key tool, it is one of the simplest video backgrounds to delete. However, you will need to spend some time understanding the basic features and editing interface before using this program, making it a suitable option for pros but not novices.

Also, for chroma keying, Lightworks offers numerous color options. Lightworks works effectively, and there is a useful Remove Spill slider for repairing any bleeding. An incredible amount of tools and tweaks supported the chroma key effect.


Official website: Lightworks


  • Enhanced performance using proxy files optimized from HD, 4K, and 8K.
  • Instant autosave feature.
  • Make custom metadata so that it's easy to manage content.

3. Unscreen

Unscreen is an excellent program that instantly erases your video's background with a single click. You just need to upload the footage, which should be in mp4, WebM, Ogg, MOV, or gif format, to begin editing. It's as easy as sipping a cup of coffee to upload the video clip, choose the amazing backgrounds you wish to use, and download the final result.


Official website: Unscreen


  • Unscreen analyzes your video completely automatically and produces high-quality output.
  • Full HD video resolution.
  • Unlimited video length.
  • There is no watermark.

Part 2: Alternative: video background erasers online

1. Cutout Pro

Cutout.Pro is a visual artificial intelligence platform that individuals may utilize, corporations, and developers. They have a erase video background, photo retouch, photo colorizer, photo enhancer, cheerful video, and more utilities.

Furthermore, Cutout Pro includes a desktop application for background removal in bulk, but it is also accessible online. Additionally, you may download their mobile app, Vividit, from the iOS App Store and Google Play. Registration is optional. When registering, you will earn one free credit. Additionally, they offer free downloads for results with low resolution.


Official website: Cutout Pro


  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Remove the background from a video.
  • Remove the background from a photo.
  • Enhance photo resolution.


Whether a newbie or an advanced video editor, you can make your video stand out with by removing the entire video backdrop and replacing it with a new one. Also, you can separate the portraits of people from the background of the video, even without green screen backgrounds. will automatically remove the background. Therefore, you don't have to choose the object in the video, choose the colors, or draw the masks.

Official website:


  • AI-Powered video background removal.
  • Remove the background online.
  • Add dynamic visual effects to the video in a simple way
  • Remove background noise from the video.

Part 3: Alternative: video background erasers for mobile devices

1. Background Eraser

Background Eraser is one of the greatest video eraser background Apps for iOS. Background Eraser allows you to delete the backdrop and add new ones. You also receive a comprehensive range of image editing options, including crop, contrast, saturation, and exposure.

Furthermore, much better if you learn a few tricks about how Background Eraser works. Open the Remove menu and then add an image. Next, choose Erase to remove some of the backgrounds. But don't use it to erase the edges because it's not accurate enough. With the Undo button, you can fix mistakes.


Official website: Video background eraser



  • Powerful editing app with AI technology
  • You may quickly and effectively remove any unpleasant backdrop.
  • Support adding background music to the video.

Good image editing tools.

A free version of backdrop photos from stock.

Simple user-friendly.


Only suitable for a beginner.

2. Video Background Remover

Video Background Remover is the background eraser for video that enables you to remove the background from your video and alter it from the camera or gallery. Using our program, you can either delete the background from a photograph or replace the green screen background with a custom background.


Official website: Video Background Remover

OS: Android


  • Send immediately to social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.
  • Playback of multiple video formats, including MP4, MOV, TS, AVI, MKV, WebM, and MPG
  • Costless for newcomers and creators.

Remove the background instantly.

It’s free.

Lightweight app to download.

Easy to use.


Only support basic editing tools.

Part 4: How to choose your best video background eraser?

The process of erasing a video's background is not really hard. It's about selecting the proper tool for your requirements, frequency of use, and preferred interface. Make sure that you choose a tool that is simple to use, such as Choosing an easy-to-use tool is crucial, especially if you are a beginner in editing videos.


Many video background eraser apps out there. However, not all of them can work well, and full fill your needs. You can use one of our recommendations for a background eraser app, but you need to find out what you want and how fluent you are in using an editing tool app. If you are a beginner, you can start with a mobile app with a simple interface.

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