Windows 11 is equipped with performance-improving features and have complimentary layout options. That is why it is very popular among students. While working on assignments and projects, students prefer to listen to the audio to enhance focus. Thus, if you are also a Windows 11 user looking for software to enhance audio quality, this article is for you.

Here, you can find reputable and reliable software to enhance Windows audio. Besides this, you will also learn about the tips by which you can eliminate noise problems in the first place.

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Part 1: Primary Reasons to Enhance Audio Quality in 2024

Before getting into the Windows 11 enhanced audio software, you need to know why it's important. Moreover, you should also learn why improving sound quality is one of the users' biggest concerns. Have a look below to find out more about the reasons to enhance audio quality:

  • To Eliminate Distractions

You are aware of the fact that audio intelligibility leads to lesser distractions. The improved sound quality and deep vibrations help our brain to focus deeply on the context. Moreover, good quality audio is also prone to make better learning environments.

  • Improved Listening Experience

Audio with good quality creates a perfect listening experience for the listeners. If you have a YouTube channel or TikTok page dedicated to meditating sounds, then the first thing you should check is optimized quality. Enhanced audios make a better and clear sound that users prefer to listen to.

  • Higher Intelligibility

If the user cannot understand the lyrics, how can he interpret the message and emotions from a song? That is why it is important to enhance the sound of a song to deliver clearer audio with optimized pitches. It is essential, especially for educational content.

  • Longevity

The lifespan of a song can be long with high-quality audio. The high-quality audio files are not likely to get degraded, and they also never go out from the trends. A sound enhancer can make your audio useful for longer periods.

Part 2: 3 Best Windows 11 Enhance Audio Apps

Now that you know about the importance of enhancing sound quality, you must be looking for software to do this. The vocal enhancement software in Windows 11 is not limited. However, the ones with good results are limited.

This section will enlighten the top 3 speech enhancement software to eradicate the risk of choosing the wrong software. Have a look below to discover more about them:

1. Audacity

Audacity is an authentic Windows 11-enhanced audio software. This open-source software lets you optimize your audio quality without messing with the other audio properties. Moreover, you can also work on multiple tracks with it. The interface of Audacity is also translated into many languages, making it a well-grounded speech enhancer.

Its source code is easily accessible, so it is also known as open-source software. Audacity also allows you to record live audio with your mixer or microphone.

Key Features of Audacity

  • Audacity supports many file formats so that you can import and export files in multiple formats.
  • These tools also have plugins like VST, LV2, and more for ease. You can also create your plugins with Audacity.
  • You can edit the audio in several ways, such as copying, pasting, or deleting. It also allows you to use spectrogram view mode for better analysis of frequencies.

How to Enhance Audio Quality with Audacity

Step 1

Open Audacity and import the audio file. After this, double-click on the section of the audio file you want to enhance, go to the "Effect" tab, and click on "Bass and Treble" from the "EQ and Filters." Option. Then, customize both "Bass" and "Treble" levels with sliders. Click on "Preview" to hear the sound, and then hit "Apply."

customize bass and treble
Step 2

You can also work with Filter Curve to enhance audio. For this, go to the "Effect" menu while your audio is selected and tap on "EQ and Filters" to select the "Filter Curve" option. Once the chart is opened, click on the graph to add points and then manage it per your preference. To test the effects, hit the "Preview" button. After adjusting, click the "OK" button.

change filter curve eq graph
Step 3

If you want to adjust the amplitude over the length of your recording, consider using a Compressor. For this, select audio, click on the "Effect" menu, and from the enlisted options, select "Compressor" from "Volume and Compression." You can adjust "Attack Time," "Threshold," and other metrics with sliders from the pop-up window.

After this, enable "Make-up gain for 0 dB after compressing" and click the "Preview" button. Once satisfied with the results, hit the "Apply" button.

modify compressor values
Step 4

For enhancing recordings, go to the "Effects" menu and select "Normalize." Hereafter, enable the "Remove DC Offset (center on 0.0 vertically)" and "Normalize peak amplitude to" options and select your dB value. Click on "Preview" to hear it, and following this, tap on the "Apply" button.

customize normalize value

2. Krisp

This software can enhance the audio quality of your call without any issues. It allows you to communicate with everyone with confidence and clarity as it is powered by artificial intelligence, so you don't have to adjust everything manually. Moreover, it can cancel noises, unwanted distortions, and other factors compromising sound quality.

It is a perfect tool for businesses and organizations to make professional calls. It is also perfect for remote workers and freelancers because they can make professional-level calls with Krisp.

Key Features of Krisp

  • This software can cancel all unrequired voices during calls, such as pets' voices, fans, and wind.
  • There is no restriction to keep Krisp enabled, as you can also disable it when not making calls.
  • Krisp has an end-to-end encryption policy, so you can even make a private call with full optimization.

How to Enhance Audio Quality with Krisp

Step 1

Initially open the "" website and select "Get Krisp for Free." This will take you to the sign-up page, and you can sign up with your Google account or create from scratch.

create the krisp account
Step 2

After making an account, you will have to access the "Download" tab from the left panel. Next, tap the "For Windows/Mac" button to install the Krisp app. Once Krisp is downloaded, launch it and click the "Get Started" button. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in with Krisp.

krisp app downloaded
Step 3

Open the app from which you want to make calls and select Krisp as the "Default Microphone." You can also click on the "Test Noise Cancellation" button to analyze the higher functionality of this software.

change the microphone

3. Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a popular Windows 11 enhancement audio software. With this, you can make your audio quality higher definition and interactive. It also has extensive repair capability, which can repair damaged audio. Other than this, there is a wide array of tools in it that can help you to make audio files more professional.

Moreover, you can also adjust the loudness level of the vocals in audio with it. Adding keyframes in the envelopes of audio is also possible with this enhanced speech software.

Key Features of Adobe Audition

  • There are diversified useful tools in Adobe Audition, like strong audio restoration, noise rection, and sound removal tools. You can use them to customize the audio file.
  • With the spectral analysis of this software, you can visualize the audio and pick out all the unwanted background sounds to remove them.
  • You can also apply multiple effects to the audio in multiple clips and the entire audio track. Moreover, you can also toggle effects off and on as per your preferences.

How to Enhance Audio Quality with Adobe Audition

Step 1

Import your audio file in Adobe Audition and go to "Effects," and select "Filter and EQ." From here, click on "Parametric Equalizer," and from the pop-up window, select the "Preset" dropdown menu and click on "Default."

tap on the parametric equalizer
Step 2

After this, select "HP" and adjust it. Once the adjustments are made, click the "Apply" button. Afterward, go to the "Favorites" tab and select "Normalize to -0.1 db." Select "Effects," click on "Amplitude and Compression," and select "Dynamics."

use parametric equalizer feature
Step 3

From the "Preset" dropdown menu, select "Default" and enable the "Compressor" option. You can customize "Release," "Threshold," and other sound metrics from here. After this, click on the "Apply" button and again select "Normalize to -0.1 dB" from the "Favorites" tab.

enable the compressor option
Step 4

Go to the "Effects" menu and select "Special," and click on "Mastering." Next, click on the " Preset" dropdown menu and select "Default." You can manage "Reverb," Exciter," and other sound metrics here.

use mastering effect

Part 3: Tips to Avoid Background Noises in the First Place

You can undoubtedly use vocal enhancement software to improve the audio quality of your files. Yet don't you think it will be good if the sound is perfect in the first place? If you want to avoid the irritable background noises in the first place, consider using the tips listed below:

  • Use Pop Filters: The pop filters are very helpful in eliminating all the popping sound from the audio file. It is like a thin membrane that blocks all the plosives to enhance the sound quality. You can use it while speaking on the phone.
  • Record in a Peaceful Environment: If you are going to record live audio and podcasts, choose a place with minimal sound. Always record your voice in quiet places to eliminate unrequired sounds. A room with carpets and a good ceiling is prone to deliver better sound quality because there are not even risks of echoes in these rooms.
  • Utilize Directional Microphone: Always use the microphone with cardioid and polar patterns. These types of microphones can reduce background noises and deliver high-quality sound. Moreover, it also eliminates all the denoising and distortions from the sound.
  • Upgrade Audio settings: Every audio device has an equalizer in it. You can adjust the audio quality per your requirement to deliver better-quality sounds. Moreover, some of the devices also have automatic adjustments, which can make your work easier than ever.

Bonus Tip: Enhance Audio Online with - Noise Reducer - Noise Reducer is one of the most efficient and simplified solutions to eliminate unwanted noises in an audio file. With this, you can enhance voice recording and other audio files quickly. Moreover, it can work with video files, giving you a great liability to work to a greater extent. It supports versatile file formats for the ease of the users.

The interface of this online tool is well-established and delightful, and you will not face any difficulty while working with it. In addition, this vocal enhancement tool's processing speed is ultra-fast, allowing you to optimize the sound qualities in a blink of an eye. As it is powered by artificial intelligence, so its process is automated. You don't have to adjust everything in it manually.

How to Enhance Audio Quality with - Noise Reducer

Follow the steps listed below to optimize your audio quality with ease:

Step 1 Open - Noise Reducer and Add File

Open " - Noise Reducer" on your Chrome browser for optimized speed, and click on the "Get Started For Free" button. After this, click on the "Upload" button and add the file of your choice.

upload the video or audio file
Step 2 Remove Unwanted Noises from the File

Then, select the "Noise Type" and click the "Reduce Noise Now" button. Click the "Play" icon from the "Result Preview" section to check the results. Once satisfied with the results, click the "Download" button to save the file on your device.

choose the noise type

Finally, removing unwanted noises from the audio is very important. There are diversified software that can help you regarding this issue on Windows 11. However, the top-rated ones are discussed above for your ease. You can use these vocal enhancement tools to enhance the audio quality. The tips to eliminate the risk of recording unwanted sound in files are also listed above.

You can use these tips, so you don't have to face noise quality issues. Moreover, to work with a simplified tool with an automated process, consider working with - Noise Reducer.

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