The colors and tone of images can be compromised because of bad focus or poor lens quality. Users need to use color grading applications to cater to this type of issue. If you are an iPhone user who wants to make images and videos more visually appealing, consider using color-grading iPhone apps. These apps can make the photos more attractive and add consistency to them.

If you don't know which iPhone color grading applications are best, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss a top-notch color grading app that can correct all photo problems. From managing poor lighting to adding aesthetics, this app will help you with all.

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Part 1: 5 Best Color Grading iPhone Apps of 2024

iPhone is popular for its high-quality picture and video results. The user interface and fast processing speed of the iPhone also make it a better-quality device. However, sometimes bad lighting in the room and unprofessional photo-capturing angles can mess up the picture's colors. To cater to this type of issue, you can use color-grading iPhone apps. Have a look below to find some top-rated and reputable color grading apps:

1. Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a powerful app for color grading on iPhones. With this, you can make the video more attractive and visually appealing. It also adds a sense of storytelling to your videos or photos and makes them pleasing to the eyes. The user interface of Filmora is well-structured and delightful, so you will not face any issues while working on the media content.

filmora color grading iphone app
Key Features of Wondershare Filmora
  • You can add illustrative text and stickers to your photos and video. It also allows you to personalize text as per your need.
  • Filmora has a built-in music library to add multiple audio tracks and sound effects in photos and videos.
  • It offers you to edit photos in a fully customized manner. You can also modify brightness, temperatures, and overlays of photos and videos.
What We Recommend in Wondershare Filmora
  • Filmora has powerful editing tools through which you can add keyframes and masks in videos.
  • It supports various formats, so you will not be restricted while working on the media content.
What We Don't Recommend in Wondershare Filmora
  • Some features are limited to the premium version, and you cannot use them without buying the subscription plan.
  • iOS 12.0 or later

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

With Adobe Premiere Rush color grading iPhone, you can make your Instagram or TikTok content more mesmerizing and captivating. It can work on photos and videos, so you can use it without any second thought. Its innovative tools allow you to treat images with bad colors and irritable brightness. You can also use its built-in camera, which lets you capture all the memories in premium quality.

premiere rush color grading iphone app
Key Features of Adobe Premiere Rush
  • It supports the feature of auto reframes that cut out the unnecessary parts of photos and videos for perfect sharing.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to edit photos and videos and export them in premium and 4K quality. It is a very convenient thing for professional photographers.
  • There are hundreds of overlays, animated graphics, and titles in it, which can elevate the productivity of your media content in no time.
What We Recommend in Adobe Premiere Rush
  • You can customize the aspect ratios of photos and videos, such as landscape and portrait, for sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • It supports diversified royalty-free music, which you can add to the videos and photos.
What We Don't Recommend in Adobe Premiere Rush
  • You can face difficulty structuring the video because it does not support the features like green screen editing and more.
  • iOS 14.0 or later

3. Darkroom: Photo & Video Editor

This mobile-centric app can help you with color grading on your iPhone. With this, you can pave your road to success in the computational future. It offers a reliable photo and video editing procedure along with its powerful AI algorithms. You can also have escalated user experience with its deep integrations. It is a perfect solution to manage all the photo and video colors problem without compromising its quality.

darkroom color grading iphone app
Key Features of Darkroom: Photo & Video Editor
  • It offers powerful editing options, such as editing the background and creating 3D maps of the scene in the photos.
  • You can single out the sky, hairs, and other objects in Portrait and ProRaw. It also offers you to create your own presets.
  • This app has fast 4K color grading along with real-time playback. You can also work on more than one photo with it.
What We Recommend in Darkroom: Photo & Video Editor
  • You can create a set of hashtags, so importing photos and videos with one tab should be possible.
  • It supports album management through which you can organize your phone library and iCloud Photo Library.
What We Don't Recommend in Darkroom: Photo & Video Editor
  • It only allows you to customize the app icon and access the premium presets in its premium plans.
  • iOS 14.0 or later

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is known to be the best iPhone color-grading application. Even professional photographers can use this tool to manage photo issues. With this app, you can also save your personal looks and apply them to the latest photos. Moreover, it can also open both RAW and JPG files for editing. You can also customize the styles with precise control in Snapseed.

snapseed color grading iphone app
Key Features of Snapseed
  • With Snapseed, you can open and modify the native camera picture in a non-destructive manner or in JPG format.
  • You can also adjust the exposure and tune images with disoriented colors. It allows you to do this in both an automated and manual manner.
  • If you want to make photos look more professional, you can crop, rotate, brush, add text, or make it a vignette with Snapseed.
What We Recommend in Snapseed
  • It allows you to add double exposure in photos which means you can blend two images together. Moreover, it gives you full control over blending metrics.
  • You can add frames, texture overlays, and HDR in any image with Snapseed. To boost details, you can also use tonal contrast.
What We Don't Recommend in Snapseed
  • Snapseed offers many powerful editing tools, but they can be pretty tough for beginners to understand. You need to master editing skills before using this tool.
  • iOS 12.4 or later

5. Afterlight - Photo Editor

Do you want to adjust the color gradient in a photo and correct all the color mistakes efficiently? Worry no more because Afterlight - Photo Editor has got you covered. With this, you can manage the photo's color gradient on your iPhone. Moreover, you will experience full control over customizing all the metrics and modification factors in a picture.

afterlight color grading iphone app
Key Features of Afterlight - Photo Editor
  • There are 130+ photo filters in Afterlight - Photo Editor, which can optimize your photography level and make them more interactive.
  • With more than 20 advanced tools, you can manage all the adjustments like touch gestures, selective hue, lightness, grains, and more.
  • The frames and overlays in Afterlight - Photo Editor help apply an instant file rate with preset colors for replacing and changing backgrounds.
What We Recommend in Afterlight - Photo Editor
  • You can add multiple light leaks, RBG channels, and other powerful editing factors in a photo.
  • It supports a wide array of hand-pick fonts, and you can customize each layer of these fonts with unlimited color options and masking.
What We Don't Recommend in Afterlight - Photo Editor
  • Its working can be pretty slow for heavy and illustrative images.
  • iOS 11.0 or later

Part 2: Tips to Select the Best Color Grading iPhone App

Color grading applications are known to be valuable assets for photos. It can manipulate colors and evoke a sense of storytelling. Moreover, it also creates consistency in photos and videos professionally. Therefore, you should remember some things before selecting the color grading on your iPhone. The understated points will help you regarding this issue:

  • Compatibility: Before selecting the color grading app, ensure it is compatible with your device. Besides this, the app should also support the formats of photos and videos you would be working on. It will be a plus point if the color grading app supports a wide array of devices because you don't have to learn different apps for different platforms.
  • Consider Your Requirements: Some color grading apps can only create some common adjustments in the photos or videos and can be used for personal use. Yet some apps create high-level adjustments and can enhance the overlays on an image or video in no time. Before selecting the app, consider your requirements and see if you need an app for professional or personal use.
  • User Interface and Speed: If the app's user interface is complicated, it will be an issue for you. From navigating to finding the feature, you will face problems in everything. Moreover, the app's speed should be blazing fast so you can correct the color of photos and videos without spending hours. Analyze both interface and speed of the app before choosing it.
  • Good Reputation: Always check the review and ratings before selecting the color grading app. Check what type of security policies it has and whether you can trust it with your data or not. Moreover, it should support a wide array of features besides color correction, making it a good application. An app should also have 24/7 customer support to handle all the mishaps.

Part 3: The Best Online and Free Color Correction for Both Videos and Photos with AI Technology

With this AI-powered color corrector, you can accomplish the tasks of color grading iPhone. It is a very easy-to-use tool, so you can say that it is a simplified solution for photo problems. With this exclusive tool, you can enhance the outlook of your image even while staying online. Whether your photo is underexposed or has irritable saturation, this tool can help you with everything.

Other than this, it also allows you to work on video files that do not have good color metrics. One of the best things about this tool is its automated process, so you have to retouch and adjust everything manually. It is also a point that makes it the best tool for beginners. - Auto Color also supports a wide array of formats, so you can work with it without any limitations.

How to Correct Colors in Photo with - Auto Color

The steps instructed below will help you in managing the colors of your photos or videos with ease:

Step 1 Launch - Auto Color and Import Image/Video

To start, open " - Auto Color" in your browser. From the homepage of the tool, click on "Upload Image/Video Now," press the "Upload Image/Video" button, and wait a few seconds.

upload your desired file
Step 2 Save the Image/Video with the Corrected Colors

After a few seconds, you will see that it will automatically correct the colors in your image or video. Click the "Compare" button to compare the original and modified photo or video. After this, click on the "Download" button from the top right of the screen.

download the color-corrected file

All in all, you can correct the color mistakes of any photo or video by using a color-correcting tool. For your ease, we have discussed the top 5 color correctors, their key features, and other aspects. However, they are not recommended for beginners. The process of correcting color gradients on iPhone is not very simplified.

Thus, if you are at the beginner level, you should work with a simplified yet reliable tool like - Auto Color. You can find more about this top-notch tool in the above discussion.

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