Here’s a quick question: do you think it’s possible to run a business where you can dispense information in multiple languages via different spokespersons without hiring a single spokesperson?

Are you confused? Don’t be; while this may seem unlikely, AI makes it possible! We’re talking about utilizing an innovative program to create videos with AI avatars or virtual spokespersons.

You see, digital marketers and content creators worldwide are rapidly investing in the power and capabilities of AI to create videos in ways that were impossible mere years ago.

There are multiple reasons why they do it, chief among them being that it’s cheaper and faster to use an AI spokesperson video creator than hiring a physical spokesperson.

The rapidly moving nature of technology means you can choose from many AI video generators. But we don’t want you to spend hours trying them out, so we did the hard work: we highlighted the best ones for you!

Better yet, we don’t want you to spend too much money, so we’ll also talk about AI spokesperson video creator free. The sole point of this article is to ensure you arrive at the best tool before you’re through to the end, so let’s begin!

In this article
  1. What Can Spokesperson Videos Be Used For?
  2. Best 8 AI Spokesperson Video Generators
  3. Hot FAQs about AI Spokesperson Video Generators

Part 1. What Can Spokesperson Videos Be Used For?

You can do a lot with an AI spokesperson video creator, regardless of whether you’re an individual or you run a company. But how do they work?

You type in a dialogue, and the AI tool appropriately generates a spokesperson to speak and act out the words, phrases, and sentences. It’s very impressive technology because the video generator doesn’t just create mundane, robotic-sounding avatars devoid of life; they behave and react as real people would!

The way the expressions of the AI spokespersons change, how their lips move, the little physical quirks, and their entire body language converge to make for a realistic avatar that would fit several of your needs. But what needs?

You can get an AI spokesperson video creator free to produce informational videos on several topics. This means you’re not limited to the niche or industry in which you can use it.

So, content creators and business owners can use the AI tool. Likewise, educational institutions or tutors can use it to teach students in almost any language.

Why Use an AI Spokesperson Video Creator?

We’ve touched on how to use an AI spokesperson video creator, but why should you use it? We already mentioned how it’s more cost-effective than employing a real spokesperson, right? Below are a few more reasons.

1. Increase Productivity

Using such a tool increases productivity because your text is turned into videos in minutes. The other route you would have taken would be to set up expensive cameras, ensure the hired spokespersons look the part, etc.

2. Cater to Multiple Languages

You don’t have to worry about dubbing or hiring voice actors when producing content in different languages because the video creator is more than up to the task.

3. Consistent and Efficient 

Human beings, though efficient, can never match a machine’s efficiency, and this is also the case for an AI spokesperson video creator. Real spokespersons can’t work 24/7, but AI spokespersons can.

So, you can increase your content creation output and meet your quota without worrying about hiring real people who have set work times.

Part 2. Best 8 AI Spokesperson Video Generators

While these AI platforms all come with paid plans, they also give you free plans to try out the AI tools and see if they’re worth your investment. Let’s start with one of the best first!

1. Virbo

“Virbo, where it all begins…” That’s the tagline you’ll see on Virbo’s homepage, and it fits because it allows you to create a spokesperson video from inception to completion.

Key Features

  • Create a script to generate videos.
  • Over 300+ languages spoken by multinational avatars.
  • Over 300+ natural AI voices!

We’ll show you how to generate a video using the steps below; it should take only a few minutes to use this AI spokesperson video creator and have your video ready.


Step 1Choose Avatar

First, go to the site and sign up for free. You’ll then be taken to a page where you can choose from many AI avatars to be your spokesperson. Select anyone that catches your fancy or suits your needs.


Step 2Insert Script

Next, type in the script the avatar will read or have Virbo generate one for you.


Step 3Apply Script to Video

For this step, you just need to click “Apply” for the AI spokesperson video generator to initiate the video creation process.


Step 4Export Generated Video

This is the final step. Once Virbo has generated the video, click “Export” to download it and use it however you deem fit!


It’s really that simple. And don’t worry about closing the page and losing the video you just created; Virbo saves your files in the “My Creations” section of your account.


2. Synthesia

You can use Synthesia, another AI spokesperson video creator, for free. Its main selling point is for teams to create large-scale training videos using it.

The developers of Synthesia wanted to give everyone the power to create studio-level quality spokesperson videos. All you need to do is input your text to generate a video.

Key Features

  • Over 160+ AI avatars.
  • Create a custom avatar (perhaps an exact replica of yourself!).
  • A dialogue feature that allows you to use multiple avatars simultaneously and have them converse.


3. Hour One

If you have a flair for the cinematic, you’ll love this tool. It utilizes text-to-video AI technology and seems to be the go-to video creator for leading enterprises like T-Mobile, Novartis, Prism Media, and more.

Hour One is an all-in-one AI spokesperson video creator because it has avatars to match your professional audience and numerous voices, dialects, and languages to reach an even broader audience.

Key Features

  • Allows for branding and customization.
  • Provides professionally designed templates for tutorials, training videos, etc.
  • Allows collaboration and sharing both offline and in real-time.


4. Movio AI (HeyGen)

Movio and HeyGen are the same, though some people don’t know. The company rebranded itself as HeyGen in April 2023, just one month shy of being a year.

We’ll point out that a few sites offering AI tools bear similar titles to Movio. But the link we attached is their only authorized site, so be mindful. Don’t go to the wrong site if you intend to use this tool.

Key Features

  • Continuously evolving avatars of different ages, clothes, poses, languages, ethnicities, and facial expressions.
  • Fast and user-friendly.
  • Create a custom avatar or choose from over 500+ AI avatars.
  • 500+ free AI video templates.
  • Text-to-speech feature.
  • Voice clone feature and over 300+ voices.
  • Voices in over 40+ languages.


5. DeepBrain

DeepBrain is popular for allowing people to use their AI spokesperson videos in multiple ways. Users have generated training, business, news, commerce, marketing, and educational videos, to list a few. This versatility is owed to the fact it can autogenerate scripts for your AI spokesperson.

Key Features

  • Over 100+ incredibly realistic AI avatars
  • A text-to-speech feature with over 80+ languages.
  • A text-to-video option that takes as little as 5 minutes for the AI spokesperson video generator to generate your video.
  • Design a personalized avatar that speaks with your voice.


6. Speechify

Is this really the best AI text-to-speech tool? That’s what the developers claim, and if the over 250,000 five-star reviews the tool has gained so far are any indication, then Speechify is indeed an exceptional AI tool. And with over 20 million downloads, you know it’s the real deal!

Key Features

  • A text-to-speech feature.
  • Has a video generator that uses a text-to-video function.
  • Create videos directly to suit any format: YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.
  • AI voice-over feature to create realistic and natural-sounding AI voice-overs for your video
  • Over 40+ languages.
  • Over 100+ AI voices.


7. Steve AI

With Steve AI, you have all the tools you need to create a video from scratch and in multiple ways. So, Steve AI does everything from typing a prompt to video, writing a script to video, and audio to video. All this makes it a great tool to communicate a message to a global audience.

Key Features

  • Text-to-video feature to generate an animated or realistic video in minutes.
  • Generate clips fitting the content in blogs.


8. Synthesys

This one is for those seeking professional large-scale content. Synthesys is the final AI spokesperson video creator on our exhaustive list today.

First, no signup or credit card is needed to use this tool, which we like. Secondly, the tool boasts an impressive selection of features that ensured it was a part of this list.

Key Features

  • Text-to-image video generator.
  • Text-to-image AI generator.
  • A tool for making custom avatars,
  • Voice cloning to use in different applications.


Part 3. Hot FAQs About AI Spokesperson Video Generators

1. What is an AI spokesperson video generator?

It’s a tool that utilizes the power of AI to create videos using realistic virtual avatars as the spokesperson.

2. How does the AI spokesperson creator generate videos?

The AI spokesperson video generator usually uses two methods: text-to-video, where you type a prompt describing what you want the tool to generate. The second is choosing an avatar from a given library of avatars to be the spokesperson. It will speak using the prompt you type.

3. How long does it take the AI spokesperson video generator to create videos?

Most tools take 5 minutes or less to generate the video. But if the video is lengthy and has many effects added, that number might rise to 30 minutes or so.


Each of the eight AI video creators is great because they all offer excellent features, but it’s up to you to decide which you feel will meet your requirements the most.

The Movio AI spokesperson creator is our favorite, but you might prefer something else. Try them out and tell us which you like the most!

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