Besides applying for a passport, a passport photo resizer may be required to fill an online education form, job application, and various other important documents. If you do not have a passport photo ready, you can resize any image to a passport size specification using special tools. There are several online and other programs available to resize photo to passport size and below listed are the popular ones.

Part 1. Free Online Passport Photo Size Editor [Recommended]

If you are looking for a simple tool to resize your images without any frill, Online Photo Size Maker would be the best choice. Working from your computer or mobile browser, this program can resize an image in JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP format to your required size. Passport size photo resize can be quickly done using this tool by simply mentioning the required height and width of the image. There is also an option to select the target file size by selecting the resizing percentage in comparison to the original file. The cropped or resized photos can be saved locally or Dropbox as needed.


How to easily resize image to passport size online?

Step 1: Open Image Resizer and click on the Choose Files to load the image to be processed.

Step 2: Next specify the required passport size image dimensions in width and height section.

Step 3: Click on the Start button and the program will resize image to passport size.

AI New Release! How to change background, crop to create a perfect passport photo?

Change your background with a single click and create passport photo with newly AI photo editor. Just select a photo, choose the background color and crop it to proper size. All in seconds!


Part 2. How to Crop Photo to Passport Size?

There are also some specific tools to convert passport size photo available. To make your search easier for these programs, we have picked the top 5 popular ones.

A list for a quick navigatation:

This is a feature-packed online tool that facilitates creating a passport photo. Using the tool you can resize picture to passport size and the required size of the image country wise is already defined on the site. You just need to choose the country and the ID photo type you want. Images less than 10MB and smaller than 4000 X 3000 pixels should be added to the site to get the right size photo. JPG and JPEG are acceptable formats. Once the image is added, you can crop it and also choose the white background enhancement. The processed image can be downloaded for printing purposes or as a single image for online use.



  • The passport size measurements are already defined
  • Option to crop and enhance to use a white background
  • The processed picture can be downloaded for printing or online use


  • Only JPG and JPEG are the supported formats
  • Image size to be uploaded is fixed (10MB maximum with 4000 X 3000 pixels)

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This is a widely used online passport picture and ID generator that allows you to upload an image from your system and convert it into a passport size photo. Additionally, the program also has a webcam option where you can use the built-in timer to capture a good passport size photo for yourself. After the picture is selected you can move its position, rotate it and enable the mask option. The processed picture can be downloaded from the program.



  • Program with a simple and user-friendly interface
  • Option to capture an image using Webcam


  • No option for batch processing

This is free to use tool that works from your browser and facilitates creating passport size photos. The program supports creating images as per automatic configuration for different countries. You can either add the image from your local system or even capture one with the built-in camera (mobile version). The file size supported is 10MB and the formats that can be added include JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. The added image can be cropped as required and finally after the preview, you can download the passport size photo. The image can also be received in an email.



  • Supports, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF format
  • Using the tool on the mobile allows capturing the photo using the camera
  • Country-wise passport size photo measurements pre-defined


  • 10MB is the maximum supported size

Using this online tool you can resize photo passport size in a few quick steps. There are pre-defined sizes for various document types for different countries that you can choose to create photos as required. After the image is added and uploaded you can crop and rotate it and also adjust the exposure by changing the brightness, contrast, exposure, and saturation. There is an interesting Dress Up feature where you can add a choice of dress to your photo to make it look professional. Finally, after the image is processed, it is available for printing and download.



  • Create photos for different documents and different countries
  • Allows to crop, rotate, and adjust exposure
  • You can add a formal or a casual dress to your image


  • The processed image needs to be downloaded

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Resize a photo to passport size using this browser-based tool. You first need to select the country and the document type for which you are processing the file. After the image is added, the program formats it automatically depending on the size and other requirements as pre-defined for the document. The processed file is available for preview after which you can make the payment and get it for internet submission or printing.



  • Multiple documents and countries supported
  • Quick and simple interface
  • Automatic formatting depending on the country and document you chose


  • No option for manual editing of the files
  • The images need to be paid to download

So for your queries on how to resize passport size photo, the above listed are the best tools. Analyze the pros and cons of these programs and choose the one that best matches your requirements. For passport resizing as well as general image resizing, Online UniConverter works as a great option.

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