Pictures can get the message delivered faster than normal text as it tends to enhance client engagement from the very first stance. But you cannot expect to pump up sales by uploading inferior quality images. Different social media platforms have different sizing requirements and for this, you need to bank on expert tools to crop and resize image.

Part 1. Best Online Free Tool to Resize Photo to Square Without Cropping

While trying to resize images, users mostly end up cropping the same. This, in turn, causes pixelization and degrades image quality. Keeping such things in mind, our experts have unanimously agreed on Online UniConverter for serving as the best bet when it comes to resizing images without any quality degradations. You can undertake batch processing using this tool which also supports conversion and compression of video, image, audio, and PDF files.

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Part 2. Other 5 Online Free Image Resizer and Cropper

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You can perfectly resize images to your desired size using this versatile online utility. All you need to do is upload the image and determine its new dimensions in terms of inches, pixels, centimeters, or simply a percentage of the original. Both width and height can be automatically computed by ImageResizer based on the aspect ratio. Users can also set Dots Per Inch for reducing the output file size and printing at exact dimensions. All the images are uploaded using a secure HTTPS connection where all the pictures get deleted automatically post 12 hours of processing.


  • This photo cropper and resizer allow users to add photos manually from local storage, enter its URL or simply drag and drop the same.
  • Presents a clutter-free interface that is well-suited for amateur users.
  • Runs on a serverless environment which helps to scale multiple images within seconds time.


  • Target File Size in KB field feature is applicable only for JPG images.
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If you have been thinking about how to resize a picture without cropping, then PicResize can serve as your best bet. It presents users with a decent interface that comes well-stocked with a variety of features. PicResize is known to process around 30000 images on a daily basis falling under the JPEG, GIF, BMP, and PNG category. Apart from just resizing the images, users can also edit the same by applying multiple special effects. Users can enjoy a preview of the results while they crop image and resize. The files can be enlarged by 25, 50, and 75% although PicResize doesn’t present an option for downsizing the images.


  • Pre-defined dimensions help in resizing the picture.
  • You can crop and resize multiple images at once.
  • Uploaded images can also be rotated and flipped.


  • Plagued by a large number of unwanted advertisements.
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Resize Images

You can crop image and resize absolutely for free without installing any bulky software coupled with this dynamic online utility. It allows users to resize, crop, and even compress both PNG and JPEG images. But for best results, it is advisable to upload high-quality images as that diminishes load time and page weight. Once the image is loaded, you need to specify its new dimensions in terms of height and width before hitting the Done button.


  • Allows batch processing of files to save your valuable time.
  • Files can be either added from local storage or dragged and dropped onto the interface.
  • Can remove EXIF which helps in preventing the exposure of private information.


  • Cannot process any other image format apart from JPG and PNG.
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ResizeMyImage serves as one of the easiest means of resizing and cropping photos online. All you need to do is simply upload the images from your computer or paste the image URL. You can enjoy all of its versatile features ranging from adding special effects to adding text and many more without downloading any bulky software. You can access various social templates from the edit section which helps in cropping the image for being posted as Facebook cover photo or on other social media platforms like Google Plus, Twitter, and YouTube. Users can also choose a custom aspect ratio which shall be compatible with different ad formats such as leaderboard, banner, and skyscraper.


  • Images can be added from local storage or by simply pasting its URL.
  • You can resize image files to 25%, 50%, and 75% size of the original or completely proceed with custom size in terms of pixels or percentage.
  • Images can be rotated by 90 degrees in the left or right direction. They can also be flipped horizontally or vertically.


  • The upload time might vary according to the strength of your internet connection.
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Bulk editing of images becomes a child's play with this image resizer and cropper. This free-of-cost utility also offers an array of other services like compressing, converting to and from JPG, watermarking, rotating, editing, and even generating memes for further versatility. All the user archives get destroyed within a span of two hours from processing to combat file theft.


  • GIF, PNG, JPG, and SVG files can be resized whereas JPG, PNG, and GIF files can be cropped using this online utility.
  • Users can select images from local storage, Google Drive, or DropBox.
  • Supports bulk image processing to save your valuable time and effort.


  • Users need to log in for unleashing its complete functionality.

Properly sized high-quality images can take your social media campaigns to new heights. You can expect top-notch result with all the crop and resize tools mentioned above. However, Online UniConverter stands out as the best bet with its super-fast speed and intuitive interface which makes it well suited even for amateur users. It even offers users with a variety of output options and doesn't hamper the file quality during processing.

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