If a new sequel to your favorite movie franchise is released, and you feel the urge to watch it at your earliest but are stuck due to lack of time, and don't have a Netflix account either, here you will find a list of 42 best free movie websites for you to watch movies online free.

However, be informed that watching commercial movies through any illegitimate means might be illegal in your region of residence. Therefore, you are strongly advised to check with any authorized person or organization to ensure that you are not breaking any cyber law by visiting any of the websites discussed here.

Part 1. 42 Best Free Movie Websites Online

Below are the best free online movie streaming websites:

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AZMovies shows the thumbnails of the latest films right on its homepage. In addition to this, you can also watch movies online by searching them by the year of release or genre or get a list of all the titles to pick your favorite one to watch. The search box at the top-right corner even allows you to look for the content by names.


  • A long-standing free movie website provides numerous high-quality streaming movies.
  • The embedded player allows you to control the play speed.


  • Sometimes it takes a long time to load movies after selection.

Best Tricks You Might Need in Movie Enjoyment ——

free movie website-AZMovies
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FMOVIES has virtually almost all popular old and new films and TV series of all genres, as well as a clean interface and several options to narrow down your search. This will help you locate the exact content you wish to spend your weekend watching. The embedded video player also lets you turn on or off the subtitles, and switch between window and full-screen modes at your convenience. You can watch movies online in 1080p Full HD and even in 4K resolution after signing up for a free account.


  • It enables you to pick the preferred contents on the basis of genre, region, release date, titles in ascending or descending order, etc.


  • Requires you to sign up to watch the videos in Full HD or Ultra HD resolution.
watch movies online free full-FMOVIES
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Plex is the third in this list of best movie streaming sites, which lets you stream online for free and with great speed and quality. On this website, you can watch movies on tablets, smartphones, computers, and any other devices that allow streaming online.

With the free version of Plex Media Server, you can enjoy its essential utilities apart from streaming movies online. An example of such a utility is centralizing your downloaded media files and sharing them with your loved ones.


  • It allows for use on all platforms such as Windows, iOS, gaming platforms and devices, Roku, Android, etc. It is very compatible across devices.
  • The free version is useful for basic functionalities.
  • It is user-friendly even for beginners.


  • To enjoy the full features of the tool, you need to pay for the Plex Pass.
  • It is not as customizable as some of the best movie streaming sites online.
free online movie site-Plex
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Bounce TV

Bounce TV is promoted as the first broadcast network that is targeted toward African Americans and is available 24/7. The site has a wide collection of movies, shows, and other content, which airs on the local TV and cable solutions in the US. Even though, you can also watch free new movies online without strict restrictions.


  • Free platform available online, on local TV and cable stations.
  • The premiere of Saints and Sinners is welcomed by most movie fans.
free online movie streaming site-Bounce TV
watch movies online free full-FMOVIES
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IMDb is a community-powered platform where you can watch endless movies and play quick games. You can use this online streaming service without an account, although signing in will improve your experience. For example, all your activities will be synced across the IMDb platform, allowing you to get game and movie recommendations based on your watching history.
Currently, this movie database is home to 10.1 million titles and 83 million registered users. These users can upload movies and suggest edits for free. Registered users can also rate movie titles on a scale of 1-10. And yes, you can upgrade to the IMDbPro account and access more movie titles, upload photos, add your resume, and more. But you must be ready to pay the $149.99/year fee.


  • Free to use with more than 10 million movie titles and TV shows.
  • Volunteers can contribute movie content and retain the copyright of the content.


  • Because streaming movies on IMDb TV is free, expect frequent commercials.
free online movie site-IMDb
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MyBundle.tv is an excellent live TV alternative that allows you to watch TV shows and movies online. Here, you can watch popular live TV channels like YouTubeTV, Vidgo, Philo, Sling TV, Hulu+ Live TV, and more. MyBundle.tv also supports on-demand streaming from popular services like Netflix, Showtime, Peacock, Disney+, you name them. It doesn’t charge a coin extra on the live services.


  • One-stop platform to watch popular streaming services like Hulu+ Sony Crackle, Netflix, etc.
  • The recommendation engine pairs content based on the customer’s preference.


  • The sheer number of services can overwhelm beginners.
free online movie streaming site-MyBundle.TV
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Putlocker lets you search for movies by typing the name in the search box present at the center of the homepage. You can also narrow down the search criteria by selecting your preferred genre or based on the IMDB rating. The bottom of the landing page is populated with links to other movie download sites.


  • It allows users to select movies based on the IMDB rating.


  • Random clicks on the webpage redirect the users to many distracting advertisements that automatically open in a new tab of the current web browser.
movie download sites-Putlocker
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YouTube is also a popular movie streaming website that offers a variety of genres. In addition to this, it has a huge collection of movies that can be watched online for free. You can enjoy your favorite movies on YouTube without signing up for your Google account.


  • Huge collection of movies in all types of genres, languages, and other categories.
  • No need for Google sign in to watch movies.
  • Option to skip the ads after a timer.
watch movie online-YouTube
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Crackle is a movie streaming website designed by Sony and Chicken Soup for the Soul to help you seamlessly watch movies online for free. Besides, you can watch some original TV programs and TV series when visiting this site, and you can download on-demand full movies.


  • It helps you enjoy original Hollywood content.
  • It gives premium entertainment for free.


  • Expect ads to run entirely before you can begin streaming.
  • You cannot live stream on your TV with Crackle.
free online movie site-Crackle
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When you think of streaming movies or watching movies on sites like Netflix, you think of popcorns. Popcorns make movies fun, and so does Popcornflix when choosing the best movie websites.

From the onset, Popcornflix does not charge you a fee before you can subscribe to the platform. You get to enjoy amazing entertainment for free, unlike most free sites that do not give good quality.

However, to enjoy this fantastic online movie streaming experience with Popcornflix is that adverts are inserted into the movies as you stream or download online.


  • You are not obligated to sign up before using the app. Hence your personal information is protected.
  • Perfect entertainment option for traveling as streaming on the phone app is clear, clean, and efficient.


  • The list of TV series is not robust with Popcornflix.
  • It has one of the highest commercial breaks among the top free online movie sites.
free online movie site-Popcornflix
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Yidio is another recommended movie website for you to Watch Prime TV shows without limit anywhere and anytime. Also, it provides a TV guide to gain access to a wide range of videos thus, saving you time.

The categorization of the videos on Yidio makes it easier to search for what you want to watch. Here, you get to see the list of suggested videos and TV shows for your viewing pleasure. This content may be new movies or new episodes of shows you have been previously enjoying. You may also decide to type the movie title in the built-in search tool to find the movie of your choice manually.


  • It is one of the best sites you can access with a user-friendly interface.
  • Videos can be watched without ads interrupting the seamless streaming.
  • It has an impressive list of movies and TV shows that can be streamed for free.


  • The best features are not available for free, so if you must go beyond the limits of the free version, you have to pay for the app.
free online movie site-Yidio
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Vumoo is a movie streaming website with thumbnails of the latest movies and TV series that, when clicked, redirects you to their corresponding page with the integrated media player to play the video on your web browser. On Vumoo, you can even watch the titles that have been recently released on some of the popular OTT (Over-the-Top) platforms like Netflix, HBO, etc.


  • It lets you choose display resolution from anywhere between 320p and 720p.


  • Has buffering issues.
free online movie streaming sites-Vumoo
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VexMovies may not have all the latest collection to watch movies online when the mouse has hovered to the thumbnail of a film, but it pops up a small box that shows all the details about the movie along with its IMDB rating. This lets you decide which movie can help you spend some quality time with your friends and family.


  • The interface lets you choose preferred movies on the basis of their year of release.


  • The movie site might be blocked in some regions of the world.
free movie streaming site-VEXMOVIES
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GO STREAM, almost the replica of VEXMOVIES discussed earlier, is probably one of the best movie streaming sites to enjoy the latest films for free as it doesn't pop up those irritating advertisements now and then. The films can be seen in HD resolution online or can be downloaded on your PC to view offline at your convenience.


  • It can select movies according to their genres, the most viewed ones, or those with a high IMDb rating.


  • GO STREAM might be banned in some regions by their government.
free movie streaming sites-GO STREAM
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Movie gaga

movie gaga lets you choose films or TV shows according to the current year, e.g., Top rated 2021 at the time of this writing. While you watch movies online, you can adjust the play speed, choose your preferred remote server to stream from (if the default one is non-responsive), and even go to the "Suggest me" page to get a list of handpicked films or TV series to watch.


  • It collects almost all the latest movies and TV shows.


  • Movies on this site are not played in HD or Full HD.
free movie streaming website-movie gaga
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CMovies, populated with a plethora of titles to watch movies online, whose database is built up of almost all the latest films in various resolutions as per their availability. For instance, some videos are in 720p, whereas others are in CAMRip. Nevertheless, if you're not too finicky about the picture quality, this could be one of the best movie streaming sites for you.


  • Choose your preferred server to stream movies or TV series from.


  • Too many ads that open up in a separate tab upon random clicks.
free movie streaming websites-CMovies
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Ymovies is one of the free movie websites that lets you choose your preferred genre or category to get a list of their respective titles to watch movies online. Once you get the list, you can sort the claims based on IMDb rating, ascending or descending names, popularity, etc. When you click a title to watch the film, you also get links to several torrents in various resolutions that let you download the content to view in offline mode.

Note: You need a torrent client to download the movies using a torrent file.


  • A clear search box on the homepage allows searching your favorite titles on Yify.


  • Some pages may look confusing because of several buttons that they may have.
best movie streaming websites-Ymovies
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StreamLikers is another best movie download site that has a clean homepage with only the search box at the center and a couple of links to share the website on social media. However, at the time of this writing, it doesn't have many TV shows to stream online. Another flaw is that it redirects users to some annoying X-Rated ads that are not suitable for the audience below 18 years of age.


  • The developers regularly update its database to add new titles.


  • Requires users to click the play button multiple times on the embedded media player and close several advertisement pages before they can watch movies online.
best movie streaming website-StreamLikers
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123movies is one of the best movie streaming sites that are appreciated by many people across the globe. The API lets you embed it on your website or blog to help the visitors. 123movies also enables you to search your favorite TV shows or films according to the genre, country, or even the year of release.


  • Has almost all the latest TV series and movies that can be viewed in 720p resolution.


  • Too many ads have a negative experience on the movie playing.
best movie streaming site-123movies
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IOMovies, with a homepage almost as simple as that of Google's, has comparatively fewer ads than other free online movie streaming sites. The integrated media player lets you choose display resolution anywhere from 360p to 720p, depending on your Internet bandwidth and the data plan that might be capped by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).


  • Extremely simple UI that makes it easy to search and watch movies online.


  • A couple of ads occur before the media player plays the actual movie.
best movie streaming sites-IOMovies
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SOAP2DAY, probably with not the best-looking homepage, still has a decent collection of the latest movies. However, you must sign up to your account to watch movies online without ads. Also, in the "Sports" section, the website has even let you stream the most trending matches right on your web browser.


  • A separate VIP page that streams movies and TV shows without ads.


  • The integrated media player doesn't let you control the play speed or pick your preferred resolution.
free movie websites-SOAP2DAY
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Watch Free

Watch Free has different sections like HD Movies, Latest Movies, etc. right on the homepage that categorizes the titles accordingly. However, you must sign in with your registered account to watch movies online in HD resolution. You can also look for your favorite film or TV series by typing its name in the search box at the top of the page.


  • Movies are categorized on the homepage itself and therefore many times you don't need to search for your favorite title manually.


  • Not every latest movie or TV show can be found on the website.
free movie site-Watch Free
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Cinebloom, an integrated media player, has played your favorite TV shows and movies in HD quality by default, and therefore you don't have to change the resolution manually while watching. The homepage of the website has the thumbnails of all the TV series and films that were released or aired quite recently.


  • Has multiple remote servers associated with it for watching movies online without restrictions.


  • The embedded media player doesn't have an option to choose movie resolution, and by default plays them in HD which might consume a lot of Internet bandwidth even if you don't want it to.
free movie sites-Cinebloom
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BMovies is also one of the popular free movie sites, whose homepage has various options at the top, helping you filter and narrow down your search when you desire to watch movies online. The built-in media player plays the content at the highest available resolution by default and even lets you enable or disable the subtitles as needed.


  • The media player pops up a notification to seek permission if it can prompt you when a better resolution for the title you are watching is available.


  • The media player doesn't allow you to change the resolution manually.
free movie website-BMovies
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YoMovies has all the available categories and genres in the form of a list. In addition to this, the menu at the top of the page lets you select the type of content you want to watch, such as TV shows, movies, or the titles categorized based on the top on IMDb, their rating, or even those that are trending.


  • YoMovies has almost all the movies from almost every region of the globe.


  • Links to some of the latest movies or TV shows might be broken.
free movie websites-YoMovies
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Look Movie

Look Movie 's homepage has a professional touch that most of the best movie streaming sites with paid subscriptions have. Also, the built-in media player lets you choose your preferred resolution anywhere between 360p and 1080p (Full HD) to watch movies online for free. Depending on availability, you can even enable subtitles in your preferred language.


  • Lesser number of ads as compared to other free online movie streaming sites.


  • Sometimes the thumbnails of the ads on the homepage might not be suitable for children below 18 years of age.
eatch movie online-Look Movie
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Solar Movies

Solar Movies is a relatively new site where you can get a good collection of movies and other video content to watch in high quality. Signing up with the site will let you receive the updates and the other information. The site is VPN friendly and allows to filter the content based on several parameters like genre, country, and others.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Option to filter the movies and video content based on country, genre, cinema, and others.
  • VPN friendly.


  • Comes with ads.
  • Available only in 7 countries.
watch movie online-Solar Movies
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Using MoviesJoy site, you can watch all the latest and popular movies, TV shows, as well as other content in a seamless manner. The site has a simple interface that comes with a search bar that can be used to find your favorite movie. You can also filter the search based on genre, country, and on the basis of IMDB rating.


  • Simple interface with a search bar.
  • Content is categorized based on country, genre, IMDB rating, and others.


  • Ads are annoying and need to be closed after you choose to play your video.
watch movie online-MoviesJoy
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Flixtoris a popular movie site, with which you can watch all your favorite movies and TV shows without any need for registration. You can even create your own list for having a collection of your favorite titles at one place. Based on your past searches, the site also recommends the movies and has a section to look out for the movies that are playing in the theatres.


  • Impressive content library.
  • Low ad annoyance level.
  • Fully-automated video search engine.


  • VIP menu of the content is paid.
watch movie online-Flixtor
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StreamLord has a huge collection of videos, no matter whether you want to watch a popular historical drama, an action title, or any other interesting movie. This is an ad-free site that also has an option for registration but that is optional. You can check out the popular newest releases, and other genres of movies and video content.


  • Add-free site.
  • Huge collection of high-quality content.
  • Option to upload the subtitles and also download the required content.


  • Some networks do not allow access to the site.
watch movie online-StreamLord
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Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle has all kinds of movies, TV shows, and original series that can be enjoyed online in high quality. The site is also available as an app for installation on an array of devices. Being an ad-supported platform, there are commercials while playing the movies. The site is geo-restricted and for playing the movies outside the US, an effective VPN is required.


  • Collection of new movies, TV shows, and original series.
  • Available as an app for download on devices.


  • Ad-supported.
watch movie online-Sony Crackle
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Tubi TV

Tubi TV is ready for you to watch movies for free without any sign-up or registration. In addition to online streaming, the platform is available for an array of devices like Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV, and others. You can watch your favorite movies and contents from MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, and others.


  • Available for online streaming and a wide range of devices.
  • Collection of over 20,000 movies and shows.
  • Legal and free platform.


  • Comes with ads.
watch movie online-Tubi TV
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Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies is a free movie website has many latest movies and TV series, including those having been released quite recently. Its interface is relatively easier to navigate, that said, you can easily find the trending movies online at your will.


  • Most of the latest movies and TV series are available for free to watch online.


  • Buffers a lot even on high Internet bandwidth.
  • Lots of pop-up Ads could make you crazy.
free online movie site-Yes! Movies
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XUMO TV is a US-based site that covers various interesting movies, shows, and other types of videos. What makes this site different from the others is the fact that it also allows you to enjoy several live channels online. The services can be used as the streaming website as well as through an app.


  • Available as streaming website as well as through an app.
  • Allows watching several live channels.


  • Only available in the US.
  • Ad-supported.
watch movie online-XUMO TV
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Peacock TV

Peacock TV, launched in the last year 2020, is one of the latest entries in the field of streaming services, but it has gained immense popularity owing to its collection of movies, smooth playback and option to be used as an app. The services are available only in the US and has an option for a premium version with additional video contents and services.


  • The free version has a good collection of movies, shows, and other contents.
  • Smooth playback.
  • Available as a streaming services as well as app.


  • Available only in the US.
  • Ad-supported.
watch movie online-Peacock TV
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Pluto TV

Pluto TV, is based in the US, whose streaming service has around 170 content partners that offer over 250 channels, with 100,000 hours of programming in addition to the collection of free online movies. Free movies can be enjoyed on the site online or through the supported apps.


  • Huge collection of on-demand movies and content from around 170 partners.
  • Available as streaming services over the browser or app.


  • Ad-supported.
  • Availability only in the US.
watch movie online-Pluto TV
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Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a robust platform that has a collection of digital works in the public domain. The collection includes not only the movies and TV shows but also images, books, and others. This digital library has various videos and movies from the mid-1900s to the latest ones. The free site also allows movie fans to upload as well as download the required digital material.


  • Works as an open library with a collection of movies, shows, books, and images.
  • Option to upload and download digital material.


  • Limited collection in comparison to other sites.
watch movie online-Internet Archive
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Hoopla is also a popular and widely used public library that offers a wide collection of movies, shows, audiobooks, eBooks, comics, and more. The content can be watched online on a wide range of devices like computers, TV, phone, tablet, and more. You can even download the app on your devices to watch free new movies.


  • Digital library with tons of movies, eBooks, comics, and others.
  • Can be used as a streaming service or app.


  • In comparison to other sites, it has limited quantities of new movies.
  • Need free sign-up and registration.
watch movie online-Hoopla
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123Chill is a decent site to consider when watching drama, horror, romance, mystery, and movies in several other genres. Comparatively new, the site has a wide collection of content and its easy and quick navigation makes it popular among the users.


  • Collection of movies, TV shows, and other content.


  • Ad-supported.
  • Push notifications need to be disabled to watch movies smoothly.
watch movie online-123Chill
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PrimeWire is a popular streaming site for you to enjoy any of your favorite movies online. Earlier the site was also known by the names - LetMeWatchThis, and 1Channel. The content on the site can be searched according to genre, country, movies, TV shows, and IMDb ratings. The search box can also be used to look out for your movie title.


  • Good collection of movies.
  • Movies and shows can be filtered into several categories.


  • Too frequent and annoying ads.
watch movie online-PrimeWire
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FilmRise is one of the largest free online movie streaming sites to ad-supported independent streaming platform that allows watching movies, shows, and a wide range of other videos. In addition to the web streaming, the movies can be watched on devices through its app.


  • Collection of over 20,000 titles.
  • Available for web streaming and as an app.


  • Lots of ads.
  • Screen freezing issues.
watch movie online-FilmRise
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Kanopy is an interesting movie website where you can enjoy watching movies after having a library card from the supported library. You can also register for free at the site to access free movies. The streaming and playback are smooth and there is also an option for simultaneous streaming.


  • No ads during the movie playback.
  • Support for simultaneous streaming.
  • Available as streaming services and as an app.


  • Need a library card from the supported library.
  • Free registration to watch the content.
  • Limited content in comparison to the other sites.
watch movie online-Kanopy

Part 2. Comparison of the Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Below is a comparison table for a quick view of pros and cons of all the free movie websites above:

No. Websites Movie Types Max Resolution Available Regions Subtitles Advertisements
1 AZMovies All latest movies HD No menu available No A small number of ads
2 FMOVIES All latest movies HD All major regions Yes A small number of ads
3 Plex All latest movies 4096x2160 All major regions Yes A small number of ads
4 Bounce TV Collection of movies, TV shows, and other videos N/A Available in US N/A N/A
5 IMDb All latest movies 720p Only in US Yes A small number of ads
6 MyBundle.tv TV shows, movies, comdey, animation, etc. HD N/A Yes Acceptable
7 Putlocker All latest movies 720p Some major regions Yes A small number of ads
8 YouTube Movies, shows, and videos in wide category HD quality support with option to choose the resolution Almost all major regions Yes Acceptable
9 Crackle All popular movies HD Some major regions Yes Yes
10 Popcornflix All popular movies Can't change the video resolution North America No A small number of ads (five ads to a break)
11 Yidio All popular movies 4K Ultra HD resolution All major regions Yes No
12 vumoo All latest movies 720p No menu available No No popup ads
13 VEXMOVIES All popular movies N/A No menu available N/A A small number of ads
14 GO STREAM All latest movies N/A No menu available N/A No advertisements
15 movie gaga All latest movies HD/Can't Select No menu available Yes No popup ads
16 CMovies All latest movies 720p Some major regions Yes A small number of ads
17 Ymovies All latest movies 720p All major regions No A small number of ads
18 StreamLikers All latest movies N/A No menu available N/A A small number of ads
19 123movies All latest movies 720p All major regions Yes A small number of ads
20 IOMovies All latest movies 720p Some major regions No A small number of ads
21 SOAP2DAY All latest movies HD/Can't select No menu available No A small number of ads
22 Watch Free All latest movies Can't select No menu available No A small number of ads
23 cinebloom All latest movies Can't select No menu available No No popup ads
24 BMovies All latest movies 720p Some major regions No A small number of ads
25 YoMovies All latest movies 720p No menu available No A small number of ads
26 Look Movie All latest movies 1080p No menu available Yes A small number of ads
27 Solar Movies All popular movies and TV shows HD 720p All major regions Yes Yes, comes with ads
28 MoviesJoy All popular genres of movies 1080p HD (option to choose the resolution) All major regions No Yes, comes with ads
29 Flixtor All popular movies and TV shows Option to choose from the available resolution All major regions Yes Yes, comes with a few ads
30 StreamLord Wide range of movie and video collection HD All major regions N/A Ad-free portal
31 Sony Crackle Collection of movies, TV shows, and original series HD All major regions N/A Ad-supported
32 Tubi TV Over 20,000 movies and shows Option to choose the resolution Available in 5 countries Yes Ad-supported
33 Yes! Movies All popular movies 720p Some major regions Yes A small number of ads
34 XUMO TV Collection of movies, shows, and live channels N/A Available only in the US N/A Ad-supported
35 Peacock TV Movies, shows, and other videos N/A Available only in the US N/A The free version has ads
36 Pluto TV Movies, TV shows, and other content N/A The US Only N/A Yes, ad-supported
37 Internet Archive Movies, shows, books, images, and more N/A Works as an open library N/A Yes
38 Hoopla Movies, TV shows, eBooks, and more N/A US and Canada N/A N/A
39 123Chill Movies, TV shows, and other videos HD Multiple countries N/A Yes, ad-supported
40 PrimeWire Movies, TV shows, and others HD Multiple countries N/A Yes, too frequent ads
41 FilmRise Good collection of movies, shows, and others HD Worldwide N/A Yes, too many ads
42 Kanopy MDecent collection of movies, and shows HD Few places N/A Yes

Part 3. FAQs about Free Movie Websites

1. What are the best free movie streaming sites?

You can watch movies in HD using the best free online movie streaming sites like YouTube, Bounce TV, PopcornFlix, Netflix, and so forth. Basically, we've listed a wide range of welcome streaming sites for movies in the above section. Pick one and start enjoying it!

2. Are online movie sites illegal?

No. Some free online movie websites aren't protected by copyright laws. However, it does not imply that they are illegal websites to watch movies as you can enjoy any movie or TV series without permission or payment for the original movie owners.

3. What are the illegal movie websites?

Illegal movie websites include 123movie.to, Movietubenow.biz, Series-cravings.me, Watchmovies.ms, Streamallthis.is, Spacemov.com, and others. You may not be allowed to stream movies on these sites in the public domain because they are illegal websites to watch movies.

Wrapping up

Some of the free movie websites mentioned above might be banned in your region of residence as they may violate copyright infringement. Since downloading the content produced for commercial purposes from torrent websites or watching online for free through any illegitimate source is illegal, you are strongly encouraged to either buy them or go for any of the OTT subscription plans to watch movies free online.

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