There are many reasons why you may want an App for speeding up videos to edit the speed of your video clip. We know there is a lot of expensive video speed editing software that you could buy. Who needs software that you only use once in a while. We know how important it is to have the ability to edit the playback speed of your videos. Nowadays we all want to share them in a way that makes the most sense. We have created the perfect way to speed up video with an app. We even show you easy to follow steps on how to speed up a video. Many times I have wished to edit a part of a video that I have filmed. My video clips would look so much better with a little editing to improve them. If only I had access to an app to control the speed of my video.

Part 1. 7 App for Speeding Up Videos You Should Know

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Photo VidShow

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AVS Video Editor

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Vegus Movie Studio

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VideoPad Video Editor

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Adobe Premiere


These software packages are all very complex to learn and will in no time become outdated and require you to pay more and download again. For a low-cost option that will always be the latest version, you can try our Online Uniconvertor for speeding up videos, it's an easy to use video speed controller.

Part 2. How to Use Our Online UniConvertor Video Speed Controller

Follow our easy steps to change the speed of your video clips with our video speed controller. Our Online UniConvertor ( for speeding up videos is easy to learn how to speed up a video


Step 1. Click on the Add files button

This step allows you to choose the files that you want to upload from your device or computer.

Step 2. Select your desired video speed

This step allows you to choose your video speed for your desired effect.

Step 3. Choose Output format

This step allows you to select the output format of your of sped-up video.

Step 4. Start your work

This step will start the processing of your uploaded clips.

Step 5. Select your preferred way of Sharing or save for further editing within our online editing suite

Now its time to share your final product in your preferred way. You could even process the video further with our other features in our online Uniconvertor editing suite.

Our other online Uniconvertor suite of video editing options:

  • Video converter
  • Audio converter
  • Video compressor
  • Audio compressor
  • Video editor
  • Image converter
  • Image compressor
  • GIF maker
  • Mute video

Popular Conversions:

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Part 3. The Advantages of Using Our Online UniConvertor

  • You can use any one of our many input formats that are supported

Whatever your video format we have it covered with your ability to upload AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4, VOB, FLAC,WMV and more into our online video speed controller.

  • Many amazing video speeds to choose from for any occasion

We have many video speeds to choose from Online UniConverter for speeding up videos.

  • All your content is securely encrypted

Our video speed changer uses the highest level of online security to ensure that your files are only accessible by you.

  • You can choose your output format

We have a selection of popular video options to choose from like MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, 3GP, and FLV and more.

  • Easy to learn

Simple steps make our video speed app easy to learn how to speed up a video for any occasion or need.

What are the benefits of changing video speed

Fast forward is becoming a popular way to view content as time is so precious. Not only people with short attention spans prefer a quick viewing of video content. There are so many times that I wished to edit a part of a video that I've shot. Videos need a bit of an edit to improve them, here are a few points to consider.

  • Sometimes the clip you want to share is a bit long. The video needs to be more condensed to be worth the viral forwarding. All you need is an app for speeding up videos.
  • Changing the speed can create a funny effect from the clip in a way that warps the norm if you know how to speed up a video.
  • Changing the video speed for educational content can assist viewers to absorb more content. This is possible when you have an app for speeding up videos.
  • Speeding up the video can get the visual message or example across quicker. Reducing the required time and improving the viewing enjoyment especially if you know how to speed up a video
  • Slowing things down allows the viewer to absorb more detail. Especially with rich content that can wow your audience if you have a video speed controller.


It is sensible to use our video speed controller for speeding up videos. Online UniConvertor makes your life easier and more exciting. It is perfect for sharing with your audience online and offline with friends or customers. With a cost that makes affordable, you get access to more than a video speed controller. The ease of use makes it perfect for every skill level to use our product.

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Manuel Gonzalez Oct 31, 23
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